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So much for "location, location, location"

This morning's Boston Herald has the story of a Waltham, Massachusetts convenience store that seemed to be doing pretty good business. Unfortunately, it wasn't all scratch tickets and junk food. Police received reports the store was also selling marijuana and cocaine. They watched for a while, investigated a bit, and finally decided they had enough evidence.

At that point the raid team walked out the front door of their police station, ambled across the street, and busted the owners.

That's right. These rocket scientists had set up their drug operation right across the street from the police station.

I know the old saw about "hiding in plain sight" and I've read "The Purloined Letter," but this really has to set a new mark in... I dunno. Does English have a word that combines such chutzpah and stupidity?

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Yes English does have such ... (Below threshold)

Yes English does have such a word, "liberalism". Anyone willing to bet that these criminals DON'T vote democrat?

This is almost as funny as ... (Below threshold)

This is almost as funny as when Austin cops broke up a prostitution ring that was operating out of the "Department of Human Services" agency.

"Chutzpidity."...S... (Below threshold)


...Someone had to do it.

Strictly risk vs reward wit... (Below threshold)

Strictly risk vs reward with this "High Traffic" location.

Within a few hundred yards of the store there is a vocational high school, an elementary school, and an
athletic field.

Not enough profit margin in the donuts.

A man's choice of daily new... (Below threshold)

A man's choice of daily newspaper speaks volumes. I wouldn't wipe your ass with the Herald, Jay Tea. Too many big words in the Globe for you?

I think the explanation can... (Below threshold)

I think the explanation can be found in the products they were selling...and possibly using?

Typical liberal, assumes so... (Below threshold)

Typical liberal, assumes someone wants or needs him to wipe their ass, the exact reason they need a nanny state, they aren't capable of wiping their own.

This is Massachusetts. We... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

This is Massachusetts. Were they busted for selling an illegal substance or for not paying their State Dope Tax?

Maybe the cops were their b... (Below threshold)

Maybe the cops were their best customers?

Pirates of the Caribbean:</... (Below threshold)

Pirates of the Caribbean:

Will Turner: This is either madness... or brilliance.
Jack Sparrow: It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.

"Does English have a word t... (Below threshold)

"Does English have a word that combines such chutzpah and stupidity?"

Two words, actually: Howard Dean.

Chalupa or Chalupid<... (Below threshold)

Chalupa or Chalupid

What IS it with Waltham, Ma... (Below threshold)

What IS it with Waltham, Massachusetts?

Several very intensively bad spammers originate from IPAs from Waltham, Massachsetts' locations, and, also, ongoing hack attempts have, too.

They need a very large bell... (Below threshold)

They need a very large bell jar over the place until they can sort out the bad influences...

Stupzpah... (Below threshold)







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