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Wal-Mart too full of crap to help neighbors

Everyone loves multiple births. The Bush twins are every conservative man's fantasy. Triplets are even better. And quads or more are guaranteed news anywhere.

Whenever a family has a litter or so, it's all over the news for a little while. Companies often fall over themselves in giving the family help as a PR move, and it usually works.

Unless, of course, the company is Wal-Mart. And the "help" they are asked to give is very specific.

This morning's Boston Herald has the story of a family that just welcomed quadruplets into their tiny home. They were going to put an addition on the house to make room for the new babies, but zoning regulations forbid them from increasing their septic system to handle the additional size of the house (and household).

A solution appeared ready-made: a nearby Wal-Mart had a large sewer pipe, with a bit of excess capacity. If they would allow the Lynch family to connect to that pipe, they could put up the new addition and not force the family of seven to somehow all live in a 750-square-foot, two-bedroom ranch.

Of course, Wal-Mart had absolutely no obligation to let the Lynches use their sewer pipe. Or even to answer the request at all (they didn't). But here the world's biggest retailer had a chance to score a huge PR coup, to show their human, compassionate side, to help out some little people with a big problem. Instead, they sat on their collective thumbs.

Wal-Mart is a sponsor of Paul Harvey. When he plugs them, he ends with "you couldn't have a better neighbor."

I suspect the Lynches would disagree with that.


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Comments (26)

Someone at Wal-Mart obvious... (Below threshold)

Someone at Wal-Mart obviously has owned rental property before and had tenants with kids in diapers. The rule of thumb on rental homes is if there's 1 kid in diapers you have RotoRooter on speed dial, 2 kids in diapers you have them on speed dial and and sign up for a revolving charge account, 3 or more you just have the rent checks sent directly to RotoRooter and they add your picture to the hall of fame in corporate headquarters. Been there, done that, still get invited to the annual bar-b-cues.

I find it hard to criticize... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

I find it hard to criticize any company over something like this. What's to stop 25 other houses in the area from hitting them up for the same thing? Nothing.

Why is Wal-Mart the bad guy... (Below threshold)

Why is Wal-Mart the bad guy, and not the inflexible local government zoning?

Questions I'd like answered... (Below threshold)

Questions I'd like answered:

--Were fertility drugs used for the pregnancy? (if so then even my sympathy for them disappears)
--When living in a 750-square-foot ranch why would you allow a pregnancy to occur? This isn't like a natural disaster or something out of their control. This is a result of their own actions. Birth control isn't new.

There are repercussions to personal decisions and choices. I feel for the Lynches but that does make me....or Walmart....obligated to something.

Would it be nice for them to do so? Sure. But by condemning them you are now making it mandatory they do something--which lessens the value of whatever it is they do because people will think they only did it for the PR.

To add square footage to a ... (Below threshold)

To add square footage to a 750 square foot house to accomodate 4 new additions to a family you'd have to at least double it. They wanted to add three bedrooms and a bath. If they have the means to add 3 beds and a bath, then they have the means to sell and buy something already bigger.

Faith+1 is right. If they used fertility drugs, odds were good that there would be more than one or two babies. And if they had the means to employ a fertility clinic (that ain't cheap) then better planning was in order. But, there is no mention whether they used fertility drugs or not. And they didn't know there was more than one baby in there? Huh? What kind of OB/Gyn were they using?

I know this will come off s... (Below threshold)

I know this will come off sounding snobbish, but 750 square feet is not a house, it's a living room. If that was all I could afford I wouldn't be trying to have more children in the first place, I'd be trying to figure out how to have some place decent for the the wife and kid I wasn't providing for well enough in the first place. There's no shame in being poor, there's a lot in not doing anything about it.

What did YOU do for them? ... (Below threshold)

What did YOU do for them? What? You didn't send them any money? You MONSTER!!

Are you turning into a liberal? When someone pulls out the "not being compassionate" card, it always involve an action that the speaker thinks is not a big deal, but requires sacrifice on the person asked to be compassionate: increasing taxes, for example.

The parents are the one's t... (Below threshold)

The parents are the one's to blame here! They can't afford to buy a bigger house and yet bring more children into the world. Then cry to the media when they don't get a free handout from a big corporation. Sounds very Liberal to me.

After reading <a href="http... (Below threshold)

After reading this as to the plethora of highly hooked-in Democrats from various campaigns and candidates' doings among Democrats, the fact that they are all set on gnawing Wal Mart to death -- it sure looks like they're going for the juggular is my point -- I no longer am willing to criticize Wal Mart.

I mean, it's one thing to discuss, analyze and then work to correct certain problems, some of which Wal Mart participates in. Fine, do that but expecting Wal Mart to share their utility lines and such seems like highway robbery. I can't imagine any warehouse store sharing their sewer line, is my point, nor should they.

Maybe Wal Mart can pony up for extra free diapers and baby wipes and such, but the sewer line? No, I think this idea sounds a tad too similar to something the DNC would "demand" of Wal Mart, and that'd only be the beginning if Wal Mart was to ever comply. Sometimes you have to go for good sense and leave the P.R. type things to the Clintons.

I second Lightwave. The pa... (Below threshold)

I second Lightwave. The parents are not the heavies. They seem willing to spring (unassisted) for a new addition. It certainly would have been a PR coup for WalMart to help these folks out, but they are not obligated. I am not sure myself that this is the type of "charity" my heart bleeds for. I think the local government could have considered relaxing zoning laws for this one.

Is it really necessary to b... (Below threshold)

Is it really necessary to bring infertility into this?

I'm guessing (as someone going thru infertility myself) that this was not an IVF pregnancy - the DRs that do IVFs wait until after at least the first (where they check for heartrates and # of fetuses), if not second sonogram to release patients to their regular OB/GYNs. I'm assuming, that if you had IVF (or any other infertility treatment), you would KNOW how many babies were in there.

I'm going to guess they have either crappy insurance or no insurance, if they didn't get a sonogram at 20 weeks of gestation (the usual for a pregnant woman with insurance).

I read the article, and will look around to see if they had "help" conceiving, but I doubt it. I could be wrong.

I do agree, however, that no one is obligated to help anyone else raise their children. YOU should be responsible for any kids brought into this world. Wal-Mart is not forcing them to stay in the 750 sq. foot house, they or their circumstances are forcing it.

I agree w/the commenter above, if they have the $$ for a 3 bedroom and bathroom addition + $2,500 for the engineer to design the septic to attach to Wal-Mart (which they already paid for), they should have the means to move.

If the situation were rever... (Below threshold)

If the situation were reversed, would there be an "obligation" for the family to allow Walmart to tap on to the sewer? I somehow think a different tune would be sung.

The issue is more complex than presented. If the property is in the city, the city has an obligation to provide sewer service.

If the property is in the county, Walmart is still probably directing the sewer to a public utility (unless they have their own sewer treatment facility, which I doubt).

Public utilities have eminent domain power and could easily force Walmart to grant the family a small easement to get to the sewer. This would actually be a constitutional use of eminent domain, for a change.

Most of the time, after a sewer system is built, it becomes the property of the public utility, who has an easement and maintenance rights - it probably IS NOT owned by Walmart.

These are just a few considerations, off the top of my head. I am a professional land surveyor.

Having done the addition th... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Having done the addition thing-I am not seeing why they don't sell and buy something bigger.

Also, while I think companies forking over coupons and vouchers for free stuff is fine, I am not sure that Wal-mart should be required to accomodate a request to hook in to the sewer line.

Seems to me the answer for this couple is the local zoning board, not Wal-mart.

My sympathies are with Wal-... (Below threshold)

My sympathies are with Wal-Mart here. Once you grant an "easement" like this, it forever locks you in. If Wal-Mart ever had to dig up that pipe or wanted to change their facilities, now their neighbor would have a veto because of their pipe. And of course, such easements would affect their ability to sell the property in the future...

Now they could have found a nicer way to say no, but saying no really was the only thing they could do.

Relaxing the zoning laws ru... (Below threshold)

Relaxing the zoning laws runs the risk of contaminating a public drinking water well with sewage. The risk of giving a few thousand people cholera doesn't seem like a good trade off to me.

My reason for raising the i... (Below threshold)

My reason for raising the infertility issue is that getting fertility drugs is not cheap. If they had the money for fertility drugs AND an engineering study then they aren't hurting for money and the need for Walmart Charity is non-existent.

This should fall under 'PR ... (Below threshold)

This should fall under 'PR Blackmail'.

- MikeB

BLOG FIGHT- Check out my po... (Below threshold)

BLOG FIGHT- Check out my post above.

BTW Jeff in many rural areas, Walmart owns their treatment facilities.

The home expansion was init... (Below threshold)

The home expansion was initially denied because of Avon and local laws. Wal Mart was a third option. Why is the media "prosecuting" Wal Mart and not Avon or local officials? Probably, becuase the story is just another way to bash Wal Mart, and not really about the family.

Side note: Someone who spends 2,700 dollars on a ceptic tank design before it is approved is not very good with money. Especially after their inital design is rejected?

Buisnesses donate what they have in their buisness, because it is at cost for them. Huggies donates diapers, Wal Mart donates baby clothes.. Since when are buisness now obligated for use of their infastructure? What's next, allow the family to live in a corner of the 10,000 sq ft store, use of a company car, move the fence back 50 feet for a bigger yard? How about free electricity?

I second Lightwave on this ... (Below threshold)

I second Lightwave on this one. The parents are not the heavies here. They appear to have the financial means to afford an addition to the house and do want to add one. Zoning laws don't permit it. My first choice would also be to add the addition rather than move. Sure WalMart could have scored a PR coup here, but it is not their responsibility to bail them out. These folks probably very well can afford the new family members so may not be the type of "charity" WalMart wants to subsidize. It seems to me the community could be a bit more accommodating about the zoning laws so these folks can build the addition they can afford. On the flip side, I wouldn't consider WalMart's disinterest in helping this particular family as an example that WalMart is reluctant to help the community.

I apologize for my double p... (Below threshold)

I apologize for my double posts, OOPS!

They were planning to add a... (Below threshold)

They were planning to add a 2nd story to the house. Where were they planning to live for the 2-4 months it would take to do that? They would not be able to live in the house. Their only sensible option is to buy another house and move!!

I agree that Wal-Mart shoul... (Below threshold)

I agree that Wal-Mart shouldn't be obligated to go along with this, especially because of all of the unforeseen complications down the road. I'm amazed, however, at how mean-spirited people can be, and how readily they ju p to conclusions. On the basis of this article we've decided that they used fertility drugs, that they made a conscious and irresponsible decision to get pregnant, and that they can afford a new house. My, aren't we all so clever? Has it occured to anyone that there may be a zillion other possibilities here? For one, housing prices have skyrocketed in Massachusetts. Maybe they can't affford to just move. Maybe one of them has an elderly parent living nearby, and they need to stay close. Maybe the guy was planning on doing most of the work on the addition himself (people do that, you know.) Maybe they were planning to do it in sauch a way that they don't need to move during the work. I don't know if any of these things are true, and neither do any of you.

Just because you think Wal-Mart is in the right, doesn't make these people as stupid and venal as so many of you are making them out to be. What a mean-spirited bunch.

Dittos to Chris. Also, som... (Below threshold)

Dittos to Chris. Also, some fertility drugs are cheap. Others are covered by insurance. And, sometimes, people have quads without fertility drugs at all.

Furthermore, maybe the family planned all along to put the addition on -- what they didn't count on was the government telling them they weren't allowed to. Most likely, they read the Constitution at some point in time, and thought the Fifth Amendment meant something.

Hey know-it-alls... walmart... (Below threshold)
mr avon:

Hey know-it-alls... walmart has the only sewer line because its on the town line and it connect up through neighboring brockton. avon has no public sewerage. there are almost no other houses in the area as this is a commercial area. know the facts before you talk out your as s.

Mankind and the Universe<b... (Below threshold)

Mankind and the Universe
(with a twist)

(some of this, maybe, should be taken tongue-in-cheek)

Author Unknown

In the beginning there was nothing.
Then "BANG", and it all began.

We will not attempt to explain what and how it all happened because unfortunately 99.9999....% of us are not intelligent enough or have the time or interest to study the entire process to come to an acceptable conclusion. So maybe the easiest, and the way the simplest of us can accept, is just to have it stated:

1:1* ¶ In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face
of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
3 ¶ And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.................etc.

Now, as intelligent life began to evolve, life was quite simple until a sense of right and wrong was perceived and then all hell (pardon the expression) broke loose. Now, this too, can be easily explained by the more intelligent of us. It, in its simplest form, is, " I know what's right better than you do." This, by itself, pretty much brings us to the present time. And, except for the fact that some of the simplest of us still hesitate trusting our eternal salvation to the rest who are so much smarter than we; all of life's problems could some day be (given enough time) solved by them (or so they believe). However, we who are simple are not smart enough to determine which of them are right so that we can put our trust in them (since they all have different opinions and actions and degrees of them).

So, since we also were given the ability to think and also create we began to seek for something better. And, again, since what those who were smarter than us were doing and saying was not that great; we began to look for and realize that we needed something that was far far greater than what they were suggesting and providing.

So we began to wonder: Is there a God? And, if so, can He be found? And, how do we find Him? So we ask and seek .......... and find.

And guess what; I know it's going to be quite difficult for the more intelligent ones to believe, but the force that has the capacity to put this all together isn't impressed with their superiority. In fact, if they were interested enough to explore it, they would discover that the whole design of salvation is established to keep them ignorant of it, via intelligence. And His Word (for anyone who is interested in it) reveals that from the unborn to the oldest ever born and from the least intelligently gifted to the most gifted provides a means of salvation equally for all. But in fairness to those who are smarter than the rest of us, it must be said that they are absolutely correct in their conclusion "that the existence of GOD cannot be proven scientifically" and if they think about it, if it could be proven in that manner, free will wouldn't be much of an option.

And by the way, other age-old questions, such as: Whose God is God and Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe can also be answered thru the following.


You alone and GOD

Is there a god? is there not a god? is there one god? or are there many gods? The world, with its many religions and billions of people, embraces all of these. Is there a right answer and can it be known with absolute certainty? The answer is yes, and you have the opportunity and the ability starting right now to know. And you must know, because where you spend eternity will depend on it!!

Yes! There is a GOD. And HE is ONE: MOST HIGH, MOST HOLY and JUST, ALMIGHTY GOD who is from everlasting to everlasting, by whom and for whom all things were created: The universe and everything in it (consider for a moment how it, the universe, is made with only a little over one hundred individual, infinitesimally small building blocks that man calls atoms; assembled in incomprehensible quantities and ways beyond man's imagination or understanding—both the animate and the inanimate).

But this most wonderful creation would be meaningless without intelligent life to be aware of it in awe and wonder and to explore, enjoy and use it.

But God also created mankind in His own image, i.e., also with ability to create and He entrusted man with a free will to do whatever he chose (even if it meant denying the very one who created him). And to perpetuate himself, procreation was also given him, but interestingly, one individual was not enough; two were required (male and female). Each with different rolls and responsibilities, but totally dependent upon the other for the purpose of perpetuating life.

And God said, "Come; walk with me; abide under my shadow and live forever." But mankind decided to go its own way, thereby limiting its lifetime and having it filled with uncertainties.

Now, the stage is set: Mankind has the ability and the environment to make the most of the lifetime given it; including the most important venture of all and that is the one to reunite with his creator, Almighty God.

Yes; you have one life to live, as you choose. It may be long one, but even one hundred years is but a speck in time when compared to eternity. Then, according to the Word of God, you will come before Him to be judged as to how you received Him or if you even had a desire to know Him.

And yes, there is a way you can know Him, and that as intimately as you want, it is your choice. And the relationship that you can have with the ALMIGHTY is not dependent upon anyone else—or any religion—or anything other than your own desire.

It is vital that you realize that you are a unique individual (very special) and that He gave you (like everyone ever born) a way and the ability to commune with Him, one-on-one. Therefore, when you come before Him to be judged, you will not be able to blame anyone or any religion (or its beliefs or teachings) for misleading you.

You have the right and a great privilege, from Him, to come directly to Him with all of your questions and for all of their answers. And if you don't understand as well or the same as the next one, that is not important. What is important to Him is where your heart is and and that is how you will be judged.

It is imperative that you trust no one, but Him, for your eternal salvation. But because you have sinned, you are separated from Him and until your sin is removed you are in a state of darkness and uncertainty, easily led further and further away from Him by any notion or thought that comes to you or through someone else or some religious movement or philosophy that seems right to you.

Don't be fooled or deceived! The only way for you to trust Him is to know Him, and the only way to know Him is to go directly to Him to know that your sins can be removed completely. There is a way, and it is for you, and once taken you will begin to see and understand just how much He loves you and desires to give you all things. You are very important to Him and loved by Him as much as anyone ever born. But, unless you turn to Him, you will be forever separated from Him—and lost through all eternity. There is a way, and it's simple, but it is His way and not yours. How do you know which way is His? You ask Him!

He said, "Ask and you will receive; Seek and you will find; Knock and it will be opened to you." If you believe this, and act on it with the simple faith of a child a whole new life and world will open up to you. It costs you nothing to ask Him, He wants you to try Him and prove Him whether He is real or not; whether He is the living God and not some figment or perversion of man's imagination as proclaimed by most of the world's great religions.

How and why have these great religions come into being? Because man has done everything he can do without doing the one thing he must do, to have his sin removed. There is only one way and that is the way prepared and given to man by the living God (the one who knew mankind would sin and would desperately need a way to be delivered from it).

He said, "Seek and you will find." It is not only important to ask, but to search for Him with all of your being. Never ceasing. He said, "If you misplaced a valuable item would you not search, diligently, for it?" And in another place, He said, "If you search diligently for me with all of your heart you will find me. But if you are not interested in finding me you will be separated from me and lost—forever." He wants very much for you to find Him (for your sake), but He will not force you to do anything. He wants you to be free from any form of bondage or enslavement.

He said, "Knock and it will be opened to you." Be persistent in your quest for the truth, as measured by Him, and all things will be revealed to you.

This you can be certain of, that He is true and faithful to His Word, and He will never leave you or forsake if you call to Him. His door is always open if you go to Him in a humble and contrite spirit, desiring to know Him.

God is a spirit, a most holy spirit, and man if he goes to Him, must go to Him in spirit and in truth.

Certainly God knows whether you are sincere or not. He knows everything about you. He knows every sin and transgression you have ever committed, and they are all tallied against you, waiting to be revealed at your time of judgment unless they are removed (washed away completely) before you die. And they can be, by the way prepared by Him, and only that way.

Not by works, ever, as promoted and practiced by most of the world's religions or by man's sacrifices, no mater how great or good they may be.

"Think about it!" Your eternal salvation depends on it. Think how most of the world's religions have and keep man in bondage by their regimens of good works, service and forms of worship. All in the name of or for the purpose of reconciling man to God and delivering him from his sin.

There are many good things achieved through these efforts, but they can't and will not, ever, in themselves, wash away your sins. They can be another type of bondage that the living God wants man to be free from so that he may freely walk with Him and serve Him.

He loves you, He wants to wash away your sin, but you have to desire Him and go to Him and accept His way, for it to be done.

Submit, and commit yourself to Him, only, and totally, with no reservations; cry out to Him to open your eyes and show you how He, and He alone, paid the price for your sins to be washed away. Time is running out for you. Only you can perform this act, no one else can do it for you. But be assured that if you call to Him, in sincerity, He will hear you for He is the living God.

Be aware, also, that the god you serve may not be the living God, or worse, the religion or its teachings that you are involved in may have so polluted or diluted the message of salvation that you are still in your sin and have never experienced true salvation. But you must find the truth, for your eternal salvation is the price you will pay if you do not! Don't hesitate any longer. Fall to your knees, now, and ask Him to come into your heart and show you the way to salvation before it is too late. His answer may be immediate or it may be given to you over a period of time, but never stop seeking the truth from Him, for His way is the only way. "Ask; Seek; Knock:" You can trust Him.

And Almighty God, your Heavenly Father, Creator of all things will richly bless you.






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