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For a Minute There, I Almost Felt Guilty

I had a miniature crisis of conscious today. I was clicking around the Blogosphere when I saw this post over at OTB...

Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary, Dies at 59
Posted by James Joyner at 15:20

Robin Cooke, a longtime British Labour minister who resigned from the Blair Cabinet in protest over the Iraq War, died today at the age of 59.

When I first read it, I typed the first line of my comment then I stopped and really considered what I was saying. So I put a slight disclaimer.

And the moonbats mention Karl Rove in 4... 3... 2... 1...

Sorry that was crass. If only it weren't so true.

Some may not believe it, but I genuinely felt bad that I would say that. Certainly they weren't that bad were they? I was being an idiot. I surfed around and then I could take it no more... I went to DU to see if they were really as freakish as I thought or whether I was out of line. I found the relevant post in the breaking news area. So I scanned the comments...

Here are some of the subjects and the replies. And it starts with the very first post:

4 shots back of the head=suicide?
Cheney got another one!

I'm not one for tinhat conspiracies but...this is way too suspicious.

Sadly, this is the first thing I thought of when I heard it

I sure hope they do an autopsy, and that the investigators have their backs well covered.

How very eloquent Peace Patriot. My sentiments exactly

I had the same gut reaction...

I hope they do a full autopsy with toxicology and even cultures for organisms

Have neocons developed new high tech, untraceable toxins to murder their enemies? I mean, logically, [editors note... having this person use the word "logically" is a personal affront to thinking people everywhere.]

Dr. David Kelly committed "suicide" and now Robin Cook's heart

I'v got that same sinking feeling... Doesn't add up in my mind [You don't have a mind twit -ED]

sure seem odd that the good guys die after going for a walk!

I was thinking the same [A heart attack after physical exertion? Never happens -ED]

Amazing how all the people with the balls to stand up against dumbya... wind up pushing up daisies.

You hate to think of foul play...

I don't hate to think of foul play

I started to feel bad... but these people are just bat shit crazy.

Go read the thread. Not a single person calls them down for being whack jobs. And I did not even dig into the other posts with "normal" subjects. There are just the ones where people were flaunting their moonbattery.

Then when these nutburgers lose the next election, they'll blame voter fraud.

Comments (15)

To all of the noted replies... (Below threshold)

To all of the noted replies:

Good grief. Words just fail to describe them. Are you sure this wasn't some sort of collective spoof? I'm afraid I just don't want to waste the time to "research" this.

"Amazing how all the people... (Below threshold)

"Amazing how all the people with the balls to stand up against dumbya... wind up pushing up daisies."

Yeah, cuz we all know that "dumbya's" friends and supporters live forever.

We have the magic elixor! BWAHAHAHAHA

Par for the course for DU. ... (Below threshold)

Par for the course for DU. Check out some of their other "bat shit crazy" posts on the Conservative Underground forums.

And to think that Skinner - DU's head honcho - recently warned people against posting bizarre, unprovable conspiracy theories...

>And to think that Skinner ... (Below threshold)

>And to think that Skinner - DU's head honcho - recently warned people against posting bizarre, unprovable conspiracy theories...


link me, link me, link me.

'they'll blame voter fraud'... (Below threshold)

'they'll blame voter fraud'???

Dude, they'll blame the *&^%$#@ Martians, leftover SS stormtroopers, defective tinfoil, Karl Rove and a fish called Wanda.

Actually it's heartening to... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

Actually it's heartening to see the opposition populated with the seriously mentally ill. There is some danger that this level of paranoia will lead to them actually getting violent. But that would be rare. They will just rant ane rave. And their leaders (can we say Howard Dean) sound just as wacky.
I remember in my youth, that the left had people that made logical, sound arguments. They were wrong. Peddling something that sounded good in theory, but just didn't work in the real world.
But now, their loss of power has driven them over the edge. Their fears and doubts have driven them crazy. They will recruit a few who are just as out of touch with reality as they are, but the majority of people will run from them as they run from all the tin-foil wearing nut cases of history.

uh?????l... (Below threshold)


link me, link me, link me.

Oh, crap. I should've known someone would ask. Give me a few minutes.

Here's the link. It's prim... (Below threshold)

Here's the link. It's primarily about conspiracy theories about the 7/7 London bombings, but it obviously covers other conspiracy theories, too.

A few words about the discussion of the London bombing on DU

Has anyone other than me no... (Below threshold)

Has anyone other than me noticed that when they lose an election they blame anything or anybody, it's never because the have unelectable candidates, have nothing to offer but negativism, no sense and no direction? They have spent a good part of the last two years blaming their own problems on the Rove monster. The keep attributing magical powers to him and keep denying that Kerry and his campaign lost it, it had to be stole. Didn't Kerry have any magic? It's like they believe politics is playing a game of D&D and if you take away the magical powers of your opponent you win.

Kerry having magic. That's ... (Below threshold)

Kerry having magic. That's delusional!

After the David Kelly incid... (Below threshold)

After the David Kelly incident, suspecting foul play is reasonable with the information available.

No report of witness.
Not only heart attack but taking a terrible fall which inflicted serious head and neck injuries.

Here's info on the David Kelly suicide/murder


wavemaker, they certainly b... (Below threshold)

wavemaker, they certainly believe Kerry had a magic hat. They believe he was in two places at the same time more than once if they believe his Cambodia river trip lie. They believe he could make paralyzed people walk again with his stem cell therapy. The believe he had the power to create jobs. They believe he had magical powers to cure himself, how else could he never miss a days duty after life threatening wounds? And most importantly, they believe after over 20 years in working in the senate, where laws are actually made, just not by him, that he could go to the white house and make laws that would benefit them. Yep, they believe he has magical powers. I have to agree with them to a point, he had the ability to convince liberals he could do all that.

thanks Jinx... I'll probabl... (Below threshold)

thanks Jinx... I'll probably post it when I can... busy

Hey observer, read the pape... (Below threshold)

Hey observer, read the paper. The man's wife was with him. Or was she the agent of the right wing cabal?

RE: slickdpdx's post (Augus... (Below threshold)

RE: slickdpdx's post (August 8, 2005 12:16 AM)

...The man's wife was with him. Or was she the agent of the right wing cabal?

No, no, no... X-File, I tell ya'. She/it's an alien with visions of world domination of her/its own. Clearly, Homo sapiens were just delaying the schedule, so collusion with the Rovian VRWC would have been counterproductive. At least that's what was presented in the June '04 VRWC Newsletter when cooperative infiltrators were being recruited.






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