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Air America Scandal - Eliot Spitzer Raises The Bar

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has extracted $240,000 from New York radio station WQHT Hot 97's parent company, Emmis Communications, for on-air "Smackfest" promotions, in which women slap each other for prizes. The hip-hop station had 24 such contests dating back to April 2004.

Just remember the legal gymnastics pursued by Spitzer assert jurisdiction over the Hot 97 slapping contest - he was investigating potential violations of the states boxing laws - when it comes time for Spitzer to announce the results of his investigation into Air America's financial plundering of the Gloria Wise Girls & Boys Club.


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Comments (8)

I guess we'll see how two w... (Below threshold)

I guess we'll see how two women voluntarily slapping each other stacks up against someone diverting funds from kids and alzheimers victims without their knowledge in the eyes of the law and Spitzer. My guess is that Air America might volunteer to be slapped, lightly, on the wrist, and that Spitzer will find that sufficient.

What a complete waste of pu... (Below threshold)

What a complete waste of public money. So people want to slap each other for cash. Stupid, but no reason for the AG to go after the station. The man is a megolomanic. Should be disbarred for stupidity.

what a spectacle -- the mos... (Below threshold)

what a spectacle -- the most ambitious liberal in New York going after a major metro rap station for "what they do." Where are the First Amendment folks?!?! I'm outraged.

Wavemaker, the whiny Free S... (Below threshold)

Wavemaker, the whiny Free Speechers (note that their interpretation of the First Amendment conveniently overlooks the whole "religion" dealie) were probably caught in one of those Infinite Loops which love snaring computers (or in this case mindless LIbEral Lemming Little Brains) in arguments which are self-contradicting.

Try setting up a circular reference in Excel, and you'll get the same feeling.

sorry none of my analogies or witticisms are hitting the mark right now, but I've had a bit to drink. Goodnight, and fare thee well, Wizbangers!

ps- Don and Mike created this 4-hour on-air slapping contest some 12 years ago. take that, unoriginal urban radio station!
pps- sorry. drunk.

Great post!I'm cur... (Below threshold)
Christopher Meisenzahl:

Great post!

I'm curious to see how it turns out.


So Spitzer is anti-b... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

So Spitzer is anti-bitchslappin'?

Damn! I was hoping that was what he had planned for Franken.

Unfortunately, its difficul... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, its difficult to draw blood from a stone. HOT97 has deep pockets by way of its corporate parents, while Air Enron is so deep in the red, it can't even pay dues in China, where they give it away for free.

Spitzer would have an easier time putting someone behind bars though. However, it would be interesting to see if Spitzer goes after Franken, who, if the reports are correct, knowingly put money into the company after learning of the problems with the charity may have established a fiduciary duty, which was breached by Air Enron.

Will spitzer be a real cham... (Below threshold)

Will spitzer be a real champion of justice as he parades himself to be? Will he investigate air america and possibly prosecute? And...will he shutdown his radio mouthpiece for future political ambitions?

No need to tune in next week folks cuz it's never gonna happen....






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