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Diane Keaton's Technicolor Fashion Nightmare

Does this look like someone who just made a cool $11 million dollars (second story) selling the Bel-Air home she's owned for two years?

The Helen Woodward Society luncheon and presentation of Helen Woodward Animal Centers Humanitarian Award to actress Diane Keaton. July 21, 2005

The ecentric version of the "Annie Hall look" doesn't age well...

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It looks like a deliberate ... (Below threshold)

It looks like a deliberate copy of the guy who sells the back that lets you get thousands of dollars from the govt to, say, write a book or start a business.

"Annie Hall look?" ... (Below threshold)

"Annie Hall look?"
I though it was the Orphan Annie look.

Is this the infamous plaid ... (Below threshold)

Is this the infamous plaid suit that John Roberts was photographed wearing?

What clan does she belong t... (Below threshold)

What clan does she belong to? The McTackies?

I guess she doesn't have to... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

I guess she doesn't have to worry about that old problem of another actress showing up in the same outfit.

If I wore that outfit I'd b... (Below threshold)

If I wore that outfit I'd be deemed a pedofile. That pic makes me shudder.

"The McGlows always finish ... (Below threshold)

"The McGlows always finish their tartan outfits with a bright bow tie...."

Doh! That looks like my cla... (Below threshold)

Doh! That looks like my clan tartan...

When I saw the picture I ha... (Below threshold)

When I saw the picture I had a senior moment:

It's Pinky Lee: http://www.geocities.com/mrviewmaster/pinky/pinky.htm

Dude, she's famous for havi... (Below threshold)

Dude, she's famous for having appalling taste. She admits as much herself.

Then somebody needs to do a... (Below threshold)

Then somebody needs to do an intervention and stop her before she shops again.

Friends don't let friends d... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Friends don't let friends drink and shop.

RE: DWC's post (August 2, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: DWC's post (August 2, 2005 11:49 AM)


I see Ted Turner has finall... (Below threshold)

I see Ted Turner has finally gotten around to colorizing those old Orville Redenbacher commercials.

Looks like Matthew Lesko wi... (Below threshold)

Looks like Matthew Lesko with a bad sex change!

She swipped that design fro... (Below threshold)
Mrs. Davis:

She swipped that design from one of these kids!

Once she finished the photo... (Below threshold)

Once she finished the photo op, she got right back to making balloon animals.

It's amazing what you can d... (Below threshold)

It's amazing what you can do with ten thousand Scotch Tape packages and a gun to your dressmaker's head.

She is wearing my clan colo... (Below threshold)

She is wearing my clan colors (Buchanon) and I am highly offended to the core. What has she done to this noble plaid. Achhhh!

Being a Stewart, I understa... (Below threshold)

Being a Stewart, I understand and respect, um, noticable plaid. Not like we Stewarts do not have a highly recognizable set of scrambles, is my point.

But this is not an issue of plaid but of nonsense. I've never found Diane Keaton's eccentric clothing drapes comfortable, to say the least and her now abusing plaid (it's abuse, I tell ya') is the last straw: she's nuttier than a fruitcake, which is only improved by Rum, not color-confused by it.

Much like she has done to p... (Below threshold)

Much like she has done to plaid, she has done to "preservation" of Spanish Colonials:

"...When Shadley first saw the U-shaped hacienda, he was depressed because it had been 'refashioned so much, there was no sense of the vintage Spanish Colonial it once was,' he said in the April edition of Architectural Digest..."






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