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Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This weeks Weekend Caption Contest™ produced a veritable grab bag of phallic reference and humor. It was stiff competition, but in the end the following entries had more staying power than the rest, and delivered the goods. Here are the winning entries for this picture:

CNN American Morning anchor Miles O'Brien with an unidentified guest prior to the Space Shuttle launch

1) (Cybrludite) - "Sometimes a rocket is just a rocket. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those times..."

2) (Jeff) - "On STS-114 Miles, NASA has installed over 100 cameras in an effort to get the 'money-shot.'"

3) (bullwinkle) - "After they all used these model rockets on each other I asked them what they called their act. The father said, 'We're the Aristocrats.'"

Honorable Mention

4) (a4g) - Man in red shirt: "You know, I left Dick Cheney's employ to get away from just this sort of moment."

5) (Jihad Jimmy) - "And this one time, at Space Camp..."

6) (james) - GUY ON RIGHT: "And coincidentally Bob, the squinting we're experiencing is why the song is called 'Turning Japanese.'"

The Highly Coveted, Rarely Awarded, Dishonorable Mention

(Laurence Simon) - "Eason tried to shove a third one of these up Amanpour's ass, but she kept clenching and shouting 'OH, MY POOR YASSER!' over and over."

Until next Friday...


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Comments (10)

It's good to know someone o... (Below threshold)

It's good to know someone other than me got the Aristocrats reference.

I thought yours was worthy ... (Below threshold)

I thought yours was worthy of high praise. Every once in a while, one stands out above the crowd.

Yes, some stand head and sh... (Below threshold)

Yes, some stand head and shoulders above the rest. Congrats!

PS - Something tells me this competition isn't over.

I'm going to frame my Disho... (Below threshold)

I'm going to frame my Dishonorable Mention and mount it higher than any first-second-or-third I've gotten.

Hey, I actually got ranked ... (Below threshold)

Hey, I actually got ranked for once! Too bad I didn't get the honor of an anchor tag around my name.

Notice the time stamp on th... (Below threshold)

Notice the time stamp on this entry... I'm just saying.

Anchor tag applied.

My original caption before ... (Below threshold)

My original caption before I edited it:

So the dog is laying in the corner with his tongue hanging out, covered in axle grease and still wearing the leopard skin tutu just like all four of the people, then the father and son pull the model rockets out of the mother and sister. All five are breathless and sweating profusely. I told them I was impressed and I asked them what they called their act.....The said "We're the Aristocrats"

I could have been a contender for that dishonorable mention award!

I didn't get that one when ... (Below threshold)

I didn't get that one when I first read it, bullwinkle, but I have since read the whole joke. Kevin wouldn't have just GIVEN you the Dishonorable Mention Award, he'd have RETIRED it.

Thanks for the speedy servi... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the speedy service, Kevin. But you should know that by The Bloggers Code, if you're having trouble at a mere 1:00am, you're just not drinking fast enough.

After slaving over a hot co... (Below threshold)

After slaving over a hot computer trying to create a snappy caption, I don't know what's worse: coming in sixth place again or Kevin getting my name wrong.

I have a right mind to take my perennially sixth place captions elsewhere.







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