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Beaten to the punch

I love dumb criminal stories. I can't resist them. I seek them out, collect them, cherish them, repeat them ad nauseum. Every now and then I'll find one that's fairly local and post about it -- usually with some mockery and derision tossed in that you can't get from a regular newspaper, radio or TV station.

But for once, my original source already snarked all over the morons in question, leaving me with no choice but to either ignore it, or just plug it without comment.

And as I said, I just can't resist a good dumb criminal story.


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Comments (4)

"Dumb criminal" is redundan... (Below threshold)

"Dumb criminal" is redundant, Jay. Otherwise, they'd be doing something else.

May I suggest another categ... (Below threshold)

May I suggest another category beyond thinkers and linkers, it's diggers. The wizbang guys here and LGF have done a lot of digging on the tough stuff. For example "Rathergate".

"Charges of criminal inepti... (Below threshold)

"Charges of criminal ineptitude also are under consideration."

Ooo, nice.

I hate to plug, but I do ha... (Below threshold)

I hate to plug, but I do have to admit that we have the best darned collection of stories about dumb criminals. Check it out for yourself :)






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