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"Itsy bitsy," my butt...

When I wake up in the morning, I do a quick hop around my favorite blogs and see what's going on. Often, I'm trolling for topics, but mainly I'm just looking for a little entertainment.

But what I found this morning... yikes.

I wish I'd have stayed in bed.

I've dealt with bugs before. I once woke up (after sleeping in a really, REALLY bad place) with a cockroach skittering across my chest. I've had big, scary bugs alight on my hands, arms, and head. And I've seen spiders as big as that one before.

But never at my front door, waiting to snare me as I left.

Meryl, I'm glad you live too far away for you to call for help in times like this. 'Cuz as much as I like you, I think I'd say "thanks for thinking of me, but you're on your own" for that one.

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Oh my God - I'd be having n... (Below threshold)

Oh my God - I'd be having nightmares for weeks if I stumbled onto that.

Happened to me last week. ... (Below threshold)

Happened to me last week. Walking back into my house late at night and just happened to glance upwards. Sitting to the left and near the top of the door in the corner was the largest wild tarantula I'd ever seen.

With outspread legs, it was eight inches across and had an abdomem the size of a golf ball. Needless to say, I walked around and went in through the garage. In the morning I carefully relocated it with a rake.

All she would have to do is... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

All she would have to do is put a frame in the doorway with hinges and she would have a screendoor with features.

Didja know?It's es... (Below threshold)

Didja know?

It's estimated that the average person will, in their lifetime, swallow twenty spiders while sleeping.

Fatman, for that comment an... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Fatman, for that comment and that comment alone I am so very, very tempted to ban you.


Man, I'm going to sleep soon... but how the hell can I after THAT thought?







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