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Denial: it's not just a river in Egypt, it flows through all the Arab world

Every now and then, when I need a break from reality, I go and look up what the various Arab governments are saying. And while it's always a variant of the same -- the Jews are responsible for everything bad -- it's always entertaining to see what new twist they'll put on the old story.

From the inestimable Charles Johnson, we have this story about an Egyptian professor who went on Saudi State Television to announce that there was not a shred of Muslim involvement in the 9/11 attacks. You see, all the evidence pointing to Mohammed Atta, Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, and the like was all fabricated by the REAL perpetrators of the atrocity.

And who were these brilliant, sinister, evil people? "I believe a dirty Zionist hand carried out this act."

I suppose those same dirty Zionist hands also arranged for the Palestinians to "spontaneously" burst into cheers and celebrations when it happened, and for Saddam Hussein to order a mural made showing him celebrating the attacks. DARN those diabolical Zionists!

But it's not just the sins of the past that are the fault of the Jews. Meryl Yourish, who reads the Israeli media so we don't have to, discovered this little gem.

It's pretty much a given that as Israel pulls out of Gaza, the withdrawing settlers and soldiers will be fired upon. After all, one can't claim that they "drove the Zionists out of our homeland" if you don't take at least a couple of token shots. But when the inevitable happens, and the inevitable Israeli counterstrike happens, it'll all be the Jews' fault, because those people shooting are really disguised Jews, hoping to trigger the "backlash."

And if the predicted internecine violence erupts, as various Palestinian factions fight for the credit and for control of Gaza, and as old scores that festered, suppressed, under Israeli occupation are finally settled, it won't be Palestinians killing other Palestinians. It'll all be started by those terrible, awful, evil, genocidal, murderous Zionists who have gotten their hands on Palestinian clothing, Palestinian old cars, and Palestinian weapons who will be firing the first shots. Because as we all know, the Palestinians would never do something as reprehensible as killing other Palestinians.

I think the Protest Warriors really captured it. Those 13 million Jews around the world are so amazingly cunning, I'm amazed that they haven't completely wiped out those poor, beleagured, Muslims. But they have whittled them down to a mere 1.1 billion.

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Yeah, and the reason Orthod... (Below threshold)

Yeah, and the reason Orthodox Jews wear those black hats is to hide their horns. They use those horns to gore innocent Palestinian women and children while laughing with glee before proceeding to use their blood to fuel their power plants.

Thanks for using one our Pr... (Below threshold)

Thanks for using one our Protest Warrior signs to make an effective point.

You forgot to add how we sl... (Below threshold)

You forgot to add how we slipped a Jew into al Qaeda and got him to admit that the planes did a much better job than he had hoped for. Usama bin Laden Schwartz.

But I thought it was the 9/... (Below threshold)

But I thought it was the 9/11 Commission who razed the towers-- a full year after inventing the identities of the phantom Islamic hijackers.

Oh, now I get it; the Commission is a dirty zionist hand.

Forgive me, it's difficult to follow all this through the Vicodin.

If the Egyptian professor i... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

If the Egyptian professor is blaming 9/11 on the Zionists, does that mean he thinks it was a bad thing?

...does not compute...

Sounds like they are taking... (Below threshold)

Sounds like they are taking a que from O.J. They should offer a reward for the capture of the real bombers.

it's the famous "Chewbacca ... (Below threshold)

it's the famous "Chewbacca Defense"!...you know, Southpark?...nevermind.

Interesting, if anything go... (Below threshold)

Interesting, if anything goes wrong in the Arab world it’s the Jews fault, if anything in the US goes wrong its Karl Roves fault.

Hmmmmm, you think Karl Rove is really an undercover Masuda agent?






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