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Sounds like he's learned his lesson...

Yesterday, a New Hampshire judge heard arguments in the case of illegal aliens charged with violating New Hampshire's criminal trespass law. And the first guy arrested, Jorge Mora Ramirez, is speaking to reporters about his situation.

So far, his attorneys have provided wondefully insightful and profound comments on the case. Unfortunately, those comments have done far more to push the case against Mr. Ramirez than inspire a groundswell of support. One such remark, for example, said that "There is no safe harbor in the entire state where Mr. Mora Ramirez could go to avoid breaking the law."

But now, Mr. Ramirez himself is taking the gun from his lawyers and shooting himself in the foot. In the interview, he discusses when and how he illegally entered the US, discusses how he came here to join his family (which brings up the question of THEIR immigration status), and how he got along as an illegal alien.

And he ends with saying he wishes he'd never set foot in New Hampshire. That's probably the one thing he said that I fully agree with.

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Jay Tea, are you absolutely... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea, are you absolutely sure you wish Mr. Ramirez had never set foot in NH? Think about it. If Ramirez had never come to NH, then the sheriff would never have arrested him for trespassing, thus revealing a clever way for local officials to arrest illegal immigrants and do the feds' job for them. Said sheriff would never have set such an excellent example for local law enforcement agents across the country, thus letting more IEs get away with border-jumping.

Silver, the chief had his p... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Silver, the chief had his plan in place before Ramirez showed up. If it hadn't been him, it would've been the next guy.

On the other hand, he might have just inadvertently outed his whole family as illegal aliens, so there's some potential benefit...


More substantiation and evi... (Below threshold)

More substantiation and evidence that it's not about citizenship for people like this, it's about just doing what they can get away with.

I'm going to write more about this in detail (not just New Hampshire, this one guy but the huge number of millions just like him) in my own site tomorrow, maybe Monday, but after hearing Cabinet Member, Dept. of Labor Ms. Chao (spelled?) earlier today on FOX saying, "the country NEEDS these people, the country WANTS these people, we just have to work out a way they can come here as workers..." (I paraphrased).

I was beside myself when I heard her confirming the Bush Administration's rationalization about illegal immigration and his dreaded "guest worker" plans just in our near future.

Don't get me wrong: I voted for Bush, I'll continue to vote as a Republican but if Bush insists on pushing this concept through and continues to stick up for Tyson Chicken, Ford Motors (and companies like them that employ huge numbers of illegal aliens) and illegal aliens at the expense of us citizens, he is going to accomplish two things: (1.) President Hillary Clinton in 2008 by a margin win; and, (2.) an angry split in the Republican Party. Because, what we need is President Bush (or any President) taking the direct and courageous stand that Prime Minister Blair did yesterday and make bold, courageous statements about who SHOULD be in the country and who SHOULD NOT and isn't going to remain.

And why.

What we seem to have in Bush's personality is someone with loyalties to Mexico and Fox in Mexico and to certain disrespect (O.K., I'm being blunt here) about the average American...because rationalizing cheap labor from anywhere here in the U.S. by willful means because "they do the work that Americans won't do" is the among the most insulting things I've ever heard from anyone in politics about citizens.

A "guest worker" program is going to simply blossom the illegal immigration problem, which has already blossomed by millions the number of illegal aliens in the country since Bush took office, first term, through to now. Just doling out "papers" to illegal immigrants will not stop them arriving, will not stop them crossing the border illegally to birth children such that they grab footage by way of a child, will not stop them proliferating secondary economies and worse, will not stop them turning the United States into Mexico.

I've been to Mexico. It's a terrible place. Unfortunately, many parts of the U.S. now resemble Mexico and illegal immigration is why.

We don't need "more workers" who will be kindly expected to "just go home" after their "papers" are expired (they won't, they'll stay here and they'll bring all their relatives here afterward and they'll trade in unreported incomes and false documents inorder to stay here and...).

Bush seems to be in fairy-tale land about this "guest worker" plan of his. Labor Secretary Chao seemed essentially inept in her Cabinet post in her speech this morning on FOX. It was horrifying to hear what she said. So naive, so completely detrimental to America and those of us who are citizens here.

Border security, enforce immigration laws, among which are that immigrants apply, learn the English language, pass a healthscreening, have proven sponsors in the country with a job lined up prior to arriving here...if not, it sure looks to many of us that the country is now being doled out to anyone who can get here by whatever means (as long as it's from Mexico, apparently) and that they'll find "jobs" by forged documents and salaries that no adult can suppor themselves on, and yet illegal aliens can and will because they bring with them the third world economy that provides them the living conditions and arrangements that allow them to find third world salaries and forged documents and cash payments and forty people in a three bedroom house and.... and...

It's ruining our country, not helping it. What I think we now have are a jumpstarted economy with a burst in employment but it's by third world terms. I'm concerned about this and I really, really do not want Hillary in the White House again. Bush is making it so easy for her, unfortunately, if he keeps up this "guest worker" thing and continues to refuse to enforce border security however possible. He's just not gonna' do it.

Because, the biggest proble... (Below threshold)

Because, the biggest problem with illegal aliens from, particularly, Mexico and South America is that they really do NOT want a United States. They want their countries here IN what USED to be the United States. Just ask any guy on any street in California who is speaking Spanish and he'll yell, "viva la mexico." They do not want citizenship nor mostly respect the country nor immigration requirements. They just want the place, a house here, their families here, money and no white people.






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