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The Joys Of Beta Testing

The beta version of Internet Explorer 7, too old? According to GoDaddy...

I might buy the standards compliant argument for Beta 1 (as evidenced by this heated thread at IEBlog), but too old? It's only available to MSDN subscribers right now.

In regards to the beta, I'm not sure what kind of crack they smoke at The Register, but the Google Toolbar is working just fine (as shown in the picture), and MSN is not the only integrated search engine available(top right in the picture).

Overall it's a pretty solid feeling browser, even if some of the UI elements can't be resized yet - which will surely change in later betas. The new feature sure to get attention is the phishing site filter. Full details on that are available at Blink.nu.

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IE7 <a href="http://mezzobl... (Below threshold)
I've had many of those new ... (Below threshold)

I've had many of those new features like tabbed browsing for a while now via Firefox.

GoDaddy is probably doing b... (Below threshold)
Joe Edmon:

GoDaddy is probably doing browser snifffing and needs to update their database.

As for Firefox vs. IE7 -- I'll be sticking with Firefox. Microsoft has been a detriment to Internet browsing for about 6 years now, I don't plan on rewarding them for finally getting a clue. Which, according to John's link, it appears they haven't got yet.

For clarity's sake, 2:15 AM... (Below threshold)

For clarity's sake, 2:15 AM John is the same as 1:55 AM John. I only need one post to knock IE ;) and get it out of my system.

err..., should read ...not ... (Below threshold)

err..., should read ...not the same as...
Up past my bedtime. I'll shut up now.

Yes, John. Please shut up a... (Below threshold)

Yes, John. Please shut up about Firefox. It no longer makes you one of the elite. What's next, your prefs for Red Hat Linux? Give everyone a break. You sound so Y2K.

I switched from IE t... (Below threshold)

I switched from IE to Mozilla and then Firefox a long time ago, and I think all three suck.

There's always Safari....</... (Below threshold)

There's always Safari....

I think all three suck.<... (Below threshold)

I think all three suck.

Try web-surfing with telepathy.

Please shut up about Firefox. ... You sound so Y2K.

Telling someone they "sound so Y2K" is so 9/10.

they should change that gra... (Below threshold)

they should change that graphic to "You've got a crappy browser, baby!"

honestly, even with Safari, I'm using a browser that's just copying what they came up with years ago. back when they started Chimera (now called Camino), it was amazing to see what could be done with new browsers. I'm honestly not sure what good they think IE7 will be.

all I can figure is that they want the MSN portal back, but that's doubtful, as the iTunes Music Store is probably the biggest competition-free portal in the interwebs.

Where's the GoDaddy hottie?... (Below threshold)

Where's the GoDaddy hottie?

From what I've heard, Beta ... (Below threshold)

From what I've heard, Beta 2 will fix a *lot* of CSS bugs in IE - which is A Good Thing™. I'm sick of having to hack around IE's numerous deficiencies - and every web developer on the planet has to put up with the same thing.

If MS can create a browser that at least is passable on standards, great for them. I'll still use Apple, but I'll curse Microsoft less.

(And GoDaddy should know better than to check browsers by UA string - that's so 1999. Good JavaScript checks compatibility by object instead...)

They are almost certainly c... (Below threshold)

They are almost certainly checking for the browser, and, seeing IE, checking for the version to be 6 (maybe 5 or 6, or 5.5 or 6), and when they see that it isn't, complaining that the browser is old. This is exactly why you aren't supposed to do it that way.






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