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Hasta La Vista, Baby

Nearly three years after my last real vacation, I'm finally taking a real honest to goodness vacation, starting Saturday. Of course there's three kids in tow, so I'm not sure how "refreshed" I'll be upon my return, but any vacation is better than none, right?

Since Jay Tea, Paul and I all enjoyed their presence so much last month, I've invited the same guest crew back for a return engagement - Mary Katharine Ham, Will Franklin, Rob from Say Anything, and Pennywit. They may begin posting at any point, so keep an eye out for them. I'll be here through Friday, but even so I wanted to make a formal announcement that our guest bloggers will be returning.

See you in a few weeks.

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Enjoy!In the inter... (Below threshold)


In the interim:
IAEA drafts report saying it is now really, really, REALLY mad, and says it might "do something" if Iran continues enrichment.

Speaking as a professional ... (Below threshold)

Speaking as a professional vacationer I can say that three years without is terribly long time. You're absolutely right about any vacation being better than none. If you return from the trip refreshed and feeling better you've wasted your time. I've been on vacation since August 15th, 1998 and don't see myself ending it any time soon. I'm too worn out from having a good time. Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your kids. Nobody's last words were ever, "if only I'd spent more time at the office....."

bullwinkle:In case... (Below threshold)


In case I forget, Happy Aniversary!

Thanks fatman. I'll be cele... (Below threshold)

Thanks fatman. I'll be celebrating by deciding what things I'm not going to do in the next year of my vacation. Another 19 years of vacation and I'll be eligible for retirement!






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