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A Re-Introduction

As you can see Kevin is taking some more time off from Wizbang and has invited myself along with the informative Will Franklin, the erudite Pennywit and the lovely Mary Katharine Ham to post in his absence.

Say Anything is my blog (apparently down at the moment), should you like what I post here and want to see more.

I hope that you do. I certainly enjoy posting here at Wizbang. I can't thank Kevin enough for the opportunity to do so.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.

Comments (4)

Hey! Welcome back again! ... (Below threshold)

Hey! Welcome back again! :)

Yeah, welcome back Rob and ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, welcome back Rob and thanks for redefining erudite for me. I thought it meant something other than senseless liberal twit, I really gotta break out the Funk and Wagnalls and brush up on my English. Seems like every time I learn a new Spansih word I forget and old English one.

Lessee now, Will Franklin i... (Below threshold)

Lessee now, Will Franklin is informative, pennywit is erudite, you are...what...verbose? But Mary Katherine Ham is just "lovely?" Isn't that sexist? :) (I mean if your gonna use what I've heard described as SAT words to describe the guys...)

Ah, the wonderful world of ... (Below threshold)

Ah, the wonderful world of political correctness. Where even compliments can be twisted into insults.






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