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Windows Vista (Longhorn) Aready Targeted By Viruses

Well this didn't take long did it?

Windows Vista tool targeted by virus writers

Virus writers have published what are thought to be the first examples of malicious code targeting an expected feature of Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, around a week after the first beta of the next-generation operating system was released.

Five proof-of-concept viruses that target Monad, the next version of Microsoft's command prompt, were included in a recently published virus writing magazine, according to Mikko Hypponen, the director of antivirus research at F-Secure.

Monad is a command line interface and scripting language that is similar to Unix shells such as BASH, but is based on object-oriented programming and the .Net framework. It was initially expected in Vista, but Microsoft hinted a couple of months ago that it may not be ready for initial versions of the Vista client or server. However, Microsoft has confirmed that Monad will be included in Exchange 12, the next version of the company's collaboration server due in the second half of 2006.

The proof-of-concept viruses, along with detailed explanations of how they work, were included in a magazine that was published on the Web over the last week. The viruses' only action is to infect other shell scripts on the host's operating system. They would cause little harm in the wild, but would be relatively easy to modify using the information from the article, said Hypponen in a blog posting on Thursday.

He warned that if Microsoft ships Monad with Vista and it is enabled by default this could lead to an "outbreak of scripting viruses". Microsoft may choose to ship the tool as an add-on or disable it by default to reduce the risk, he added.

5 Viruses in a week.

From the looks of it, the marketing department forgot to tell the programming department that this version was more secure.


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Comments (21)

But they told us (virus-fre... (Below threshold)

But they told us (virus-free Mac users) that hackers don't
write viruses for obscure operating systems.


I bet that there's already ... (Below threshold)

I bet that there's already viruses written for HAL 9000.

Why can't these hackers wri... (Below threshold)

Why can't these hackers write a virus that erases all popups off of servers? Why can't they write a virus that shuts down sites promoting terrorism? I doubt they could find 12 people that would convict them of any crime for doing either. It would be like trying to get a conviction against an arsonist that had burned down the warehouse where the Klan stores it crosses.

Writing a "virus" to attack... (Below threshold)

Writing a "virus" to attack terrorist servers would be extremely easy. I'd bet that tactic is already being employed by various organizations around the world.

If it were me, I'd write a simple script that sucks up all their bandwidth, always attacking from a different IP. Too bad I can't find a list of common terrorist hiding spots on the internet, or I'd do it.

I wonder if there's a few m... (Below threshold)

I wonder if there's a few malicious programmer in Microsoft's legions either writing openings to be exploited by viruses, or integrating "retroviruses" into the code.

I saw a small news item a f... (Below threshold)

I saw a small news item a few days ago to the effect that terrorist-related websites were starting to "disappear", and someone was theorizing that British intelligence operatives were behind it. Wish I'd kept the piece, but I didn't.

A "virus writing magazine"?... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

A "virus writing magazine"?????

...hehe....and Microsoft is... (Below threshold)

...hehe....and Microsoft is planning on releasing a consumer anti-virus product...can you think of a better fox to guard the hen house?

Yes George, its true. The ... (Below threshold)

Yes George, its true. The (almost) virus-free MAC is now (almost) customer-free, being less than 2% of personal computer sales and forced to switch to Intel by the weight of market forces.

No self-respecting virus writer would stoop so low.

But let's not forget that fantastic mouse...

writing a virus for Macs wo... (Below threshold)

writing a virus for Macs would be like making a career of stealing Yugos. I cashed in my profits from Apple stock a week or so ago, the stock turned a few bucks on iPod sales, right after I read the article about the rise in hearing loss from them. I rolled it all over into 4 different hearing aid manufacturers and put it in a trust for my grandchildren. Look out Harvard, here come the little mooses! meese? moosii?

Ever notice that the most r... (Below threshold)

Ever notice that the most rabid anti-Microsoft software types are also passionate leftists? They tend to use Linux variants rather than Apple. Apple users are too stupid to write viruses.

Trust me, the programmers g... (Below threshold)

Trust me, the programmers got the memo on security. They also got the feature request/demand to "make everything scriptable", which is where Monad comes from. Both come from "external" management groups where priority has been set to 'super important must do' on both.

Don't blame the worker bees for this one. It's hard to get *anything* done with 10 different management groups all dictating features.

Disclaimer : I don't work there anymore, maybe my information is stale and it's only 9 groups now.

robert:you perpetuat... (Below threshold)

you perpetuate yet another myth (that the Mac
market share is less than 2% and declining).
Last quarter, the Mac market share is 4.5% in
the U.S. and 2.5% worldwide and continuing to grow.

Apple is the #4 computer manufacturer in the world.
Out of hundreds of PC manufacturers, there are
only two (Dell and HP) which have significantly
larger market shares. Apple even beats IBM
in the desktop computer market.

But thanks for helping the myth to go on. You
don't happen to work for the MSM, do you?

WRONG!Monad is not... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:


Monad is not part of Vista.

"First Vista Virus Discovered? Not Exactly

F-Secure is reporting that it has unearthed five proof-of-concept viruses that target Microsoft's 'Monad' scripting shell. But Monad is not part of Windows Vista."


Why, oh why, did this becom... (Below threshold)

Why, oh why, did this become a PC vs Mac debate? It is like the ultimate debate switch; just mention Windows or Apple and in moments it goes from a trickle to a flood.

To get on topic: Most virus writers seem to have never gotten over their angst filled nihilist teen days where the only way to avoid being a conformist is to conform to a bunch of other anarchists.

Does anyone else remember that absolutely horrid movie Hackers? Talk about living in a fantasy world.

All of us rightwingers who ... (Below threshold)

All of us rightwingers who keep complaining about the left-leaning MSM, oh how so few of us are willing and able to realize that the bias leveled against the GOP is the practically the same of that against Apple.

If it isn't the MegaHertz Myth, then it's the Market Share Myth. Ooh, apple's market share is under 2%??? (i'll even give you the benefit of that uninformed statistic) BFD.

Mercedes Benz - 2.3% market share. Wow, better not buy a brand new Benz lest they go out of business, right?

Packard Bell - at one point, the #1 vendor with a 10.8% market share. How're they doing now? Anybody out there reading this on a packard bell?

Point is: Market Share Myth is pointless. Stop perpetuating the lie.

And as for correlation of my apple-affinity with left-leanings? I guarantee you that I'm more to the Right than some of you will be comfortable knowing.

I'm a Mac guy and not a lef... (Below threshold)

I'm a Mac guy and not a leftist.

Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is a mac guy and I doubt you'd describe him as a leftist.

Why, oh why, did t... (Below threshold)
Why, oh why, did this become a PC vs Mac debate?

Because it's fun?

I mean, it must be fun. Why would so many people beat their heads against a brick wall trying to get other people to change religions if it weren't fun?

Yeah, it must be one doozy ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, it must be one doozy of a fun-time activity.

I was walking down the stre... (Below threshold)

I was walking down the street one day and came across a child, perhaps ten years old, banging his head against a brick wall.

Appalled, I walked over and stopped him, then asked him "Don't you know you could hurt yourself? Why would you do this?"

He replied " 'cause it feels so good when I stop."

NONE OF YOU FUCK'N BASTARDS... (Below threshold)








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