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Katherine Harris's Polarizing Figure


We're positive that it wasn't mere coincidence that Rep. Katherine Harris' (R-FL) perky breasts were prominently featured in a 6 minute segment earlier this week on Hannity and Colmes. If you watch the video (available at Crooks and Liars) it's impossible not to notice how prominently her boobs are featured in her profile shot. While a Fox News PA, or the camera person, was probably responsible for making sure the H&C gabfest got Harris's best side, her swaying and chest jutting (whether intentional or not) certainly indicate she knows how to "work it."

The former Florida Secretary of State's assets are hardly a secret. Last year Drudge featured the picture below...

Love her or hate her, Harris is giving new meaning to the term polarizing figure...


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Comments (66)

Argh...surefire giveaway th... (Below threshold)

Argh...surefire giveaway that Harris is posing on that horse: her toes are down, something anyone with any familiarity, much less skill, in equestrianism would ever do.

I watched that FOX appearance and wondered about that posing, given that every time Harris started to turn from the initial struck pose (with breasts featured) she seemed to be responding to some directive and would jerk back into stance. I think she should try to dampen the sexual connotations a tad since it's offputting to many adult females. At least, as to public embraces and kissing and such, which Harris does with a certain suggestiveness that is odd, out of place.

Which is also a lot of why she was wearing so much makeup and for so long...I notice that she's now gotten the message and toned down the eye makeup, which is good if she wants to pursue her role in politics, but she's applying a sorta "Hi, I'm Katherine, Fly Me" quality to her candidacy that I do hope she stops or at least, puts the breakers on.

If only for the reason that it is easily ridiculed.

And next time she gets on a... (Below threshold)

And next time she gets on a horse, she first adjusts her saddle and stirrups to fit.

I am moving to Florida just... (Below threshold)

I am moving to Florida just so I can vote for her !

I guess the adage of "if yo... (Below threshold)

I guess the adage of "if you've got it, flaunt it" does not note true for politics.

Probably the only place.

-S- is correct -- the stirr... (Below threshold)

-S- is correct -- the stirrups are four inches too long -- and she is stickin em out there in the clip.

Gawd, I find her so smarmy and wooden -- so "on message" and insincere. A real professional politican.

...and whoever came up with... (Below threshold)

...and whoever came up with that schlock line about "one woman announcing for the US Senate and another woman landing the shuttle" ought to be gut shot. Ugh!

SHE'S BEAUTIFUL. SHE'S AN I... (Below threshold)


WARNING: The following comm... (Below threshold)

WARNING: The following comment is completely unnecessary, entirely sexist and probably mostly adolescent.

"I'd hit it."

Thank you.

Guys in general like T & A.... (Below threshold)

Guys in general like T & A.

[email protected]</... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

[email protected]


And settle down, JAB.

Who's doing her PR?? I saw ... (Below threshold)

Who's doing her PR?? I saw that interview and thought exactly the same thing - what an odd way to stand for an interview. She came across as extremely fake - looking and sounding more like a beauty pageant contestant than a serious political candidate. It's a shame...

ICallMasICM,Gee do... (Below threshold)


Gee do you think? That is probably the understatement of the year.

Born April '57, making her ... (Below threshold)

Born April '57, making her 48.

Not bad.

She is my Congresswoman and... (Below threshold)

She is my Congresswoman and yes, I'd hit it.

But I'm not going to vote for her in her Senate bid. She's way too easily swayed by populist sentiment, voting in favor of restrictions on speech--particularly films--among other things.

Cute, but vapid.

Just like her photos. It i... (Below threshold)

Just like her photos. It isn't the image that has beeen doctored. Katherine is a flirt and a phony. Did everyone see the "Canoodle" segment from CNN where she comes on to male Rep Congressman during debate on homeland security. Does anyone remember the lies about terrorists in Indiana? Forget about her abuse of power in 2000, she has been an embarrassment since 2002. Her morals are even too low for the likes of Karl Rove, and that's about as low as you can get.

A friend once accidentally bumped into Katherine's chest. They aren't real.

I'd hit it. Not sure I'd vo... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I'd hit it. Not sure I'd vote for it.

If you can touch them they ... (Below threshold)

If you can touch them they are real.

I'd vote for them =-)... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

I'd vote for them =-)

I tought this was a thread ... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

I tought this was a thread about a tight tee shirt contest, sorry. Didn't realize she was a serious candidate

Thank you, John - vapid is ... (Below threshold)

Thank you, John - vapid is the word I've been looking for for days. I can finally rest.

Given how hideous most fema... (Below threshold)

Given how hideous most female members of Congress tend to be, I see nothing wrong with "busting a move". Harris at least doesn't look like a female version of Skeletor:

Katherine gives new meaning... (Below threshold)

Katherine gives new meaning to the term... Front Runner.

'Forget about her abuse of ... (Below threshold)

'Forget about her abuse of power in 2000'

Actually she was about the only one doing her job. Her job was to certify the vote absent of seriuos evidence of fraud or malfunction which is what she did.

Your 'abuse of power in 2000' assertion is about as believable as 'A friend once accidentally bumped into Katherine's chest'.

RE: SR's post (August 11, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: SR's post (August 11, 2005 12:44 PM)

...Did everyone see the "Canoodle" segment from CNN where she comes on to male Rep Congressman during debate on homeland security...

No, but not surprising. Fewer and fewer are watching CNN every day. By the time K. Harris gets reelected as Senator, CNN will be hitting up underprivileged kids and seniors for milk money and TV dinners.

...Her morals are even too low for the likes of Karl Rove, and that's about as low as you can get...

Ahh, had to get Rove in there. So satisfying to see such consistency. Having such a predictable lot makes winning elections that much simpler.

ah Kevin I saw that intervi... (Below threshold)

ah Kevin I saw that interview and didn't notice those boobs once, I think this is more a reflection as to where your brain is and/or the fact I am female, if you have a wife or girlfriend, she needs to give you a slap on the head.......

If you don't like the woman... (Below threshold)

If you don't like the woman, fine, but don't make fun of how she looks. I don't see any of you making fun of Ted Kennedy's tomato-red face when he's ranting, or of his hypocrisy and lies. For a group that claims to be the embodiment of tolerance, I see them hurling a lot of intolerance at anyone they don't like. She did her job in 2000, according to the law, and all I see on the left is a bunch of crybabies who don't like the fact that Gore lost and try to take it out on anyone who had anything to do with it. That was more than four years ago: get over it!

Oh FAGAWDSAKE Roger, will y... (Below threshold)

Oh FAGAWDSAKE Roger, will you relax and have a sense of humor!

Ted Kennedy fat/drunk jokes are passe anyway --- she's one of ours, we're entitled to poke her for fun (aren't we guys!!).

Florida Oyster: de nada. Sh... (Below threshold)

Florida Oyster: de nada. She hot, but she's not
going to win a senate seat.

She does look good. I notic... (Below threshold)

She does look good. I noticed that stance on Fox too. I also thought it looked a bit like a beauty pageant pose. She has a certain airy way about her. Not sure that is bad. I don't know her take on the issues, but then I don't have the opportunity to vote for her either.

Geez, can we lighten up? S... (Below threshold)

Geez, can we lighten up? So she did a publicity shot on a horse, and her stirrups are not adjusted and her toes are not pointed correctly. And she is exploiting her appearance. What a slut!

At least we're not voting on whther to be represented by a PORN STAR.

Well, I didn't do the link ... (Below threshold)

Well, I didn't do the link right. Go here if you're curious:


I trust she will stay abrea... (Below threshold)

I trust she will stay abreast of things in the Senate . She certainly seems to be a handful. Here's hoping she'll wrack up the win in Florida.

Michael...the thing about t... (Below threshold)

Michael...the thing about the non-fitted stirrups and her seat in that saddle is that she's obviously faking. That thing about reality...when you get on a horse, I mean, faking it is a sure giveaway that you are, um, a faker. Faking it, as in, "yeah, my friend wants your number."

That sorta stupid faking. It tends to offput females, mostly, who evaluate other women differently (ahem) than men.

But, I like Harris and I'm a female, just not in the way that most on this thread "like" Harris. Ha.

I was earlier trying to give her a few pointers -- no pun intended -- because if us conservatives can ridicule her so, just wait for the liberal screed. And it'll be about: (1.) her appearance; (2.) her posing; (3.) "she's so false"; (4.) that makeup; (5.) "she's so false..."

Just trying to head them off at the pass, so to speak. Harris ought to not have allowed that photo to be taken of her on that horse so ill-fitted because other people who would never do that notice. It matters.

On the other hand, I'd rather see a posing, obviously staged, Harris on the horse than Hillary Clinton ANY day.

The problem with Harris is ... (Below threshold)

The problem with Harris is not the eyeshadow, the plastic surgery or the posturing. Those are just blue eyeshadow herrings. The problem is that she is a liar and a fake politically and a public embarrassment. She has a history of sleazy campaigning - including guesting at the illegal Delay Texas fundraisers - lying about imagined terrorist cells in Indiana, stalling and delaying and finally blocking the 2000 Fl vote recount, lying about her Congressional opponent, flirting inappropriately on camera.

Why doesn't Rove want her running for the Senate? Could it be because she is incomepetent?

"The problem is that she is... (Below threshold)

"The problem is that she is a liar and a fake politically and a public embarrassment."

In other words, she's a politician! Astonishing!


***Sexist comment but on to... (Below threshold)

***Sexist comment but on topic (apparently).***

I'd hit it (twice!) ...

... but I sure would not vote for her or ever "take her to meet the 'rents".

Hmmm... I wonder if she's got any daughters. ;-)

When a good-lookin, healthy... (Below threshold)

When a good-lookin, healthy babe poses on a Harley, does that mean she is a biker?

I'm a proud lib Democrat re... (Below threshold)

I'm a proud lib Democrat residing in Florida. I'd never vote for that corrupt, phony bimbo for all the money in the world but Lordy would I dig a weekend of bipartisan work with her. Love that beauty paegent runner up gone bad thang she's got going. Plus it's obvious from listening to her that she can get her hands on some serious dope.
Whizbang, indeed!!!

Goodness, what a bunch of s... (Below threshold)

Goodness, what a bunch of sour grapes. I thought it was only jealous fat lesbians who would attack a pretty woman on her looks. It's a pity any conservatives would stoop as low as the usual suspects on the left by attacking Harris in this way. Michelle Malkin said it best.

She is a dolt, why can't yo... (Below threshold)
toothless in Kansas:

She is a dolt, why can't you rednecks see that.

Wow, nice tits!... (Below threshold)

Wow, nice tits!

Hello all. The wo... (Below threshold)
Good Christ!:

Hello all.

The woman is a liar, bottom line. But yowza! Those bazoombas and that there sexy, I've-been-on-speed-or-copious-quantities-of-antidepressants-for-decades-grin sure does turn us America-deploring liberals on. I really dislike what you Republican'ts have become. Actually, I'm lying to amuse myself. You're a bunch of feckless children who insipidly worship a party of genocidal pirates; those who would sooner see you dead than eat from your filthy, middle-class tables. I wish you all the best, but you're headed for the worst at an unprecedented speed, and you're dragging the rest of us down with you. Can the murder of children be the righteous path to our global expression of freedom? Real justice is founded on the idea of clemency, and not revenge. The biblical notion of justice is one of consistent leniency. 'An eye for an eye' means, simply, if one takes your eye, you must never take more than an eye as retribution. This is not to say that an eye must be taken, and only by method of compassion and levelheadedness will we ever be forgiven our sins in the middle east. The blood of countless thousands are on your hands, America. Encirclement and financial ruin may be closer than you suppose. We are no safer, no more free than when we began this idiotic episode in our history, and the fathers of this country would be ashamed to have witnessed these depths of our human folly. I only pray that God will bring real justice to this land, and restore the many incentives of freedom as they were intended, rather than allow the derelict swill of innumerable right-wing alarmists and pinko armchair-pundits to completely erode any sensibility once an ideal of this great nation. You people make me sick to my stomach. Excrementum cerebellum vincit.

She be representin', Dawg!!... (Below threshold)

She be representin', Dawg!!!!!!

Maybe Harris could move ... (Below threshold)

Maybe Harris could move to West Virginia and run against Senator Byrd.

If she did that, anyone who made fun of HER looks would be laughed off the stage.

HAHAHAHAHA These pictures a... (Below threshold)

HAHAHAHAHA These pictures are showing up as blocked on library filters and other firewalls (like for jobs, schools, public kiosks, etc)

Also, a quick google image search comes up with some nice erm, adult, uh, NSFW style alterations....

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?

I wouldn't do her with some... (Below threshold)

I wouldn't do her with someone ELSE'S d***.

This woman had been a use... (Below threshold)

This woman had been a used as a scapegoat by the Liberals for the 2000 race - and tarrred and feathered by Leftists in the press and much worse on the 'Net . This sexist bigotry is amazing !

Karl Rove seems to support her campaign, though not openly . Bush has gotten cold feet .

For better or for worse, she has name recognition .

She has made mistakes, but who hasn't ?

If I was in Fl, I would vote for her in an instant . For those who want to make donations to her campaign: http://www.electharris.org/

Hey People everywhere ok co... (Below threshold)

Hey People everywhere ok comment about Congresswoman Katherine Harris. She is hot and gorgeous and looking fantastic for her age. If you don't like her please don't comment bad things about her I mean noone is perfect. I work with Katherine myself and seriously she is a wonderful,beautiful,down to earth human being. She is as sweet as can be plus she is cute. She will definitely get my vote in November. Who would you rather see Bill Nelson again? Time to give our own Florida girl Katherine a chance... don't you think.

Yes, I do admire this lady... (Below threshold)

Yes, I do admire this lady !

I have been supporting her campaign, getting out the word, since my last posting here, last year !

With faith & dedication, we will advance this remarkable woman to the U.S. Senate,
and the respect she deserves !

Actually... her appearance ... (Below threshold)

Actually... her appearance aside, you're all wrong about her riding abilites, as she's quite an accomplished equestrian (and obviously fit).

I've seen her on horseback on numerous occasions as part of her more 'minor' civic responsibilities.

I am glad you are waychi... (Below threshold)

I am glad you are wayching her figure !
I am !

With her equestrian skills aside- she has to get out there and meet with the people-
talk to them, get them to know her .

She has work to do, reaching independent voters . .

I'd hit it. Seriously. When... (Below threshold)
I'd Hit It:

I'd hit it. Seriously. When she has no makeup on, she is actually pretty hot.

Yes, Congresswoman Katherin... (Below threshold)

Yes, Congresswoman Katherine Harris is a remarkable lady !

I support her completely- if you do so as well, you can contribute to her cause at:


The jeans, boots, and saddl... (Below threshold)
Sam J, Archer FL:

The jeans, boots, and saddle look authentic, but as y'all said, the stirrups are way too long. For riding western style, they should be 2"-3" shorter than her legs, so if she stands up, she's above the saddle seat.

I personally think Katherin... (Below threshold)

I personally think Katherine Harris is gorgeous and so super hot. She is a total babe.VOTE For Katherine in November. It is the best choice.Guaranteeed.

Katherine Harris is so swee... (Below threshold)

Katherine Harris is so sweet and cute. She deserves to be our next Florida senator. Give her a chance and vote for Katherine! You will see the difference she will make. She may not be perfect well none of us are. But she is working very hard to make Florida a better state and a better place to live in. Plus she is soooo HOT!!!!!!!!! We need a hot-looking senator like Kat. Don't we?

I personally think Katherin... (Below threshold)

I personally think Katherine Harris is gorgeous and so super hot. She is a total babe.VOTE For Katherine in November. It is the best choice.Guaranteeed.

Yes, she is a very beautifu... (Below threshold)

Yes, she is a very beautiful mature lady,
and a capable congresswoman !

She'll win the primary, easily . .

November will be tough, she needs all the loyalty she can get from us Conservatives .

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at: www.ElectHarris.com

By the way, her opponent, Senator Nelson has just voted for that pro-Amnesty Cloture measure in the senate .
Its' provsions are not good: we have to consult with Mexico to build a border fence on our side of the border !
Greencards will be issued to 32 million over the next 10 years .

Democrat Bill Nelson voted to affirm this !

Katherine Harris is the be... (Below threshold)

Katherine Harris is the best person running for U.S. Senator as it is right now. Those other perople don't stand a chance. VOTE for wonderful Katherine. It is the best choice you can make. She is really,sweet and gorgeous.

Representative Katherine Ha... (Below threshold)

Representative Katherine Harris is completely opposed to any kind of amnesty for Illegal Aliens,
whether they are from Mexico or get in thru Canada or any other such freaky places !

Go check out KH threads at www.FreeRepublic.com,
keyword: KatherineHarris

As a mother, I respect and ... (Below threshold)

As a mother, I respect and wholeheartedly support a women who is brilliant speaker, charming and strong and stands up for family values, loves children and life and can bring warmth to a room the minute she enters. Way to go to keep yourself in shape, Katherine! I think it is an extra bonus to get someone who can not only support our schools, keep marriage sacred, protect the unborn and our borders and still turn heads--whats the matter with that?

Whay can't we have someone ... (Below threshold)

Whay can't we have someone who can turn a head and be noticed in DC? She has the brains, the looks, the personality and the drive to be Senator...Vote her in and enjoy someone who not only cares about you but about herself too!

- - Mom, Mother-<i... (Below threshold)

- - Mom, Mother-

I no problem with this woman's femininity .

I am her fan and friend and supporter becuse of such - I want he to win the Senate seat !

Katherine Harris is wonderf... (Below threshold)

Katherine Harris is wonderful she even treats me better than my own family memebers. She is even hotter in person. VOTE FOR KATHERINE IN NOVEMBER

I would vote for her, if I ... (Below threshold)

I would vote for her, if I lived in Florida .
She has all my support and my prayers .

This last month before the election will be the most arduous .

ooo, you can make that pict... (Below threshold)

ooo, you can make that picture of her ont he horse bigger. mmm, uhh... excuse I'm going to go pretend I'm her saddle.






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