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Wizbang Gets Results

Wizbang- August 08, 2005

Last week Air America said they could not pay back the near million bucks of public money they purloined because of the on-going investigation. Then the investigators said Air America had full permission to start repaying the money. But there seems to be a stand-off.

I have the simple solution. That's why we have escrow accounts. Let Air America start making payments into an escrow account then when the whole thing is sorted out Gloria Wise can get the money that much faster. Easy Done.

New York Daily News- August 11, 2005

"We're not commenting on anything right now because of the delicate nature of negotiations to get the money back" from Air America, said spokesman Jim Grossman.

The left-wing radio network, which showcases Al Franken, last Friday made a $50,000 repayment on the loan to an escrow account controlled by the station's lawyer.

And astute readers will know just how effective we really were. ;-)


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Comments (14)

I knew you guys were on Air... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I knew you guys were on Air America's payroll.

Can you recommend any stock... (Below threshold)

Can you recommend any stocks?

WBSN Oyster, It's been very... (Below threshold)

WBSN Oyster, It's been very good to me for the last 4 years.


<a href="http://www.thegrea... (Below threshold)

Pick up your very own New York Times Air America Non-Coverage Clock

Still nothing from the chattering classes at the NYTimes. Going on 15 days since the initial story broke and its yet to be mentioned anywhere in the times.

You may have suggested an e... (Below threshold)

You may have suggested an escrow account, but I don't think you had "an escrow account controlled by the station's lawyer" in mind.

Well no AnonymousDrivel I d... (Below threshold)

Well no AnonymousDrivel I didn't.. but then I didn't say "Put the money in an escrow account and quit being weasels" so I guess I can't complain.

Who's the law firm? ... (Below threshold)

Who's the law firm?
Laidbak & Hasselfre?
Naw U C It, Naw U Don't & Co.?
Oh no, time for lawyer jokes!

But joking aside, if it's a firm like the Clintons' Williams & Connelly, look out for the fog.

So does attorney-client pri... (Below threshold)

So does attorney-client privilege reign over the escrow account? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

According to posts on <a hr... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

According to posts on http://www.captainsquartersblog.com/mt/archives/005184.php, they were supposed to use an escrow account controlled by the state, not their own lawyers.

But I'll give you credit for the idea...

Sorry, correction:... (Below threshold)
OC Chuck:

Sorry, correction:

An escrow account requiring the approval of the Dept of Investigations for dispersals.

Actually OC having their la... (Below threshold)

Actually OC having their lawyer do it is routine... I don't fault them for that. Frankly all I care about is that it gets paid....

If some people want criminal charges pressed.. OK that's why in court they call it "The people vs ..." If there were crimes committed then "Book 'em Dano "

As for me (personally) as long as the money gets paid I'm really not that emotionally involved. Perhaps that is short sighted of me though...

My only observation is that at 50K a month it still takes ~2 years for them to see the money again.

Yes of course, this was ent... (Below threshold)

Yes of course, this was entirely in response to the "hard work" by this world-famous wingnut blog... and my wife Morgan Fairchild.

Ahhh, I see melior is back ... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, I see melior is back as well as minnie (see comments for Mary Katherine Ham's article "Specter: NARAL, Cancel Your Ad"). Can joser-rhymes-with-hoser be far behind?

Apparently the City authori... (Below threshold)

Apparently the City authorities don't like their escrow arrangement either:

8/11/05 article:
" 'The [city] Department of Investigation advised Air America to repay $875,000 into an escrow account from which no money can be disbursed without our approval,' DOI spokeswoman Emily Gest told the Post. 'Air America has not followed that recommendation.' "

"In addition to the DOI, New York's Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has also opened a probe into the case."


PS to Paul :) Perhaps your emotional interest in Air America will change a little after reading this: Air America probed after Bush 'gunshots', 4/27/05.






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