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It's Blogathon 2005!

Once again, it's time for Blogathon 2005, where dedicated bloggers pledge to spend 24 hours blogging for a good cause. Laurence Simon is blogging for the Cat Society of Israel, and looking for support of various kinds.

And to make it more entertaining to watch the already-certifiably-batshit-crazy Lair force himself to blog for 24 hours straight, I thought I'd steal one of his ideas. It's only fair; he's stolen plenty from me.

So, as you're watching Lair's brain rot from staying awake and blogging for 24 hours straight, why not play Is Full Of Crap Blogathon 2005 Bingo?

Just pull up or print out this card, and mark off the squares as Lair hits each topic, person, or theme. (Lair, I'm going to ask you to not look at the card until someone scores Bingo so you don't screw up the game. And no, you're not eligible to win.) And when you get five in a row (the center is free, as he's already dedicated the whole thing to Edloe), you win... well... nothing.

OK, you can go and mock Lair and demand a prize from him.

Nah, that's too much. I'll send the first person to claim the prize a bunch of Cow Hampshire crap.

OK, here are the rules: You have to post a "BINGO!" comment on Lair's site. The "BINGO!" comment MUST be on the posting that scored the Bingo. Then you have to come back here and claim the prize, with links to the four or five pieces of Lair's that gave you Bingo. The first person to do both (by time stamps on the comments) will win.

Oh, what the hell. Let's have a second part to the contest. In the comments here, guess when Bingo will be scored. I'll scrape up something else for a prize for that one.

Naturally, the winner will also have to make a donation to Lair's drive -- whatever you think you can swing. If it makes any difference, the prizes ran me about 20 bucks or so.

I won't require proof, but keep this in mind: if in about a month or so Lair tells me you never contributed but collected your prize anyway, I will be most annoyed AND have your name and address.

All decisions of the judge (yours truly) are final, and I am not above playing favorites and punishing cheaters. I am also quite receptive to bribes, both financial and otherwise.

Update 1: as of 10:30, Lair has filled 9 of 24 squares, and we're one short of a bingo. I think I made this too easy...

Update 2: Meryl Yourish wins the prize. If she declines to claim it, Plum gets it. She also won the "guess the time" prize, but I'm arbitrarily diqualifying her from winning both, so Anne gets that one.

If either of them decline, Plum collects. And if Plum says no, Lair gets them all.


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Comments (16)

Pretty funny. I'm playing.... (Below threshold)

Pretty funny. I'm playing.

Bingo will be scored by 3pm... (Below threshold)

Bingo will be scored by 3pm, Houston time.

No way, Jay! You only get ... (Below threshold)

No way, Jay! You only get to tick off ONE square per post. The way I see it is four "hits" in nine posts (so far).

Anyway, I predict Bingo @ 5... (Below threshold)

Anyway, I predict Bingo @ 5:45 EDT.

I'm predicting bingo by 12:... (Below threshold)

I'm predicting bingo by 12:30 EST.

Of course, Jay, you could make it harder by having us choose only one bingo topic per post, like plum said.

My brain is already rotted.... (Below threshold)

My brain is already rotted.

Damn Starbucks.

BINGO!<a hr... (Below threshold)
I'm guessing 1:06 PM...... (Below threshold)

I'm guessing 1:06 PM...

BINGO!AS: <a href=... (Below threshold) ACCURSED DIAL-UP!!!<p... (Below threshold)


Way to go Meryl (Friend of Cats and Israel)!!!!

Are people claiming here, o... (Below threshold)

Are people claiming here, on my site, via IM, or via email?

Or is this just another of your schemes to melt my brain down?

Darn! Beat by 3 minutes. ... (Below threshold)

Darn! Beat by 3 minutes. =) I should have left the dishes in the sink.

Well, my comment didn't sho... (Below threshold)

Well, my comment didn't show up here with my bingo links. It must be in that great Comment Black Hole.

Congratulations Meryl!

Can't you give plum my priz... (Below threshold)

Can't you give plum my prize for calling the time? And, like, I dunno, we can think of a consolation prize for Anne?

Actually, can I claim my prize in linkage instead of whatever the prize is and you can give away both the prizes I won? (Because, dude, not fair to take my time prize away just because I won both sides of the contest. Then again, the fact that Lair is my bestest blogging buddy does make it seem a bit fishy that I won both prizes. Hm. I should probably stop thinking out loud.)

Wow, I won something. I never win anything.

Seriously, Jay, go give my prizes to plum and Anne, and you and Kevin can owe me some linkage.

I just gave you linkage las... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I just gave you linkage last week! You even made a mini-post out of it!

Sigh... OK, OK, I guess I can't even GIVE New Hampshire crap away. Anne gets the main prize, Plum will get the consolation, Lair any leftovers, and you get a couple of good Wizbangings.

I don't think that came out quite right...


Seems too complicated......... (Below threshold)

Seems too complicated............







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