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Tech Tuesday: Apple Introduces a "No Button" Mouse

Apple Computer introduced the Mighty Mouse today. Some people call it a single button mouse, others a multibutton mouse and still others call it a no button mouse, which might be the most accurate.


From the website:

Meet the mouse that reinvented the wheel. The scroll wheel, that is. At $49, Mighty Mouse features the revolutionary Scroll Ball that lets you move anywhere inside a document, without lifting a finger. And with touch-sensitive technology concealed under the seamless top shell, you get the programability of a four-button mouse in a single-button design. Click, roll, squeeze and scroll. This mouse just aced the maze. Spry and Mighty

In the beginning, there was one button. Then there were two. Then there were clickable scroll wheels and programmable toggles and solid-state slides. But nobody made a mouse as easy to use as your Mac. Until now. Mighty Mouse combines the capability of a multibutton mouse with Apple's signature top-shell design for the best of both form and function. Use it any way you work: Stick with single-button simplicity or click with multibutton efficiency.

Many people wonder why Apple has steadfastly stuck with a single mouse button. The answer is that Apple always has been about making a computer easy to use. I remember teaching people how to use a mouse the first time, one button was more then plenty. It still is the cleanest interface. Apple has always said that when there was enough technology to make it worth the leap, they would change. And this is a cool technology.

Touch-sensitive technology under Mighty Mouse's seamless top shell detect where you're clicking, transforming your sleek, one-button mouse into a two-button wonder. But the innovation doesn't end there. Apple engineers added force-sensing buttons on either side of Mighty Mouse that let you squeeze the mouse between your thumb and finger, activating Mac OS X Tiger Dashboard, Exposé or a whole host of other, customizable features -- instantly. ...

But getting from point A to point B doesn't always mean traveling in a straight line. Take a spin on the mouse that's not afraid of kitty-corner. With Mighty Mouse's Scroll Ball, you can scroll at a 45-degree angle -- even roll in 360-degree sweeps. ...

It even has a little bitty speaker in it to make clicking sounds when you touch the touch sensitive areas.... I wonder if I can disable that?

Look for 100 copy cats coming soon to a retailer near you.

And since the word "APPLE" is in the post, I'm just going to close comments now.... Don't blame me, blame the idiots.


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