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A lost opportunity

The other day, I spotted a car with a rather intriguing bumper sticker. The driver was going to the same store I was, and I took a closer look to confirm my suspicions.

It said "Israeli Crowd Control" under a picture of a bullet.

At the bottom was the URL for the Electronic Intifadah (the pro-Palestinian terrorists group).

I didn't confront the woman, but I wish I had. That sticker insulted and offended me no end.

But sometimes the best revenge is to simply respond in kind. So I was thinking of what might be an appropriate response to that "Israeli Crowd Control" picture of a bullet. Several sprang to mind, but three stuck out:

1) http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=181370&contrassID=1&subContrassID=0&sbSubContrassID=0, titled "Palestinian Day Care:"

2) This picture, , titled "Palestinian Public Transportation."

3) This picture, labeled "Slain enemy of the Palestinian People."

Any other suggestions?


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Comments (31)

<a href="http://www.mfa.gov... (Below threshold)

Palestinian pizza delivery service. They even have a moneyback guarantee. If they don't kill 30 people in 30 minutes, they get their shaheed back.

Palestinian tunnel engineers. Keeping Gaza supplied since 1993.

<a href="http://photos1.blo... (Below threshold)
The first one is a Palestin... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The first one is a Palestinian Baby Boomer

I already have my "Club Git... (Below threshold)

I already have my "Club Gitmo" T-shirt.

"Club Gitmo" on the front and "I got my free Koran and prayer rug at Club Gitmo" on the back.

It's like moonbat repellant.

The motto for Palestinian U... (Below threshold)

The motto for Palestinian University should be "A mindless body is a wonderful thing to waste"

"Head of the Class, Palesti... (Below threshold)

"Head of the Class, Palestinian style"

(severed head on display)

<a href="http://www.flickr.... (Below threshold)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?saved=1

The best thing ever for a bumper sticker, I have them on everything I own.

<a href="http://www.flickr.... (Below threshold)
I want to have a bumper sti... (Below threshold)

I want to have a bumper sticker made that has the Palestinian Flag/Hamas Flag and Hezbulloh Flag = Terrorism made up!

I am actively looking towards having them created and once done I will start handing them out to everyone. :)

mesablue,Where did... (Below threshold)


Where did you get that t-shirt?

You know what is ironic abo... (Below threshold)

You know what is ironic about that woman??? I bet she's NEVER EVER been to Israel or owned a firearm. Just one more knee-jerk leftist Jew-hating c-u-n-t.

That "c" should be capitali... (Below threshold)

That "c" should be capitalized.

The funny thing is Al Jazee... (Below threshold)

The funny thing is Al Jazeera in English (The Guardian) just ran story that goes hand in hand with this.


How 'bout another Maplethor... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

How 'bout another Maplethorpe Classic.
The Image of Mohammed, as seen through a pool of urine.

Dude, you guys are totally ... (Below threshold)

Dude, you guys are totally right! Fuck all those sandniggers!

Dear Bill,Thanks f... (Below threshold)

Dear Bill,

Thanks for stopping by and posting your 2 cents. I'm sure you've correctly summed up everyone's attitude with that clear, concise, and accurate statement. Now that, you've seen your name and post here at wizbang please feel free to avoid this website in the future. Your stunning lack of intellect and reading comprehension is more suited for websites such as stormfront.org. Keep up the subpar work and have a nice day.


Look at the differences.<br... (Below threshold)

Look at the differences.
1. The Israelis were using rubber bullets against an enemy that sworn to wipe them off the face of the earth, BTW, they've also sworn to wipe Bill off the face of it too, while the Palestinians are searching for better ways to murder and Jew, anytime, anywhere, they can. Since then the Israelis have looked for an even safer non-lethal way to protect themselves.
2. The Israelis built a fence to keep the bombers out and the Palestinians complained and said the Israelis are doing terrible things to them. If my neighbor was doing terrible things to me I'd have built my own, that must mean the Palestinians aren't having terrible things done to them, fences work the same on either side. If they want to convince me or anyone with an ounce of sense they need protection the Palestinians would have built their own damn fence or at least be happy someone was building one.
People like Bill make we want to puke, if he was being sarcastic or meant every word he spouted. We need a fence ourselves.

Wizbang or Stormfront, raci... (Below threshold)

Wizbang or Stormfront, racism is racism.

Jay Tea, it's just as well ... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, it's just as well that you didn't confront that woman, as people like that WANT to be confronted, and to feed that need for attention only encourages them to keep at it.

Ok Bill, pick your racist t... (Below threshold)

Ok Bill, pick your racist then. You want the Palestinian that has sworn to do everything in his power to kill every non-Muslim on this planet or the Jew that kills Palestinians to keep them from killing him and uses great restraint and looks for better non-lethal ways to handle the situation? Go ahead, tell the truth. Keep in mind that Israel has had the power to make smoking holes all over the Middle East for quite a while while almost every neighboring nation is working hard to destroy them.

Ed,My brother boug... (Below threshold)


My brother bought it for me when he went to Chicago. Just a t-shirt shop on Michigan Ave.

Wizbang or Stormfront, r... (Below threshold)

Wizbang or Stormfront, racism is racism.

Bill, Bill, Bill...Bill. Really??? Of the posts on this topic, quote the one(s) that you think is (are) racist. If you actually believe in the moral equivalence of wizbang and stormfront, then you are being intellectually dishonest. Unless you are an apologist for Islamofacist terrorism, then you are a liar. Care to prove me wrong???

Gityo Club Gitmo T-shirts h... (Below threshold)
Wizbang or Stormfront, r... (Below threshold)

Wizbang or Stormfront, racism is racism.

Let me get this straight: The only guy on the thread to have used the term "sandniggers" is calling everyone else racist?

Can't you race-baiters do any better than that?

Wow. That is one of the wor... (Below threshold)

Wow. That is one of the worst bumper stickers I can think of. How weird.

That bumpersticker is avail... (Below threshold)

That bumpersticker is available on CafePress on the Electronic Intifada's shop, here.

I blogged about it in my CafePress Watch category here back in February.

Interesting page there, Aar... (Below threshold)

Interesting page there, Aaron's cc (CafePress Watch). A lot of folks have noticed the striking similarities between the Palestine terrorism and that coming from certain Hispanics. They're both racial organizations for racist purposes intent on destroying others...based upon...racial characteristics.

To clarify, not ALL Hispani... (Below threshold)

To clarify, not ALL Hispanics, not ALL Palestinians, not ALL whatevers are ALL anything else. But, certain movements with premise and purpose based upon racial characteristics whose goals are to destroy others for their racial characteristics is the theme there. I don't see any difference between what Palestine terrorism is doing/proposing/threatening and what militant Hispanics are also.

Aaron's cc:I wonde... (Below threshold)

Aaron's cc:

I wonder if the jackasses who would actually wear that shirt, would also wear one that substituted photos from WWII instead of the bullet?

I'm thinking of the famous photo from Auschwitz of the human hand hanging out of the crematoruim oven.

Or maybe the one of the little Jewish boy with his hands in the air, walking by a machine gun-toting German soldier.

Both are excellent examples of "crowd control," don't you think?

I really don't see how you ... (Below threshold)

I really don't see how you can whine about how this woman's sticker was racist and offensive, and then proceed to spout off equally offensive retaliation. How you decide to justify your beliefs and pretend you aren't racist is sickening. Anyone who can proudly show anti Palestinian stickers or t-shirts has no right to complain if they see anti- Israeli propaganda.
As far as I can see, all you people are doing is escalating the situation

israel is a shitty little r... (Below threshold)

israel is a shitty little racist apartheid state

israelis need to give back to the palestinians the land they (and their british supporters) stole

only then can we even think of peace






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