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So Much for the "Stolen Elections" Theory

I wrote several times before the November election that Democrats were doing all they could to steal the election while complaining about Republican "voter intimidation" to cover their tracks. We all remember the slashed tires on Republican vans and the loony liberals setting fire to and shooting at Bush '04 Offices. Now we have the final word... (Fellow blogger may want to bookmark this one, we'll need it over and over again)

Report: Dem. operatives 'far more involved' in voter intimidation, suppression in 2004

WASHINGTON-The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund today released the most comprehensive and authoritative review of the facts surrounding allegations of vote fraud, intimidation and suppression made during the 2004 presidential election.

The ACVR Legislative Fund report, "Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression In The 2004 Presidential Election," finds that while Democrats routinely accuse Republicans of voter intimidation and suppression, neither party has a clean record on the issue. The report finds that paid Democrat operatives were far more involved in voter intimidation and suppression activities than were their Republican counterparts during the 2004 presidential election. Examples include paid Democrat operatives charged with slashing tires on GOP get-out-the-vote vans in Milwaukee and an Ohio court order stopping Democrat operatives from calling voters telling them the wrong date for the election and faulty polling place information.

The report further finds that thousands of Americans were disenfranchised by illegal votes cast and a coordinated effort by members of certain "nonpartisan" organizations to rig the election system through voter registration fraud in more than a dozen states. Examples include a law enforcement task force finding "clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee," including hundreds of felon and double voters and thousands more ballots cast than voters recorded as having voted in the city and multiple indictments and convictions of ACORN workers for voter registration fraud in several states.

This comes as no surprise to even the most casual observer. In my state, you can register to vote by mail and you don't have to show an ID to vote. All in the name of "making sure minorities can vote." -- And I don't doubt it is... To make sure they can vote over and over and over again.

Stand by for the Kos Kids saying it is OK to suppress votes as long and they are Republican votes.

via Sistertoldjah


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Comments (38)

"Stand by for the Kos Kids ... (Below threshold)

"Stand by for the Kos Kids saying it is OK to surpass votes as long and they are Republican votes."

Sometimes it seems the only way they *can* surpass is to supress...

tsk...its well been known b... (Below threshold)

tsk...its well been known by us, why bother even posting it?


thanks arb, sleeping and bl... (Below threshold)

thanks arb, sleeping and blogging don't mix... Time for bed.

"The American Center for Vo... (Below threshold)

"The American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund"

Now, just where do they get their money from?

Gee, that didn't take long ... (Below threshold)

Gee, that didn't take long to question the source of the report, or at least the source of the reporter's finances. That was what, 4 comments into the post?

I'd act surprised, but by this point I'd be disappointed if it didn't happen.

How about a good laugh? A ... (Below threshold)

How about a good laugh? A satirical view of the Ohio Special Election.

NSW (see below)
"Left-Blog Exit Poll Winner Paul Hackett (Hawk-OH) Demands A Refund Of Kos Kidz' Allowance"

at http://satire.myblogsite.com/blog

YIKES- That link is NSW (Not Safe for Work) we don't mind links to NSW sites but geeze ya gotta warn people. Please don't do that again. -ED

So, what windmills will Don... (Below threshold)

So, what windmills will Don Conyers and Sancho Lampley take on next?

The ACVR, is apparently lit... (Below threshold)

The ACVR, is apparently little more than a GOP front group run by Jim Dyke (the 2004 Communications Director for the Republican National Committee), Mark F. (Thor) Hearne, II (the National General Counsel for Bush/Cheney '04 Inc.) and others.


[The ACVR, is apparently li... (Below threshold)

[The ACVR, is apparently little more than a GOP front group run by Jim Dyke (the 2004 Communications Director for the Republican National Committee), Mark F. (Thor) Hearne, II (the National General Counsel for Bush/Cheney '04 Inc.) and others.]

Could it be because only Republican groups actually care about voters' rights, as opposed to paying lip service to those rights while slashing some tires? Just a thought...I'll be over here waiting for the 'liberal' report on their findings, if they have a rebuttal.

Like we didn't already know... (Below threshold)

Like we didn't already know that - what a bunch of LOSERS

The ACVR is a complete and ... (Below threshold)

The ACVR is a complete and total scam run by high-level GOP Operatives. Doesn't this blog check *anything* first before running with it?

See http://www.BradBlog.com/ACVR.htm for much more info.

And oh yes... So much for t... (Below threshold)

And oh yes... So much for the "Wizbang has any credibility whatsoever" theory.

Please note that the Arizon... (Below threshold)

Please note that the Arizona Republic has taken the story off their website. [It is no longer available at the original link – http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0802votefraud02.html – or through an archive search on “Voting Rights”.]
Perhaps they are now questioning the objectivity of this GOP-developed document?

Hey Brad and RVA,W... (Below threshold)

Hey Brad and RVA,

What in the article is anything except the complete truth?

*sound of crickets*

Cool, does that mean we get... (Below threshold)

Cool, does that mean we get to toss out any articles from the New York Times on the basis that they are all Liberal hacks?

The difference between the ... (Below threshold)

The difference between the New York Times and the ACVR or what ever they are is the fact that these guys soul purpose is to promote the GOP. If these guys cannot back up any of these claims with facts, which I wouldn't be surprised by, then it's BS. The NYT actually has facts to go with it's liberalness.

This is just like the swift boat veterans. I didn't exactly like Kerry, but the kind of crap they were pulling by blattantly ignoring facts and testimony(including their own prior to Kerry running for office) is what GOP opperative run sites will do. That's why we CANNOT take this report at face value until they present facts and corroboration(sp?)

craycheck,There is... (Below threshold)


There is nothing in that article that has not already been reported in the MSM. They just put it all in one place.

They left out the murder conspiracy by dem officials in E. St. louis (at least in what is quoted here).

If you spend a few minutes it would not be hard for you to find the articles from different major new outlets.

that would be "news" outlet... (Below threshold)

that would be "news" outlets, sorry.

craycheck, if the Swifties ... (Below threshold)

craycheck, if the Swifties were lying why did Kerry keep changing his stories every time they pointed out what the records showed?

bullwinkle are you kidding ... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle are you kidding me. ALL the claims by the swifties were debunked, all of them.

it is funny that you think that the dems are the one not playing fair, when in fact that when ever there is a hand count the dems get more votes.

Yeah right.... (Below threshold)

Yeah right.

RE: smithie's post (August ... (Below threshold)

RE: smithie's post (August 3, 2005 07:23 PM)

...when ever there is a hand count the dems get more votes.

By George, I think you've got it! The reason the Democrats have been losing ground at the national level is because they've been raising their hands in the booth rather than filling out the ballots.

The Swift Boat Veterans comment doesn't merit a response.

Are you even serious.... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

Are you even serious.
This organization was formed, as far as we can tell, 4 days before they delivered testamony to congress about their research. They are run by and populated with High Level Republican operatives and No Democrats or independents yet they claim to be a non-partisan advocacy group. Their report is filled with innuendo and poorly sourced rumors about Democratic malfeasence with no mention of Republican misdeeds.
There may be truth in that report. I have NO DOUBT that people from the left side of the spectrum have done stupid things before this past and other elections.
The overall conclusion of the report is absolutely worthless though. The group has been busted. Even the newspaper in Crawford Texas has busted the ACVR as a sham purpetrated by the RNC or at the very least by their operatives.

For anyone to actually argue that this is valid research is sad. I feel sorry for you, I really do. I also fear, very much, for the future of this great nation when I see that it's populace will eat up this type of false propaganda even when they admit to knowing that it's from a tainted source. Where is the outrage? You're being played by the RNC.

I'll admit it, I'm more a democrat than a republican. I respect many of the republican ideals and there are many Republicans I'd vote for but over all, my support is for Democrats. What surprises the hell out of me though is that there are almost no republicans in power right now who follow, in any way, the core values of the once great republican party. Where is the small government? Where is the fiscal restraint? Where is the conservation that real conservatives care about? Nixon formed the EPA for christ's sake but Bush is trying his best to destroy it.
How does a real Republican sleep at night let alone actively support this party when they use you like a tool with fake reporters and fake research groups? How does a real Republican sleep at night knowing that their party lies to them constantly? That they put corporate profit and the rewarding of 'friends' over everything else, even our National Security?

And before the vapid attacks start, remember.. some facts are not faith based. Bush got his energy plan with a 2.7 BILLION dollar tax credit to the Oil companies (who quarter after quarter have been making so much money that they don't know what to do with all the profits according to the financial periodicals). That's just this week. We've also got the recess appointment of Bolton who lied on his Senate questionaire and who may be implicated in the Valery Palme outing. Before that, Scooter Libby is implicated in the Plame leak. Before that, Rove is confirmed to have leaked Plame's identity (who needs CIA operations to stop WMD Proliferation anyway). Before that, Duke Cunningham's house is raided in the investigation of his accepting massive payoffs from a defense contractor that he steered millions of dollars of work to. Before that, Abrahmoff is indicted for.. well there's too much there for one sentence. Before that, an administration official is caught falsifying Global Warming data and he get's promoted. It just goes on, and on, and on.

My only hope is that maybe, when the current bunch of criminals is thrown out things will get better. Unfortunately, when the Dems grab power again, we'll see the slime rise up again on that side too. Power breeds corruption and for now, the Republicans have all the power.

A quick check of the "whois... (Below threshold)

A quick check of the "whois" record from networksolutions.com shows that the administrative and technical contact is Jim Dyke Associates. A quick Google of "Jim Dyke Associates" brings up a link from moviecrazed.com that identifies Jim Dyke as a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. Now, in the ACVR mission statement, it says that "ACVR is a non-partisan... organization". I'm sorry, but I think you’ll understand if I have difficulty believing that a spokesman for the Republican National Committee is truly non-partisan.

One has to wonder why a spokesman for the Republican National Committee would believe it necessary to set up a site to put the question of possible voter fraud to rest, but not admit that it was put together by someone closely associated with the Republican National Committee.

I, personally, was looking for a truly non-partisan view of the Ohio statistics, or one that shows both sides of the story so I can see this for myself. I must say that I was briefly excited that maybe something like that exists until I realized what I was reading looked like Republican talking points.

The numbers look suspicious - I'm a statistician - but it's very hard for me to believe that someone would actually try to steal an election. Can we no longer have a rational conversation in this country? I don't want the Democrat’s version - I don't want the Republican version. I want to be treated like a real human being with a real brain and the ability to decide for myself what to believe. Is that too much to ask?

You can flame me all you want, I won't be back to look at this site either. I just think it's a shame that in the most powerful country on earth, with the greatest amount of wealth, with the vast majority of our population having their basic needs taken care of, with an incredible communication tool that is the Internet, the only thing we can do is bicker about our opinions. We seem to have lost the ability to think for ourselves and try to look for facts - and common ground - and some purpose in our lives.

Best of luck to all of you.

8/3/05 Foxnews Brit Hume (<... (Below threshold)

8/3/05 Foxnews Brit Hume (video clip there, transcript not available yet):

"When the billionaire pulls his bucks out, the pink slips begin."

Report of Soros pulling the plug on his front group, Americans Coming Together (ACT), closing down offices around the country as well as ACT's internet site(s). ACORN connected to ACT. ACORN known for its hiring of sex-offenders and other felons, involved with 2004 voter intimidation, voter fraud, voter suppression (like calling Republicans and telling them wrong dates and locations for voting), etc.

I wonder if this is a pre-emptive move to destroy files and internet sites before law enforcement can get to them. Unless Soros has thrown in the towel on Hillary and McCain 2008, I'm sure ACT will be revived under another name.

Funny how this news of ACT's disbandment comes within 24 hours of a posting at Wizbang of Valerie Plame's contribution to ACT.

PS – Both ACORN and ACT<... (Below threshold)

PS – Both ACORN and ACT known for voter fraud - AP 6/23/04 (re ACT specifically) and Columbus Enquirer Oct 04 (re ACORN and ACT):

[Last link no longer works, here's excerpt:]

"…Bennett cited instances in 10 counties [in Ohio] where potentially fraudulent voter registration forms were submitted. He said many were submitted by groups he terms "auxiliaries of the Democratic Party": the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and America Coming Together [ACT]. The groups paid people to register voters. Some registrations were filled out for dead people, some contained fake addresses, and others named fiction characters such as thingy Tracy and Mary Poppins."

Found it in 2004 via Bill Hobbs' site on Voter Fraud.

[bullwinkle are you kidding... (Below threshold)

[bullwinkle are you kidding me. ALL the claims by the swifties were debunked, all of them.]

I agree, this doesn't deserve a response, but I will add just 3 words, sort of like how Moe can't resist one more eye poke when Curly thinks he's gotten away with something...

Christmas in Cambodia

no wait! I think I understand this...ALL the ridiculous claims made by John Kerry that were revealed by the swifties were debunked, all of them.

Ok, that makes sense now, it was just a typing problem.

How can you say the ACVR is... (Below threshold)

How can you say the ACVR is a non-partisan organization when so called voters rights activist and ACVR front man, Jim Dyke is a long time Republican operative? In fact, he worked as communications director for the RNC in the 2004 elections. Non partisan? non bullshit, is more like it.

Christmas in Cambodia? Ple... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

Christmas in Cambodia? Please, Please, Please actually look into these lies before parroting them.
What's his face.. John O'Neil the head of the Swifties is ON TAPE in the Nixon White House saying HE WAS IN CAMBODIA ON A SWIFT BOAT.
The swifties said Kerry lied because swift boats never went to Cambodia and John O'Neil told the press that he had never been in Cambodia. He told Nixon that he had been in Cambodia.
Who is lying here?


[Christmas in Cambodia? Ple... (Below threshold)

[Christmas in Cambodia? Please, Please, Please actually look into these lies before parroting them.] Look into them how, like this..."

"When the Swift boat veterans who oppose Kerry presented statements from his commanders and members of his unit denying that his boat entered Cambodia, none of Kerry's shipmates came forward, as they had on other issues, to corroborate his account. Two weeks ago Kerry's spokesmen began to backtrack. First, one campaign aide explained that Kerry had patrolled the Mekong Delta somewhere "between" Cambodia and Vietnam. But there is no between; there is a border. Then another spokesman told reporters that Kerry had been "near Cambodia."" -Washington Post

And of course there's more, including Kerry's own journal, but these backtracking statements are already seared...seared!...into me and into the public record. But you probably don't believe anything Kerry or his spokepeople said during the campaign...which would have been a good thing.

By the way, thanks for incl... (Below threshold)

By the way, thanks for including that link so I could see how ridiculous the "O'Neill" lied argument is...he was on the border? Yeah, so, he said he had been. I don't get it unless you bite on it like Alan did and ignore the full statement and only concentrate on the part you like, ignoring any qualifications that were made later and at the time as well. Whatever. O'Neill was consistent in what he said, Kerry's people kept changing 'his' mind for him. Believe who you want.

Falze, Perhaps you s... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

Are you perpetrating the lie on purpose or are you actually too think to read?

I stated, clearly, that O'Neil told Richard M. Nixon that he had been IN CAMBODIA ON A SWIFTBOAT. The link notes that the tape has been played on TV, it provides a transcript of the exchange.
O'NEILL: I was in Cambodia, sir. I worked along the border on the water.
NIXON: In a swift boat?
O'NEILL: Yes, sir.

I don't care what O'Neill said to ALAN COLMES while he was out pushing his lies. He, a faithful Republican, told the Richard Nixon, the Republican President of the United States that he was on a SwiftBoat IN Cambodia.
He's clearly a liar. That can't be denied. He lied to Nixon (probably his idol at the time) or he lied to Alan Colmes, Hannity's puppet.
Which do YOU belive is the case? Seriously?

As for staff on Kerry's campaign not having the details of his time in Cambodia or the geography correct.. Um. What's the point? They weren't there, where they? Kerry didn't enlist with all of his future campaign staff did he? You haven't posted an example of Kerry getting caught changing his story. You sourced, third hand, a story in the Washington Post.. a 'news paper' that is in the business to loose money (3 billion so far) and influence gullible people. The Washington Post Editor is the Reverend Sun Jung Moon, Mr. Moonie himself. You are using 2nd hand or third hand reporting from a paper run by a guy who claims to be the 2nd Coming of Jesus.. and even that 'source' (if I dare call it that) can only blame Kerry's campaign staff for not having the details perfect?
Wow. I'm stunned.

Oh, I think I see your lame... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

Oh, I think I see your lame attempt to continue this ruse. Along the border.
Yes, O'Neill told Nixon he worked along the border of Cambodia, right after he said this:

"I was in Cambodia, sir."

Is that statement too confusing for you? BTW, I live along the border of Illinois. I live in Chicago. To you that would mean I don't live in Illinois because I live along the border?
O'Neill said, Point Blank, that he had been in Cambodia before he started lying about it to any news outlet that would listen.

P.S. I meant to imply you were too thick to read earlier.. not too think. ;-)

The Washington Post is not ... (Below threshold)

The Washington Post is not owned nor edited by Rev. Moon, but is owned by the Washington Post Company and the current editor-in-chief is Leonard Downie, Jr. The Washington Times is owned by Moon, and the editor-in-chief is Wesley Pruden. Not that Falze provided a link or anything with that quote, which was actually from this column in the Post by Joshua Muravchik of the American Enterprise Institute which of course is a strongly conservative think tank that has incidentally provided much of the Bush administration's policy staff. They have no bias I'm sure.
So Steven, get your newspapers straight, and Falze, something in the guest opinion column is not the same thing as a newspaper reporting it.

I appologize profusely for ... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

I appologize profusely for that mistake. I take mis-information seriously and I'm very sorry that I mixed those two papers up. I fear I allowed myself to mix up the Washington Post and Times based on my more hands on knowledge of the NY Times vs. the .. um.. somewhat less respected NY Post. I'll not make that mistake again.
Thank you for the correction mantis. I should have known better.

" "Association of Community... (Below threshold)
Steven Bandyk:

" "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and America Coming Together [ACT]. The groups paid people to register voters. Some registrations were filled out for dead people, some contained fake addresses, and others named fiction characters such as thingy Tracy and Mary Poppins.""

Those damn clever and all too sneaky DNC trixters. Who would suspected that someone would have seen through their bullet proof plan of registering "thingy Tracy" and "Mary Poppins".
Wait, someone filled out a voter registration form for "Mary Poppins". How would this have helped Kerry unless someone with an Ohio ID for Mary Poppins actually showed up? Maybe Ohio 'takes your word for it' but Illinois actually wants an ID when I vote. How odd that Ohio would just let someone vote if they come in and say they are thingy Tracy.
That would be sarcasm btw.

So, let me try and follow. ACT and ACORN almost stole the election because they hired people who had previously been convicted of a crime AND those people submitted registration cards (not votes) that were farcical and which couldn't be turned into votes because Mary Poppins wouldn't actually show up to vote.. Or Would She!! Mary Poppins was a liberal I bet!!

Now the hiring felons thing, that I understand. I don't want felons working. It just makes them think they don't need to steal and stuff. Who the hell are the Democrats thinking that we should have less people unemployeed and who the hell gave them the right to Force their employment state on people who would much rather be out commiting crimes. :-)

[Not that Falze provided a ... (Below threshold)

[Not that Falze provided a link or anything with that quote, which was actually from this column in the Post by Joshua Muravchik of the American Enterprise Institute which of course is a strongly conservative think tank that has incidentally provided much of the Bush administration's policy staff. They have no bias I'm sure.]

What the hell's the matter with you people? The comments of his spokespeople is public record, who the hell cares which source I used to quote his spokespeople? I grabbed the first hit on yahoo since I knew they'd all say the same thing. Feel free to trot out some contradictory statement from his campaign if you're implying that this 'partisan' op piece misquoted someone. I loved the long post about how his 'spokespeople' weren't there so how could they know, I'm sure Kerry kept them all in the dark and they just said stuff without talking to him first. Are you implying that Kerry sent them out there to lie to maintain plausible deniability? Interesting strategy, to be sure.

And it was sure convincing when you started to insult me before bothering to read what I wrote so that you would know that I had read the linked page and responded to its content. Attack first, ask questions later, right? O'Neill said something, then clarified it, right there, to the President of the United States of America. That's according to YOUR link, not mine. That's all I said. Is it possible that he slightly misspoke to Nixon in an effort to generally catagorize where he served, that he then had to clarify what he had said a bit? I don't know, but it's certainly a plausible explanation, even if you loathe the guy, you have to admit it's plausible. I'd like to see the text of the rest of the conversation, personally, is that available? Funny how if you do a search all you get are stories where (almost) no one repeats the part where he clarifies what he said, about the border. I mean, c'mon, doesn't everyone clarify what they said, especially when what they're saying is almost, but not quite right? Why did he clarify his remark if he was, in fact, in Cambodia, versus in the water near the border? I don't see anyone answering that question. Selective quoting can really get you in trouble..."I have nothing against homosexuals..."-Scalia

Please note that I am NOT defending O'Neill, here. Christmas in Cambodia did not happen. Either Kerry lied then, in the Senate, or his campaign lied later. The only evidence, Kerry's buddies' statements and his journal, show he was not there, though. When the response was to attack O'Neill, I shined some light on his entire statement, that's all, from your link. Attack me all you want, but go back and read my posts and you'll see that that's what I've done here, if you'd bother to read it...

StevenHow would... (Below threshold)


How would this have helped Kerry unless someone with an Ohio ID for Mary Poppins actually showed up?

Given that the Democrats here in Ohio will not allow poll workers to ask for ID from a voter- I imagine 'Mary Poppins' was able to cast her vote and have it counted.

Then the same person drives to the next precinct over, and votes as 'Dick Tracy'- and succeeds again.






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