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Memo to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, M.D.:

It's called the "Hippocratic Oath," not the "Hypocritical Oath."

You're welcome.

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I found myself fallen into ... (Below threshold)

I found myself fallen into reading the comments section earlier today following that Yahoo article (or one similar, didn't save the URL but that's not the point here, the story itself is)...

anyway, from what I read by general citizenry commenting earlier this morning, there are about one in a hundred who fail to grasp the stupidity and foolish pomposity of the DNC in these statements (your article, one I read also).

Most people understand that children are overweight when their (or any adult is, for that matter) out of balance between food intake and physical exertion.

Maybe we should emphasize the idea that you get "fit" by being "fit" in practice and thought. Dean is one of those, unfortunately, misguided (heh) people with medical degrees who emphasize lack of fitness as process to reward. The problem is, the reward goes to the ideology of lack of fitness and those who maintain those with lack of fitness and not to the idea of fitness itself.

typo: (^^), should be: ".... (Below threshold)

typo: (^^), should be: "...are overweight when they are...out of balance..."

Perhaps Dean meant to invok... (Below threshold)

Perhaps Dean meant to invoke the hypothetical oath.

They will attack him on any... (Below threshold)

They will attack him on anything. It's really become despicable. Every time you think they've hit rock bottom, they surprise you.


<a href="http://www.suzyric... (Below threshold)

Not a whole lotta enthusiasm here, as to the Dean Machine, I note.

<a href="http://lonewacko.c... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean is about to embarass himself on Sunday. I don't expect too many people to pay attention because of the subject, but maybe that will change.

Especially stupid in light ... (Below threshold)

Especially stupid in light of the large increase in education funding.






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