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Heads Up!!!

What happens when two Gold Glove outfielders, both in full sprint, lay out to make a diving catch of the same line drive?

If you guessed a frightening face-to-face collision, you'd be right.

New York Mets' Mike Cameron and Carlos Beltran both sprinted toward a sinking liner of the bat of San Diego Padre David Ross, both outfielders watching the ball and diving toward the same spot. They didn't see each other and smashed face-to-face in what Mets and Padres players said was one of the scariest collisions they've ever seen.

Mets outfielder Cliff Floyd describes the scene, "I couldn't go over there, man. Once I saw the blood, I'm not good with blood."

Somehow MLB.com had the full story before it even happened [Note the time on the article was originally 8:05PM - it's since been changed]. Nicholas Stix has more on MLB's psychic reporting.


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Comments (14)

Scary...... (Below threshold)


I have a headache just from... (Below threshold)

I have a headache just from watching that. Damn. Any word on if they are okay?

Wow,Greg, sounds l... (Below threshold)


Greg, sounds like Beltran is Ok. Kinda weird that Cameron was reported with serious injuries before he made it to the hospital. Hopefully, it's just a stupid reporter who cornered a team doc and asked him what he "thought" had happened.

I played catcher through college (four broken noses) and thought that was a relatively dangerous position. Never had a collision like that, though.

Hopefully Cameron can come back from this -- that was an awful collision.

Ouch. Just ouch.... (Below threshold)

Ouch. Just ouch.

Not sure why there's confus... (Below threshold)

Not sure why there's confusion about so-called "psychic" reporting. The game was scheduled to start at 12:35pm, in California. It lasted about 2 and one half hours, ending about
3pm in California, 6pm Eastern time.

Numerous press reports about the collision moved minutes later. So what's the big deal about a story dated 2 hours after the game ends?

Or am I missing something obvious?

Cameron taken off field on ... (Below threshold)

Cameron taken off field on cart after colliding with Beltran
Associated Press Sports
Updated: 6:03 p.m. ET Aug. 11, 2005

SAN DIEGO (AP) - New York Mets right fielder Mike Cameron was driven off the field on a stretcher and taken to a hospital after a diving, head-to-head collision with center fielder Carlos Beltran in Thursday's game against the Padres.

Let's see... Willy T. went ... (Below threshold)

Let's see... Willy T. went 1 for 4 last night in a 6-to-3 win.

Okay, Mets, you can keep him.

Like the Mets don't have en... (Below threshold)

Like the Mets don't have enough problems. Funny Cameron seems to have gotten the worst of it. It looked like Beltran was going to.

OUCH!...OH UGH...AAAAAAAAAA... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

OUCH!...OH UGH...AAAAAAAAAAA AAAA !... That will be kind of pricey for the Mets if something happens to Beltron!...That will really smart! GO ASTROS!...

Maybe the most scary collis... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Maybe the most scary collision I've ever seen in baseball.

After thought:
Just how thankful and relieved was Mets management when its $118 million outfielder finally stood up...

I hope I never have to go i... (Below threshold)

I hope I never have to go into battle with Cliff Floyd.

Was it just me, or did it l... (Below threshold)

Was it just me, or did it look like beltran was wearing earbuds while running for that ball?

In theory, one or both of them should have been calling it, as well as the Second Baseman. And there is a protocol for who gives up if more than 1 player calls for it. But if Beltran couldn't hear...

Kristian:Actually,... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


Actually, it's the centerfielder's ball and call. If he calls for it, the other fielder must and should back off. Next to the catcher, the centerfielder is the most important man on defense. He is the general of the outfielders.

Trouble is, Cameron was the Mets', Mariners' and Reds' centerfielder for years, perhaps he momentarily forgot the rule. Perhaps Beltran said 'I got it' in Spanish. Who knows. Either way, they both, um, 'got it' all right.

Kristian, I can't tell if a... (Below threshold)

Kristian, I can't tell if anyone was calling for it, but the protocol is standard: if the center fielder calls for it, all other players are supposed to defer to him and let him catch it; if any outfielder calls for it, the infielder is supposed to defer; if the shortstop calls for it, all other infielders defer; if the second baseman calls it, the first baseman defers (presumably the third baseman won't be involved in the play). Beltran was the center fielder, so, if he called for it, Cameron should have held up. I can only assume either Cameron didn't hear him or Beltran didn't call for it (in fact, given that both were running flat out, it wouldn't surprise me if neither tried to call for it).






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