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Planning The Next Wizbang Editorial Team Meeting

The term "next" is used loosely as I don't think Jay Tea, Paul, and I have all been in the same room at the same time, let alone on a three way conference call. Clicking around links I've found that our presence has been, er, requested by one Feisty Republican Whore (See the People I'd Like To Do blogroll).

Speaking for myself, I'm deeply honored and incredibly horrified all at the same time...

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hmmm I got "top" billing so... (Below threshold)

hmmm I got "top" billing so to speak. I'm not sure what that means but I'm pretty sure it scares me. ;-)


Ah, jeez, how could I no... (Below threshold)

Ah, jeez, how could I not be on the list? I mean, really, who doesn't want "to do" Zombyboy?

Okay, now that my moment of delusional moment is over...

well, her layout and color ... (Below threshold)

well, her layout and color are magnificant!!!!!!!!!


errrr...that would be magni... (Below threshold)

errrr...that would be magnificent.

She's a MAAANNNN, baby!... (Below threshold)

She's a MAAANNNN, baby!

Maybe making the list isn't quite so thrilling, afterall?

Interesting because I noticed a search result in my webstats about two (maybe one) weeks ago with the word, "ho." And my link/my site to Jawa Reports long ago thread about the Blog Pimp Alliance (Jawa returned to identify those females who participated in his Alliance with the "ho" addenda)...


But, still a man, ole' Feis... (Below threshold)

But, still a man, ole' Feisty is.

I speak from experience her... (Below threshold)

I speak from experience here, y'all. She ain't no man.

I've got a sneaking hunch s... (Below threshold)

I've got a sneaking hunch she ain't no lady, either.

By the way fellas, do you want flowers or a memorial contribution somewhere?

Jeff...so you say that a fe... (Below threshold)

Jeff...so you say that a female refers to men as "dude" and "dudes" (among other things).

I dunno, just seems like an entirely gay blog to my read, "gay" in the context of most gay males who write gossip-laden blogs. I realize I am generalizing, but the whole thing there...she's either a female who fancies the male homosexual social circuit or she's a man. Perhaps the latter masquereding as a female? Waiting for certain changes?

I am finding the caustic blog process a tad tiresome, particularly when the point of a site is to malign people and presume one.is.neat.accordingly. It's really the worst characteristic of the gay social circuit, is my point, not that all gay males are such, but that that sort of sarcasm and about what is generally the realm of gay males.

-S-:Actually, I kn... (Below threshold)


Actually, I know a couple of women who call men dude or dudes. Of course, they're both lesbians...

Time to go to bed. I'm getting silly.

My social life being what i... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

My social life being what it is, this almost sounds tempting.


If it ever does get actually tempting, someone please shoot me...


fatman...the "dude" thing w... (Below threshold)

fatman...the "dude" thing was/is the calling card/decoder ring trendy whatever of Dean and his supporters. Thus, yes, you are correct.

I'm pretty sure that the pinky website is anything but a Republican-authored one. The irreverance is not keen enough to be amusing and it's too acerbic to be genuine.

Hey. Guess what? I read t... (Below threshold)

Hey. Guess what? I read this blog. You guys can stop referring me to as man ANY time now.

It's sad when smart women who also happen to be in tune with their sexuality (and, well, get paid to be in tune with their sexuality) are just automatically branded gay men. Maybe you guys just all need a woman who wants your body in six different ways at night and who can out-debate you during the day using well-composed RHYTHICALLY HARD-HITTING American English. Then you, like Jeff who has experienced me first-hand, will never utter the words "she's a man" ever again. Ever.

By the way, right now, all I want to do is ride Jay Tea in his Ford Escort station wagon. Kevin and Paul can watch for cops.

Feisty, I think it's a Taur... (Below threshold)

Feisty, I think it's a Taurus wagon.

More room, is all.

Feisty, I'm ready and willi... (Below threshold)

Feisty, I'm ready and willing to match I.Q.s, anytime, anyplace.

But, I've always found the excuse of "my I.Q. is lofty" to be an indication of one that wasn't. Just sayin'.

I am rather curious, howeve... (Below threshold)

I am rather curious, however, why you refer to I.Q., sexuality and gender all in one generalization. You're a maaaaan, baby!

Oops, Joe you're right. My... (Below threshold)

Oops, Joe you're right. My boo-boo. Point is. I got pictures. I know whom to accost next time I go to NH to pick up guys.

Suze, I didn't mention anything about my IQ because my mama never took me to get an IQ test. However, in a brief glance-over of your blog, I think you could be the Charlie to my Angel in a [oxymoron alert!] hot all-girl debate team.

I so totally shoulda been m... (Below threshold)

I so totally shoulda been more clear. Feisty is, fact, all woman, from the top of her strawberry head to the tips of her suckable toes.

However, she could also kick all y'all asses.

Draw your own conclusions about her sexual identity.

JAY! LOOK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ... (Below threshold)

JAY! LOOK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feisty: I do.not have.the.... (Below threshold)

Feisty: I do.not have.the.faintest.idea what you are talking about ("Charlie to [your] Angel...").

So, before I could commit, mebbe you should clear that up.

Sorry to misjudge you but you DO have the "I'm a gay man" thing down well.

Or, perhaps THEY have the "Feisty" thing on too well, just don't know. It brings to mind the chicken-and-the-egg riddle, no doubt about it.

Having recently received a death threat on my blog (truly, it's there for anyone to go read...thread entitled "WEB INTELLECTS SUCKS", see Comments section), I'd find it pretty handy right about now if anyone cared to go over there and make a few points to the drooling moonbat psycho killer suggesting I'll be dying alone.

Umm....Charlie's Angels: Al... (Below threshold)

Umm....Charlie's Angels: All-girl ass-kickin' team. In other words, I was sayin' both you and I kick ass in a blog/debate sense. Compliment. Enjoy.

And you're not really a blogger until you get your first death threat, by the way. I'll see what I can pull out of my tired little brain on your behalf though.






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