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War Heroes Week

In Sunday's New York Times Damien Cave asks, "Where Are the War Heroes?"

Chuck Simmins has a long list of heroes, whose underreported stories he'll be featuring all week.


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So, the failure of the medi... (Below threshold)

So, the failure of the media to cover our heroes is the fault of the White House and the Pentagon?

Must be Karl Rove's fault that these people can't get off their butts and do their jobs.

Ahh, yes, the incredible Karl Rove, acting as editor of the New York Times....

What James wrote (^^).... (Below threshold)

What James wrote (^^).

And, sadly to concur, what ... (Below threshold)

And, sadly to concur, what the NYT wrote:

"...there is a celebrity culture that seems skewed more to the victim than to the hero..."

Unfortunately to an even greater degree, the NYT has well defined their readers, and as with the rest of the MSMedia and with our entertainment industry, that's the focus. And, they aren't diverging.

I was watching many of my favorite John Wayne films this past weekend, and, the man as actor really did believe what he enacted as human being, was proud of the opportunities he'd been given. Then I read "Defamer." The contrasts were mind numbing.

Anyone have an RSS/Atom fee... (Below threshold)

Anyone have an RSS/Atom feed for Simmins' site? The usual names don't work. (Tacking /feed onto his site URL gave a cute surprise though.)

Why, yes it does. I'd forgo... (Below threshold)

Why, yes it does. I'd forgotten what I did to celebrate my birthday last year.

No RSS feed. I'm very, very [did I say very?] clueless in this regard.

Someone let me know if the ... (Below threshold)

Someone let me know if the feed is working correctly.

The feed is working here. A... (Below threshold)

The feed is working here. And it's even atom - excellent bonus

James..you crack me up..lik... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

James..you crack me up..like most of us I am sure you had a reletive who fought in WWII...John Wayne did not... If a moral coward like Frances Marion (his not movie name)is your hero it explains a lot...like the article points out another movie star Audie Murphy(sorry for spelling) was...this is not surprising..after all you supported a man who in time of war opted out as a trained pilot in the Air Force to go to grad school over a man who went to Viet Nam...even if you believe swift boat folks..at least Kerry went..too bad "the Duke" died...there could have been a great movie where he rescues Jessica...by the way if "The Duke" was our President at least he would have had the courage to go to Ohio....The real heros are our troops, men and women who each time they go out wonder if an IED will get them...As they come home do you really think they will either drive or be a passanger in a vehicle in the same way they did before going over there? A real hero is someone like Paul Hackett who called Bush a chickenhawk SOB and still said that as his commander-in-chief he would die for him...so the next time you watch the Duke in Sands of Iwo Jima(SP?) google it and see the ten's of thousands of real heros who died there....Francias Marion nor John Wayne will be listed.

John Wayne's original name ... (Below threshold)

John Wayne's original name was Marion Michael Morrison. Francis Marion was a Revolutionary War hero and patriot known as The Swamp Fox.

It's always fun to be lectured about history by someone who doesn't know shinola.

I think the majority of the... (Below threshold)

I think the majority of them are heroes but the media doesn't want to tell us about it. They'd rather downplay the good parts and go over the bad whenever possible, over and over. And the media changed the definition of hero during the Gulf War, the new heroes were smart bombs and weapons, they never got it that there still soldiers on the ground risking and sometimes losing their lives but that doesn't play so well on the nightly news because it doesn't come with a 1 minute video clip, they might have to actually get the story the story rather than just hanging around for a press release. There are still plenty of heroes in uniform right now but we'll never hear the stories of the vast majority of them. For every Lyndie England there are literally thousands of heroes, but they'd rather run thousands of Lyndie England stories than one story than make what the heroes are doing look heroic.

Nogo postal,<p... (Below threshold)

Nogo postal,

I am glad I crack you up. But, first you must make certain that you attack the right person. I did not mention John Wayne, and I am well aware that he did not serve in WWII, perhaps you should read William Manchester about the reception Mr. Wayne got from Marines in the Gilberts at a USO show. It wan't pretty. My cousins were there, and had similar opinions.
Perhaps you should do a bit of research on the safety record of USAF fighters in the 60's. Fully 1/3 of the pilots trained to fly those early jet interceptors were killed or mustered out of service disabled. It was not a career for the faint of heart.
Ohio? What does Ohio have to do with this, oh yeah, a large number of fine Marines form there died. Remember, the WWI recruiting poster: Tell it to the Marines? With a newspaper headline: "Huns Kill Women and Children" Well you just told one. Guess what the Islamofascists Kill women and children too, or perhaps you just don't care, unlike those Marines.
Paul Hackett, by most accounts is a good Marine, with whom I may disagree on policy, but a Marine none the less. Remember when you hide behind him you are hiding behind ALL MARINES, Soldiers Sailors and Airmen, who protect FREEDOM worldwide.
Don't ever forget that.

And finally, read a few history books, you can, we gave you that right through military action, and continue to preserve that right for you today, whether or not you have the courage to appreciate it.

Semper Fi, and God Bless.

James..ah you were right ab... (Below threshold)
nogo postal:

James..ah you were right about the Duke's name and the fact that it was someone else who cited the Duke..I was just riffing off the top of the old noggn' remembered it was Francis..as is often the case what we accuse others of, we what ourselves are violators... I do apologise.. as for Ohio..I just thought it would be an appropite gesture..Semper Fi...as a Navy guy I trained with marines at crypto school in Pensacola..served with them at the embassy in Saigon..talked to them in the bed next to me at Fitzsimmons Hospital whie we awaited our medical dischages..I have nothing but respect for the Corp..my bitch is that Bush bailed while we were at war to go to grad school...probably it is sour grapes cause I got drafted...when I first started going to PTSD at the Denver VA is was mostly Nam with some first Iraq..now it is over flowing as is the pysch ward with troops from this debacle...it is about going through shit again because the government that sends you has a different agenda so they lie...I appreciate your civil response..it lends itself to real dialouge as opposed to an angry exchange of cliches..take care..nogo






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