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Breaking News: Saudi King Fahd reported dead

The BBC and other sources are reporting that the king of Saudi Arabia, King Fahd, has died. According to reports, the King was 82 or 84.

His half-brother, Crown Prince Abdullah, has been announced as the heir to the throne.

There has been speculation for some time that the King died a while ago, and the government has been holding back the news until the succession could be settled and the transition made more smooth.


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Comments (11)

Give your cats treats, folk... (Below threshold)

Give your cats treats, folks. And if you've pledged Meryl Yourish's Dead Arab Dictator Fund, now's the time to send your 25 to Magen David Adom. ;)

Let me be the one with the ... (Below threshold)

Let me be the one with the bad joke. It just makes me wonder who Bush will hold hands with now. Yeah, hahah. Not really funny, I know.

Weekend at Bernies, arab st... (Below threshold)

Weekend at Bernies, arab style?

Time to give the bodyguards... (Below threshold)

Time to give the bodyguards a raise, I'd say. A BIG raise. So they don't get, y'know, tempted.

Unfortunately, Wahibbism st... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Unfortunately, Wahibbism still lives.

Jay jokes: It ju... (Below threshold)

Jay jokes: It just makes me wonder who Bush will hold hands with now.

It's worse than you know. Bush wasn't seen holding hands with King Fahd. That was Crown Prince Abdullah— the new king. It's a love story for the ages, isn't it?

(Personally, it looked to me like Bush wasn't holding the crown prince's hand out of affection. I thought he was helping to hold the old buggering fascist up on his feet in front of the cameras.)

(Deleted as likely copy... (Below threshold)

(Deleted as likely copyrighted material and not related to the topic.)

Further update: "Dan" posts from the same IP address as regular pain in the butt JmaR. I wonder if the company that owns that IP would like to know that one of their people is publishing copyrighted material without the owner's permission?


Dan: I'll be deleting your ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Dan: I'll be deleting your "comment" in a little bit. For one, it's off-topic. For another, it has the "look" of being lifted from another source -- a violation of copyright law. For a third, you didn't attribute it and/or link to your source material. For a fourth, you're an asshole for the above three reasons.


RE: Dan's post (August 1, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: Dan's post (August 1, 2005 01:07 PM)

Gee, who could've predicted the pattern. You found Aisle 9: Irrelevant References, top and bottom shelf and are looking to restock.

Is it too difficult to stay on topic even if only tangentially? Perhaps it's time to start your own blog where you may place such material in as many incoherent positions as you like. Stack 'em in a column... or a row, or in fanciful pyramids with dancing lights. Maybe you'll be in business long enough to peddle your wares, or someone else's, as Jay Tea notes.

But while you're trespassing, could you stay on topic? The thread hijacking is great fun. I understand. But if you're going to do it to deflect the criticism that seems to bother you, you'd be more effective with some subtlety. Don't continue taking your cues from Mr. Dean. He has the subtlety of a suppository covered with spikes.

Re: King Fahd,So l... (Below threshold)

Re: King Fahd,

So long, fairwell, I hope he burns in helllll!

it is a big loos to us and ... (Below threshold)

it is a big loos to us and partners fairwell






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