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The 10 Spot - Techy Geekness Edition

Ten technology stories that you may have missed...

  1. The White House is now podcasting. The weekly radio address is being distributed as a podcast. The RSS feed is here.
  2. All Yahoo News stories now have trackback code embedded in them. If you're blogging software sends trackbacks based on autodiscovery someone at Yahoo News is listening. It's unknown what they're doing with the data. Yahoo News Trackback Image (popup)
  3. Movable Type beta testing continues. Template designers will be interested in the unification of template code between Movable Type, Typepad, and Live Journal. That's a lot of potential customers (10 million) to cover with one set of code.
  4. Good news: After years of disrepair, Blogrolling has finally ditched their Top 100 list. Better news: They've replaced it with a functional and frequently updated Hot 500 list. Best news: Wizbang comfortably in at #15 in the Blogrolling - Hot 500
  5. ComScore's blog readership study has generated lot's of buzz, though it's not all positive.
  6. Digital books that implode after 5 months? CNet reportson college E-books that come with expiration dates.
  7. Speaking of CNet, Google's pissed at them for Googling the CEO and printing it. Thankfully they missed Wizbang's earlier look at Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.
  8. Read and write to your Linux partitions in Windows. Ext2 IFS for Windows is a freeware program which mounts your Linux partitions under Windows.
  9. AOL is giving away some of the loot seized from spammers they've beaten in court. There's $20,000 in gold bars, a 2003 Hummer H2, and $75,000 in cash available in a online sweepstakes. No contest link yet...
  10. The newest chant on the net? Free the Kutztown 13!
Feel free to join in with your own items via Trackback. If your blog software doesn't provide that capability, you can use the Wizbang Trackback tool.


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Comments (10)

Books that expire? Great.<... (Below threshold)

Books that expire? Great.

Ever seen Wikibooks?

The idea is to make free open-content textbooks available online. I mean, the textbook publishers come out with new editions of elementary physics books not to improve them, but to make us pay for a new book and not a used one! Subjects like that could easily be taught from on-line, free textbooks.

Looks like Google is becomi... (Below threshold)

Looks like Google is becoming the MSM of the internet. So goes monopolies (or oligopolies).

Did you know that Yahoo bou... (Below threshold)

Did you know that Yahoo bought blo.gs.com? They've sure been busy...

BBEdit, the text editor-of-... (Below threshold)

BBEdit, the text editor-of-choice for many programmers on
the Mac platform, has just been released in a version
that runs natively on Intel-based Macs as well as
PowerPC-based Macs. This is the first commercial
application (that I know of) that does this.

(Intel-based Macs are currently not available to
the general public. Registered developers can get

You have to be a geek to appreciate this but I think
it's pretty darn interesting and another step in the
evolution of the personal computer.

#4 - Good news? WTF... (Below threshold)

#4 - Good news? WTF?

Oliver Willis shows up #82 where something actually cool LGF is not even there - or did I miss it?

IMDB shows up as 169 - oookayyy, and Snopes shows up as 468 and 470.

I suppose that this has something to do with MediaMatters' linking methods, and nothing at all to do with actual sense of the content.

And speaking of geekness, it's also strange that something like Slashdot shows up where Craigslist does not.

I guess that the only thing this tells me is that I need to lay off the drugs - or take more, I forget.

Best news^A... (Below threshold)

Best news^

Agreed, Wizbang might belong a bit higher however in my book. Kudos folks, because I think that you have a good variety of stories here.

The <a href="http://news.ya... (Below threshold)

The smarmy crooked "kids" need to do highway trash removal and mow lawns enough to reimburse everyone involved (that means the community) for expenses involved, along with more work emptying trash cans and such at their schools for two hours M-F, mopping the floors and hallways and polishing the gymn flooring weekly, cleaning the bathrooms, and more.

There's nothing cute or endearing about anyone, young or old, being aware of security standards and yet violating them at will just because. Irresponsible, criminal minds at work, there and suggesting they be "free" and/or even defended is pitiful (not Wizbang, just saying, as to the "Free the Kutztown 13" enthusiasts).

And, the parents of these "13" should be in counselling with anyone who doesn't indulge their tendencies to minimize their irresponsible parenting along with the results they've spawned.

joe...most publishers issue... (Below threshold)

joe...most publishers issue current editions over time because the academic information changes. And, online "texts" are alterable, printed texts not so easily if at all once printed.

I agree that the costs of textbooks is a real problem for many in educational programs, but a better idea might be to issue updated addendums on alternate years for certain substantial texts, something like that.

The wiki process is proven unreliable as to information. Examples: rewriting a wiki-based text to suit answers already written, to accommodate nonsense, etc.

All information internet based is manipulatable, is my point. Texts, when printed as hard copies, at least bear a fixed informational process, for the duration of endorsement/reference used.

They also don't rely on digital access, which is still a very good thing in some considerations.

Re the 'Kutztown 13" story.... (Below threshold)

Re the 'Kutztown 13" story. I for one, think it IS an overreaction to criminally charge these students. Admittedly, they did break the school rules of computer usage and should be punished by the school system but ... I don't understand why the school system believes that criminal charges are appropriate but expulsion to 'alternative school' is not. This seems akin to chronic and willfull uniform violations. (Lord help us, we have a bizarre uniform policy here in our school system and its an endless source of trouble).


PS, the Ext2 mount for Windows is a great upgrade and long overdue. Windows should support all the *nix filesystems IMHO.

What, does Yahoo fancy them... (Below threshold)

What, does Yahoo fancy themselves a blog now??






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