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JayTea sees double

[Note: Content moved to "A couple questions of ethics" thread. Unfortunately, the comments cannot be moved.]

(Jay Tea adds: Thanks, Kevin and/or Paul, for fixing my mistake: but for the record, I was NOT seeing double at that point, but stuttering.

The "seeing double" problem was the reason I had to go back to the Place Of Adult Entertainment for further research.)

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A few years ago some buddie... (Below threshold)

A few years ago some buddies and I were at a similar establishment when we noticed that one of the dancers was a girl with whom we all had gone to high school. Our little ethical quandry of how to act to avoid making her uncomfortable was quickly solved when the drunkest among us RAN up to the stage waving his cash in the air saying quite loudly, "Oh my GOD, it's SHERRI!"

are you only 99% sure--that... (Below threshold)

are you only 99% sure--that 1 % could be pretty humiliating.

as somone who dated an adult entertainer for quite awhile, i think it is polite to deal with it right away (assuming you can get 100% sure).

this is easy--you are confusing what she was doing there, with the real issue--you dont want anyone to know you were there, she doesnt want that either, and you want to find out just how much more attractive she has become.

forget she is working in adult entertainment and imagine the same situation had you both ran into each other at a club-- after calling in sick to work that morning. what would you do then...

I know i would simply say..."jane, i'd appreciate it if you didnt tell anyone from work you saw me here, and i'll of course offer you the same courtesy"

what more is there to say--unless you want me to ask if this question was sexist spawned?

would you have written this if you had ran into a male peer from the day-drag company working behind the counter as the night bartender?

i doubt it, cause if it was me, i would be asking us for our opinion about whether dating more than one stripper at a time is wise?
only someone with too much time on their hands or afraid of their own sexuality would create an issue for either of you two. i love adult entertainment and the entertainers. god bless them, America and our US Soldiers. rob

Rob, you are so, just so me... (Below threshold)

Rob, you are so, just so metrosexual.






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