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Quote Of The Day - Lipstick Lesbian Edition

"I just like a lot of the lesbian sports."
Sharon Stone, talking about her love of fishing, golf, and baseball, which she suggests are the "boring" sports lesbians like.

Later in the short piece she claims, "I can hit an 80-mile-an-hour hardball." If she's got any sort of a glove the she could give Nats shortstop could use her...

[Stone's 'lesbian sports' - The Sun]


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Comments (14)

Huh?... (Below threshold)


OK, so I get the golf thing... (Below threshold)

OK, so I get the golf thing, since 80% of the LPGA are lesbians, but fishing and baseball?

I think Sharon just wanted to say the word "lesbian" a bunch of times to Beci Wood, the reporter. Heh heh. You go girl.

Is that an adam's apple in ... (Below threshold)

Is that an adam's apple in that photo?

Not to change the subject, ... (Below threshold)

Not to change the subject, but anyone here check out Cousin Oliver today?

Marty,Someone forg... (Below threshold)


Someone forgot to pay his bill?

Maybe his loan from the local Boys and Girls club got turned down.

Also OT:Has <a hre... (Below threshold)

Also OT:

Has PETA finally gone (way) too far?

Maybe they misquoted her...... (Below threshold)

Maybe they misquoted her... maybe she actually said "I washit by an 80-mile-an-hour hardball."

And interestingly enough, speaking of lesbians and baseball, I was at a SF Giants game this past Friday night when I made a (typical) lewd comment to my friend seated next to me about girl-on-girl action on the Astrovision screen. I turn back towards the field and oh look! Yay, there are two San Francisco lesbians sitting right in front of me!

But not the hot sorority-girl types in pajamas that most of us Red Americans fantasize about envision. Oh Sweet Jesus no. They weren't even the bull dykey kind. Oh lordy Lordy. They were the big kind. They were my size. This ain't good.

Ended up shutting out the Astros on Jason Schmidt's eight innings of 3-hit ball. Yay for the NL West.

sorry. html hurts my brain... (Below threshold)

sorry. html hurts my brain today for some reason.

"... was hit..."
"... [del]fantasize about[/del] envision..."

Sharon Stone can hit an 80-... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sharon Stone can hit an 80-mph fastball? Hmm, I think she's been juicin' with Jose Canseco lately.

In the back of her mind she... (Below threshold)

In the back of her mind she's got to be thinking: "Lesbians are still chic, right?" Either that or "Notice me!"

"Maybe they misquoted her..... (Below threshold)

"Maybe they misquoted her... maybe she actually said "I washit by an 80-mile-an-hour hardball."

LOL way to go Jimmy.

'"I can hit an 80-mile-an-h... (Below threshold)

'"I can hit an 80-mile-an-hour hardball." '

Sure you can! What nearly 50 year old women couldn't? Try using the cluebat!

She was misquoted, she actu... (Below threshold)

She was misquoted, she actually said, "I can lick the stitches off an 80-mile-an-hour hardball."

Yes, we take serious everything said by a woman who only became famous because she flashed her cooze in a movie.

I smell something coming. ... (Below threshold)

I smell something coming. I think we'll be seeing Sharon gracing the pages of Playboy soon. Or, alternatively, in Swank Magazine ramming a wiffle-ball bat up into her unmentionables. A real attention getter either way....






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