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A public service announcement regarding JmaR / Dan

Frequent commenter "JmaR," alias "Dan," has just been banned from commenting on Wizbang. While it is true he has been a frequent pain in the butt, in the last couple of days he has resorted to simply cutting and pasting news articles and other copyrighted material into the comments box.

Simply being annoying is not enough to prompt me to take such action. (Yes, I'm talking about you, s9, but others as well.) But violating the laws regarding copyright infringement goes too far.

If JmaR / Dan would like to appeal my decision about banning his IPs (both home and work), he is free to contact me at Jaytea (at) wizbangblog.com address. Otherwise, he is free to go pound sand and bug someone else.

Comments (54)

I don't mind moonbats like ... (Below threshold)

I don't mind moonbats like s9 being so annoying, but why do they have to be so boring??

I'm warning you, Jay Tea, if you can't start attacting a more entertaining strain of moonbat, I'm going to have to start taking my limited blog-viewing time elsewhere.

I will give s9 credit for one thing, he is a great speller!!

Kobe, he started out as an ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Kobe, he started out as an OK troll, but apparently couldn't sustain it. Unfortunately for him, two of my "hot buttons" are plagiarism and copyright infringement.

By getting rid of him, I think I did improve the level of the average troll around here -- he was "blowing the curve." But for a true improvement, I think I'll have to lure in some new blood -- and I'm juggling a couple of ideas to do that right now.


Seems you got caught sticki... (Below threshold)

Seems you got caught sticking articles on your blog under another name to up your hits from Google News.

Someone caught on, so you said that you've cut the 'real' offender off from additional posting.

Sure looks that way..

The Google Team

Are you sure this isn't an ... (Below threshold)

Are you sure this isn't an early start on an April Fool's joke?

I've always said that the b... (Below threshold)

I've always said that the blogging community is not reality based, but opinion based. While some of the opinions that have been deleted sometimes are interesting, rarely do they belong to the folks who actually post them. It's not real tough to copy&paste 1000+ words per minute.

I think that it gets boring when the person commenting clearly appears to be just another suggestible dumbass.

Isn't JmaR/Dan our old budd... (Below threshold)

Isn't JmaR/Dan our old buddy Joser?

Now- you would think someon... (Below threshold)

Now- you would think someone who claims to be from google would at least pretend to know how it worked.

Yeah, I know he was not serious but the geek in me must point out that his theory, while entertaining, was technologically flawed.

And Jay, how come I've neve... (Below threshold)

And Jay, how come I've never banned anyone and you've banned about a half dozen but I get the grief about deleting people I disagree with?

go figure

Hmmm, wondering how much te... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, wondering how much tequila it would take for me to ramrod through that line of annoyance and deserve the ever-dreaded ban?

Nah, I won't push it. In fact, I probably agree with Jay Tea and his followers much more than they would care to know; that's why I only pop up on certain posts. Anyway, who cares? I'm being the drunk narcissist tonight--back to your usual lurker soon.


When banned, is a troll all... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

When banned, is a troll allowed to return to his usual place under the bridge, or are they exiled? Just curious.

I'm sorry but did Google ac... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry but did Google accuse J of plagiarism in their post?

Have you ever heard of Goog... (Below threshold)

Have you ever heard of Google bombing Google News, also called "flooding"? CNSNews, the same organization that reported the latest Dean gaffe, has been accused of it at least once.

If the allegations above aren't some kind of satirical diversion by someone (who knows, right?), it's pretty serious. Having one's posts syndicated on Google News is a responsibility.

But that comment is not accusing JayTea of plagiarism.

I should clarify that the a... (Below threshold)

I should clarify that the accusation made in that Nashua Advocate post is likely not the same thing that the The Google Team is referring to.

So I guess my next question... (Below threshold)

So I guess my next question is (I must be dim) just what are you accusing J of Google Team? Get it out into the open, lets deal with it.

Don't feel bad, JEW. I have... (Below threshold)

Don't feel bad, JEW. I have no idea what any of them are talking about either.

Thanks fatman, I was beginn... (Below threshold)

Thanks fatman, I was beginning to feel very lonely out here. It may seem cute to make an accusation, tongue in cheek, but it doesn't help win converts when others don't understand you.

Think I'll go to bed and read.

Aha, another case of me and... (Below threshold)

Aha, another case of me and bullwinkle seeing through to the truth and pretty early on: I knew JmaR was a few other I.D.s here based upon what he/she leaked about them/her/himself.

Hint to trolls: if you start writing under yet antoher I.D. and then refer to what's been previously written by your other I.D.'s, it's a pretty good best guess that you're trolling under multiple I.D.s and even easier yet to know which I.D.s to connect just by remembering various tantrums on earlier threads.

JEW, fatman, who cares what... (Below threshold)

JEW, fatman, who cares what they're talking about. Google never comments on anything they do so if/when you read someone writing AS "The Google Team" --regardless of what they say, don't say, might say-- it's obvious nonsense. Google wouldn't visit someone's blog with comments about their news content and ratings system in the search process, no more than there's an actual "Google Team." Ha, I can see it now, Silicon Valley and three people slowly exiting the Google building after working for ten years straight without so much as shower, sleep or a drive home and back, announcing that they, "the Google Team," have answered all.that.mail. Finally.


But, Jay Tea, if the idea i... (Below threshold)

But, Jay Tea, if the idea is to attract more trolls, just solicit two more threads from Paul about oozers and MACs. Or in combination of those two, even better: oozing MACs, MACs for oozers, MACs that only oozers can't use, whatever.

-S- said:Google ne... (Below threshold)

-S- said:

Google never comments on anything they do so if/when you read someone writing AS "The Google Team" --regardless of what they say, don't say, might say-- it's obvious nonsense. Google wouldn't visit someone's blog with comments about their news content and ratings system in the search process, no more than there's an actual "Google Team."

I suppose you're not a regular reader of Michelle and Jesse Malkin's blog:

On a somewhat related note, I received the following e-mail from Google News recently that might be of interest to other bloggers wondering what the criteria are for inclusion as Google News sources....

The emails that are presented do resemble the above post.

Darn. Blockquote tags don't... (Below threshold)

Darn. Blockquote tags don't work here. Only the 2nd and 4th paragraphs are mine.

Perhaps Jay Tea has his wis... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Jay Tea has his wish! Helllooooo, Ryan!

Ryan, you go right on ahead... (Below threshold)

Ryan, you go right on ahead and write to "the Google Team" all you want and just wait for them to show up on your, um, "blog." Let us know the outcome, when/if it occurs.

Better yet, write to Google and ask them what their policies are as to responding to inquiries/comments about their search process.

A tad resentful about Michelle Malin, are ya'?

Malkin.... (Below threshold)


Resentful? Nah. I wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

Resentful? Nah. I wouldn't want her audience. (And it's not just Michelle. Click here.)

I just think your speculation that this must necessarily be the work of humorless trolls. If "The Google Team" meant to make this matter public, then it is likely that JayTea (a)received an email concerning the matter and (b) could show us all the IP address of the commenter to prove that it was a humorless troll.

Is he obligated to do this? Should he be pressured into it? Absolutely not! I'm just making the point that there is not enough evidence available to you or me to make a conclusion.

"how come I've never banned... (Below threshold)

"how come I've never banned anyone"

Paul --

You mean "permanently banned anyone" right? Or do those temporary bannings "to get someone's attention" not count?

Sorry couldn't resist.

And BTW where was that ebonics follow up?

Suzy was right about the Go... (Below threshold)

Suzy was right about the Google Team. She wasn't arguing that they don't exist, just that they wouldn't leave a comment on a blog as a means of notification.

Since I've had past correspondence with the Google News team (correcting the location of the listing), they know how to get a hold of me directly.

KobeClan writes: ... (Below threshold)

KobeClan writes: I don't mind moonbats like s9 being so annoying, but why do they have to be so boring??

You ever hear the one about the scorpion and the turtle? It's like that.

We moonbats are intrinsically boring people. Not like you wingnuts— no, not at all. We have nice boring families, live in nice boring neighborhoods, work at nice boring jobs, go to nice boring churches, tell nice boring jokes, and generally approach politics with all the seriousness that God's creation deserves.

frameone: another liberal w... (Below threshold)

frameone: another liberal who can't keep his/her/its word. (Though I should talk; I once swore I'd never write another comment responding to something he/she/it posted. Oh well...)

Further to the point, I sin... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Further to the point, I sincerely doubt someone from Google News would post from a Rogers Cable Modem in Canada.


Gosh, do you see that sheep... (Below threshold)

Gosh, do you see that sheepish, naive, I've been had look? By the Google Team that is. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice.... : (

Interesting set of links th... (Below threshold)

Interesting set of links there, s9.You spend all night loking them up? (BTW, the "jobs" link isn't working)

Further to the point, I ... (Below threshold)

Further to the point, I sincerely doubt someone from Google News would post from a Rogers Cable Modem in Canada.


a-a wrote:... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

a-a wrote:
Looking for a new troll? Well, i got just what you need, baby. I'll give him a call.

Cedargeuse, Cedargeuse, Cedargeuse!

SHUT UP! He doesn't need TWO blogs to fill up with his Buchananesque paleotroll tripe!

KobeClan wrote:
I don't mind moonbats like s9 being so annoying, but why do they have to be so boring??

s9 isn't boring, he's got lots of great stories to tell, like how his dad is a Time Cop and his mom is a supermodel CIA agent who rescues UFO abductees. And that uncle of his who worked on MKULTRA - s9 could go on forever about him.

pathetic s9, simply patheti... (Below threshold)

pathetic s9, simply pathetic.

s9,That must be wh... (Below threshold)


That must be why liberals have time for things like this. (warning - NSFW)

Sue Dohnim writes: <... (Below threshold)

Sue Dohnim writes: s9 could go on forever about him

Actually, I was quite content to let it drop last week, but you're apparently not done pissing on the heroic sacrifices of American veterans yet.

(For the record, I make none of the claims that Sue Dohnim ascribes to me. I did not identify which close relative of mine I was talking about, and a cursory reading of what I disclosed would show that I couldn't have been talking about MKULTRA, because the dates don't match up.)

(I note that Sue Dohnim<... (Below threshold)

(I note that Sue Dohnim seems to enjoy posting personal attacks against other commenters, and this is a privilege that critics of the editorial staff are not offered. Were it otherwise, believe me— I would return in kind.)

Go ahead, Sue. Keep hiding behind Jay Tea's skirts. I won't fire back. He might ban me.

Tell ya what, s9: cite what... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Tell ya what, s9: cite what you consider the three most egregious examples of Sue's behavior, and I'll look into it.

Be aware, though, my standards are incredibly high: the three examples of people I've banned that come to mind are: 1) reposting over a dozen copyrighted pieces into the comments, often without attribution; 2) posting under MY name, putting defamatory words in MY mouth; and 3) A borderline-psychotic obsessed stalker of another prominent blogger attempting to hijack every thread into bashing the object of his sick fixation.

I really, really hate banning people. I only do it as a last resort. I much prefer smacking them around in the comments.

Or, as McGehee once said, "don't play with their heads. Unless they bounce real good."


BTW, s9, sorry to bust your... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

BTW, s9, sorry to bust your paranoia, but your comment with all the links was automatically held back for having by the spam-prevention software Wizbang uses. (Any piece with a certain number or more of hyperlinks is automatically held back and flagged as "unapproved" until someone with authority goes ahead and OKs it. I had to go in and manually approve it for publication -- which I did.

That's right. I could have done nothing and let it sit in limbo, but instead I took the time to look at it and give it my approval before it got published.

Still feeling picked on?


mesablue: Why is i... (Below threshold)


Why is it that the only people who do this kind of stuff are the ones I would actually pay not to? (grumbles as he gets out the Pine-Sol to scrub out his browser)

Sorry fatman,s9 wa... (Below threshold)

Sorry fatman,

s9 was pointing out how normal/boring liberals are, so it seemed appropriate to show one of their normal/boring leisuretime activities.

Just another normal/boring picnic in the park.

Banning JmaR is pretty hars... (Below threshold)

Banning JmaR is pretty harsh. There were times when he made an interesting point or two (He once complimented my 'reasonableness', flattery will always get you a second chance with me. ;-). In any event, he was more or less added to my ignore list after our last exchange in which he likened today's economy to the Great Depression. In seriousness. Really. Okies, soup-lines and all I guess. It must be true, I can't walk down the sidewalk these days without tripping over an apple seller.

Perhaps, its a mercy. He's got too much to worry about, with his job being outsourced to India or somesuch, to be wasting time posting were he wasn't liked.


Fatman -- How inte... (Below threshold)

Fatman --

How interesting that you're privy to what was said in an email exchange between Paul and myself, unless of course Paul mentioned it somewhere on site in a post or a comment. Still doesn't change the fact that Paul, as seems to be his modus operandi, misrepresented his history of banning of people. I have no problem revealing that in our email exchange I found him to be a touchy, tempermental ass so I'm not surprised.

Jay Tea writes: S... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea writes: Still feeling picked on?

Dude. Did you look at the timestamp on the comment you are responding to? Did you remember when you approved the comment that got tagged by the comment-spam filter? Did it even occur to you that I had already seen that my comment was approved when I posted the retort to Sue Dohnim?

I don't feel picked on at all. I do think it's pretty lame (and typical) for Sue to launch personal attacks at me here, secure in the knowledge that I'll probably be banned from posting comments if I respond in kind. Picked on? Hah. But don't be so quick to pat yourself on the back for your supposedly enlightened attitude about comment moderation. You don't deserve it.

Actually everyone who read ... (Below threshold)

Actually everyone who read the blog "Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow--Or Maybe Not" (July 21, 2005) knows about it. So?

Oh, and frameone?L... (Below threshold)

Oh, and frameone?

Lower case "f" in fatman.

Thank you.

How DARE I not believe EVER... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:


Wow, what a little wimpy nancy boy. Can't take criticism, can't take very light ridicule, and tries to claim membership in some group to falsely garner sympathy and allow him to criticize others with impunity. Stuff straight out of the moonbat playbook.

Much like your therapist, if you pay me enough, I'll pretend to give a shit.

HELP!!I read s9's ... (Below threshold)


I read s9's comment that he doesn't believe in personal attacks. I started laughing so hard, I fell out of my chair and bumbed my head!

Please, call 911! My house has been secured!

And I thought s9 couldn't be funny!

Toby, read it again: JmaR p... (Below threshold)

Toby, read it again: JmaR posted about a DOZEN pieces -- all copyrighted or reasonably believed to be copyrighted -- into "comments." Every single one could have been grounds for us at Wizbang (well, Kevin -- he owns the site) being held liable for those violations.

I don't care how many "interesting" points he might have made, and whether or not he agreed or antagonized me or anyone else. It was for that reason and that reason alone that I pulled his plug.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat, and not lose a moment's sleep over it.

I've never banned anyone for simply being a pain in the ass, and never will. You've got to cross some pretty severe boundaries, and I think attempting to set us up for legal liability (I'm not a lawyer, but I do know a little about copyright law, and I'd rather play it safe than sorry) is one that shouldn't need any explanation or justification.


Sue Dohnim makes personal a... (Below threshold)

Sue Dohnim makes personal attacks at people who comment? Really? Hmm, haven't noticed. Shame on you, Sue!

I agree with TEA. if you ar... (Below threshold)

I agree with TEA. if you are going to cite some ones elses words source it. plain and simple. thats reporting 101. As to the rest springer any one.

Hey Mark, <a href="http://a... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

Hey Mark, your ride is here. Or s9 can ride in it while you chase it, if you prefer.

"maR posted about a DOZEN p... (Below threshold)

"maR posted about a DOZEN pieces -- all copyrighted or reasonably believed to be copyrighted -- into "comments." Every single one could have been grounds for us at Wizbang (well, Kevin -- he owns the site) being held liable for those violations."

I sit corrected.

Its still a shame, I'll miss him. He was a persistant devil and would hang around to the bitterest dregs of a dying thread, just to get in the last word. I like that in people. Maybe projection. ;-)







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