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Now which wire goes where?

Due to my living in a very old building and wanting to use way, way too many modern conveniences, I kinda messed up the electricity in Stately Tea Manor. I'll mostly offline for a good chunk of Thursday, at least.
I did write one piece that will publish itself shortly, though, before things went kerblooie.

Hmm... if white smoke means a new Pope, does that make my place sacred?

My apologies to those who wish my absence was permanent.

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Since it's obvious that you... (Below threshold)

Since it's obvious that you have little training as an electrician. I would recommern hiring one, instead of some friend or handyman, to repair and upgrade your home's wiring. You will probaby need some breakers replaced and added (if you have the old screw-in fuses, spend the money to replace them with breakers) and probably a ground check as well. If the capacity or grounding is screwed up, you run a high risk of becoming Boiled Tea. (Or is is Broiled?)

Having experience in electricity, I can tell you that stuff scares me to precaution!

Be careful there, Jay. Casa... (Below threshold)

Be careful there, Jay. Casa de Fatman was gutted by an electrical fire in a light switch in my mother's bedroom. According to the fire marshall, it smoldered behind the wall for several hours before it finally flared up. Fortunately no one was home--Mom was out playing bingo. So I guess bingo isn't just midnight basketball for the Geritol set.

From the appliance side, th... (Below threshold)

From the appliance side, the green wire goes to the bronze screw...

(That's a joke! I'm saying so here because there's people out there dumb enough to think I'm serious. Sue me & I'll laugh my ass off all the way to the office where one files Chapter 11. I'm damn near broke anyhow.)

Hey Jay,Just so yo... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay,

Just so you don't go hungry tonight, you can use this while blasting music from the Pale Whale (Shaggin' Wagon).

Or you can come over to my ... (Below threshold)

Or you can come over to my place for dinnner, I'm making these -- might be kind of a drive though

Electronics are powered by ... (Below threshold)

Electronics are powered by smoke, which is imprisoned in them. If you let the smoke out, your stuff will stop working. Prison maintenance is very important for electronics.

What Jeff said -- or not.</... (Below threshold)

What Jeff said -- or not.

Btw the Q' was awesome.

/drunk commenting off






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