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Michelle Malkin's New Book Is Going To Be Huge

I found this listing at Amazon for Michelle Malkin's new book.

Unhinged : Exposing Liberals Gone Wild by Michelle Malkin

I'm predicting that Unhinged is going to be a monster best seller even before it's released...

(Real risky prediction, huh?)

Update: Michelle has more info on the illustration...


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Comments (28)

Please tell me that there w... (Below threshold)

Please tell me that there will be a book signing in my area!

Something to watch for will... (Below threshold)

Something to watch for will be the predictable book "reviews" submitted to the Amazon.com page by the Moonbat Book Patrol.

These will be quite easy to recognize as they will be the ones posted prior to the actual release of the book.

Bruce,In that case... (Below threshold)


In that case, Mitch Albom will definitely be writing one.

I'm curious if this will be... (Below threshold)

I'm curious if this will be a book about actual people, or if Michelle will just be whining about mean anonymous commenters on other people's blogs, then declaring that they represent everyone to the left of her.

mantis,See four po... (Below threshold)


See four posts below -- start the bidding now!

I'm looking forward to her ... (Below threshold)

I'm looking forward to her chapter that should be titled "Chris Matthews: Asshat Lecher" so I can send a copy to Matthews" wife.

What would represent a "mon... (Below threshold)

What would represent a "monster" hit? How many hatemongers does it take to make a pack of lies a bestseller?

How many dumbass trolls bef... (Below threshold)

How many dumbass trolls before we can have a bonfire?

Hey, I just came by to laug... (Below threshold)

Hey, I just came by to laugh at your collective stupidity when it comes to pimping fake news articles. Man, you wacky righties are numbnuts!

Wow! a hatemonger! That's m... (Below threshold)

Wow! a hatemonger! That's me. Cuz I hate.....

well..I hate....

traffic, long lines, and rude people.

I LOVE being a wacky righty!!

Wierd that there's a donkey... (Below threshold)
Jim Jones:

Wierd that there's a donkey on the cover. But I shouldn't be surprised. I should have known that Malkin is too fucking stupid to realize that Democrats != Liberals.

Regnery Publishing? There's a shocker. Anyone wanna take bets on how many copies Richard Scaife has on preorder? 10,000? 15,000?

I underestimated Jim, he ha... (Below threshold)

I underestimated Jim, he had 12 brain cells.

No, bullwinkle, I think you... (Below threshold)

No, bullwinkle, I think you were right the first time. That latest one sounded like one of those automated responses I get when I call Verizon to beg them not to shut off my DSL.

You guys, that isn't funny.... (Below threshold)
Jim Jones:

You guys, that isn't funny. I think you're just upset that Ronald Reagan is still dead.

Well, given the fact that <... (Below threshold)

Well, given the fact that you're dead and posting here, we can console ourselves that President Reagan will soon be posting comments to blogs from the great beyond.

I wish he would. "It's morn... (Below threshold)
Jim Jones:

I wish he would. "It's morning in what the fuck was I talking about? huh? Where am I? What's going on? Nancy?"

Hey Jim,Way to val... (Below threshold)

Hey Jim,

Way to validate the title of the book. You are a sick person, sick child actually. It's funny how so many of the trolls have turned out to be misguided self-hating kids (see Joser).

Gotta love it. Numb-nuts c... (Below threshold)

Gotta love it. Numb-nuts come here to an admittedly conservative blog, whining and spewing their usual vitriol (um, Jim, that's kind of like "negative talk"), then accuse the right of being ignorant and hateful.

Meanwhile, we just keep winning elections and winning people's hearts, because no matter how hard you try to push your pathetic whiny agenda, people aren't buying it.

LOL! Go ahead, Jimbo, say something else half-witty and mean! I'll just smile and point to the scoreboard and say, "Dude, check the score! House of Representatives? Check! Senate? Check! Majority of governorships? Check! Fox News kicking CNN's butt? Check! Presidency? Check!! ... and now, Roberts on Supreme Court? Check and mate!"


Oh, the smell of zombies in... (Below threshold)

Oh, the smell of zombies in the night. Yeaaaarrrgghhhh!

Dumbya, why, I'll bet you l... (Below threshold)

Dumbya, why, I'll bet you lead the debate team at your local DNC parties! No one can argue with your logic, dude. You *own*!

heh heh - keep believing that ... and check the scoreboard!

The common blog troll (blog... (Below threshold)

The common blog troll (blogus futilis (from the Latin: "brittle; vain , worthless, good for nothing"); (see - Jim Jones, dumbya, et al) is a very small creature that is unique in that it exhibits but a single capability - that of being highly impressed with its own bacterial-level intelligence.

Trolls have no known value and their only contribution to the environment are simpering attempts at impressing itself, and a very strong unpleasant odor. Trolls are incapable of reproducing as their genitalia are critically underdeveloped (even for a creature of their diminutive size) due to pressures apparently encountered in their early development. This inability to reproduce sexually has intrigued researchers and blog readers alike for years and there was much debate as to where trolls come from.

Recent discoveries show conclusively that blogus futilis form as a result of a biochemical reaction initiated when a particularly virulent infection in the anus of certain ill pigs causes crusty greenish-brown scab chunks to be deposited in the passing excrement of said pig, resulting in a pus filled chancre-like nodule within the pile of excrement in said pig’s sty.

Left to ferment for seven days in ninety-nine degree heat and high humidity, each nodule will yield hundreds of blogus futilis minimus (troll babies). Those that emerge from the excrement womb prematurely shrivel and die instantly as a result of exposure to light and fresh air. Those that remain in their pile though undergo an amazing transformation. After twelve to twenty years (sometimes more) of painful, straining contortions, physically mature trolls emerge from their excrement womb with their heads permanently embedded as far up inside their bowels as physically possible. This cranial-rectal envelopment process renders blogus futilis immune to light, air, and common sense.

Fully grown, futilis only sustenance comes from written responses to their self-important comments. Interestingly, when these responses are withheld for a period of time, trolls swell up (some emit additional heat in this phase) until the pressure ruptures their thin outer membrane. These ruptures may cause a period of accelerated self-impressing sounds until such time as expiration occurs. Once expired, as their stench dissipates rapidly so does any memory of blogus futilis

F15C:Man, what Chu... (Below threshold)


Man, what Chuck Jones could have done with THAT!

Or, fatman, if the trend co... (Below threshold)

Or, fatman, if the trend continues, perhaps maybe will still do with that!

Replace the word "trolls" w... (Below threshold)

Replace the word "trolls" with the French and it still works!

Ha, or even CROISSANTS! Th... (Below threshold)

Ha, or even CROISSANTS! That'd work, too. Java! Freshly cut grass, or all of the above in one, giant fantasm of reek! Yeeeeararrghhhh!

I havnen't accused the righ... (Below threshold)
Jim Jones:

I havnen't accused the right of being ignorant and hateful.

Is it right that I feel good for getting under you peoples skin? For Bush4more (very clever name, btw) to go over what you guys have accomplished by pandering to the religious/radical right and for F15C to write all that, I must have done something right.

I must have done somethi... (Below threshold)

I must have done something right.

Maybe in bizzaro world.

In the real world you are just an annoying little dweeb without a point.

some troll bleated: "I must... (Below threshold)

some troll bleated: "I must have done something right."

(Quoting my post from above) "The common blog troll (blogus futilis (from the Latin: "brittle; vain , worthless, good for nothing"); (see - Jim Jones, dumbya, et al) is a very small creature that is unique in that it exhibits but a single capability - that of being highly impressed with its own bacterial-level intelligence. "

Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum).






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