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Blogger Needs Help

I've always been amazed at the power of the blogosphere to pitch in when a blogger is in dire financial distress. Nearly two year ago one of the first people to come to my aid when I was downsized weeks before Christmas was Venomous Kate. She's been a long-time friend, and is truly one of the good people of the blogosphere.

Earlier this week she was involved in a bicycle accident that left her in need of serious dental work (to the tune of over $8000), at a point when she'd already maxed out her dental coverage for the year.

Go help now...


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Comments (4)

I gave her enough for a sma... (Below threshold)

I gave her enough for a small fraction of one tooth.

Very cool. Posts are going... (Below threshold)

Very cool. Posts are going up *everywhere.* Kate is a great lady.

Joe, if 8000+ of us all chi... (Below threshold)

Joe, if 8000+ of us all chip in *only one buck*, all those "small fractions" will give her a smile back.

So... it's ALL good.

Thanks for posting this. I... (Below threshold)

Thanks for posting this. I tried to keep the venom flowing last night, but couldn't find her email addy. I'm glad she simplified her Paypal link.

She's a fellow human being, who, as she says, looks like a "Deliverance" extra. Give up the evil Starbucks or whatever for a day or two or three and help the girl out.

Sending big, white porcelain vibes Kate's way!






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