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Flying high

Last week, at the Manchester Airport, a cleaning crew found a suspicious package is a US Airways jet's bathroom. One of the cleaners took it into the airport and gave it to police. (Apparently airline cleaners have considerably more guts than brains.) They immediately determined that it wasn't explosive in the conventional sense, but still dangerous: the slightly-smaller-than-brick-sized package contained cocaine.

While this does make me a little concerned (whenever I travel, I fly out of Manchester), at least it wasn't on a Southwest plane.

And apparently this is the third time a suspicous package has been found on a US Airways plane. I wonder if the smugglers are engaging in profiling?

But then again, what self-respecting drug smuggler would fly Southwest? And how would they find a place to hide drugs? Those planes make phone booths look luxurious.

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I wonder.....There... (Below threshold)

I wonder.....

There are so many weird schemes for smuggling. Imagine if someone in Caracas or Bogota or wherever serviced a plane and, just before passengers boarded, flushed a few hundered balloons with cocaine in them into the toilet. Plane flies to Miami or New York or LA. Now, could the sanitation crews at that end offload the sewage into a truck, drive it out of the airport, and separate the balloons somehow (maybe eash one is bouyant enough to float, for instance).

It would be gross, but it might work.

I believe its already been ... (Below threshold)

I believe its already been done.






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