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Sex Scandal Teacher Make Plea Bargain


Pamela Rogers, previously featured in this Wizbang contest/story, was looking at some serious time (up to 16 years) for having an affair with a 13-year-old student. Instead she got off with nine months in jail, eight years probation, a media blackout, and a registered sex offender tag.

From The Tennessean:

Pamela Rogers, the Warren County elementary school teacher and coach, admitted guilt today on four counts of sexual battery by an authority figure for having a sexual affair with a 13-year-old star athlete student.

Rogers, 28, was sentenced to 270 days in the Warren County jail and will surrender her state teaching certificate for life. Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley also barred her from granting interviews or profiting from her story during eight years of probation.

Her plea avoids a trial that could have landed Rogers in prison for two to 16 years if she had been found guilty of all 28 counts from her February indictment. It was a no contest plea, which has the same effect as a guilty plea in court and in fact contains an admission of guilt in the document.

The plea also brings some finality to the teacher-student sex affair that rocked this small Middle Tennessee community when it made national headlines in February.


Since she can't grant interviews for eight years, how are we supposed to get an answer to the question, "What the hell were you thinking?"


Update: Looks like we have the answer to that last question... MySpace Page Leads To Rearrest Of Ex-Teacher Pamela Rogers


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Comments (96)

I know what the 13 year old... (Below threshold)

I know what the 13 year old was thinking...

I'd buy that for a dollar.<... (Below threshold)
Chris W.:

I'd buy that for a dollar.

If only I knew then what I ... (Below threshold)

If only I knew then what I know now.

Oh, to be 13 again...... (Below threshold)

Oh, to be 13 again...

mojo,I get what yo... (Below threshold)


I get what you are saying.

But, how is she different from any other child molester?

She deserves to do real time. In a very bad place where women named Bubba "teach" her a few new games.

This sends a very bad message.

I wouldn't want to be the DA in the most current case with the Catholic school teacher.

Will she get off with a special award for excellence for going above and beyond the call in "special" education?

"What the hell were you ... (Below threshold)

"What the hell were you thinking?"


That woman could have whoever she wanted.

Think about her poor husband. He was doing such a poor job keeping her satisfied that she had to turn to inexperienced teenagers.

How come these women are ne... (Below threshold)

How come these women are never with someone like ... oh... me?

Nick,On the other ... (Below threshold)


On the other hand, I went to Catholic schools with teachers named Sister Mary Stoneface and Ms. Zitt (I kid you not).

The horror...

Jeez mesablue, that's almos... (Below threshold)

Jeez mesablue, that's almost as bad as Sister Mary Elephant.

kids today...i swear. they'... (Below threshold)

kids today...i swear. they'll screw anything. including their gym coach. i weep for the future.

Lay off this luscious, dele... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Lay off this luscious, delectable, piece of human flesh...I mean...er..er teacher...yeah..teacher. All she was trying to do was introduce a new course into the cirriculum... "sport f**king." After all, she was a coach.

With all due respect, do an... (Below threshold)
Glen Henderson:

With all due respect, do any of you have children? Do you really think it's appropriate to be making jokes about the RAPE this woman committed? Do you really believe this is just a case of a horny boy and a "hot" teacher? Can women not commit rape? Do you not believe that RAPE IS RAPE, no matter the sex of the rapist and the victim?
What if she were a man, and the 13-year-old were a GIRL? What if it were a teacher in YOUR local school - and the victim were YOUR 13-year-old DAUGHTER? Do you really think this is funny?
I have teenage daughters; this story disgusts me - how someone in a position of authority, a "role model," could take advantage of a child like this.

There's always a double sta... (Below threshold)

There's always a double standard in these cases. Bottom line: This chick is smokin hot, and a bit cuckoo.
My teachers were all dogs. If I had one like her, sure enough every boy in class would have been thinking about hitting it. Most probably would have.

Lighten up, twerp, your und... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Lighten up, twerp, your underwear is on too tight this morning. You had your say, and I respect that.

Here is a clue for y... (Below threshold)
B Moe:

Here is a clue for you parents:


I was tempted to put in a j... (Below threshold)

I was tempted to put in a joke myself, but Glen does have a point. If this were a man who took advantage of a few girls then, no matter how good looking the man might be, I expect that we would be screaming for him to be put in the stocks, then publicly castrated.


People really need to under... (Below threshold)

People really need to understand one fundamental fact of life. Boys are different than Girls.

This girl is so hot she's on fire. I showed her picture to my buddy at work and covered up the captions and asked her who he thought she was, his answer, "Is she some sort of porn star?"

I have four children and my oldest is a girl. She's only 4 and a half but if she were 13 and her coach did this to her, i'd kill him.

But if my 3 year old boy, 1 and a half year old boy, or my newborn boy were 13 and this happened to them, well, I dunno. I'd sit down and have a long talk with them, explain the birds and the bee's and how this lady is emotionally upset and a part of me would be sort of proud of my son.

I might even brag to my friends that my 13 year old boy bagged a smokin hotty.

Of course, my wife would be pissed at me and straighten me out, but there is definately a double standard when it comes to these sorts of things.

Think of it this way, if 13 is so young for a boy, what the heck was John Adams doing going to Russia to represent the United States for at that age?

Penny, that is true but lit... (Below threshold)

Penny, that is true but little boys do not get pregnant. (double standard)? I remember an art teacher back in 1966 who looked much like this woman. The dreams I had about her!!!!!!! I never would have turned her in for "raping" me!

Yeah, I know. If I were 13... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I know. If I were 13 again and had a teacher who looked like that who made herself available to me ... I don't think I would have been too opposed to it, either.


Interesting that almost eve... (Below threshold)

Interesting that almost every man thinks this is no big deal and almost every woman does.

This woman taught that 13 year old about sex. Here's what else she taught him:

-people in authority can use younger people (and possibly others) in their care for sex.

-children are appropriate sexual partners for adults.

-having sex with a person with authority confers certain benefits.

Now ask yourself if you want this boy, ten or twenty years from now:
-coaching your daughter's soccer team.
-teaching your children or grandchildren
-mentoring your daughter at work
-marrying your daughter and adopting your granddaughters.

And what men are teaching this boy by their approval is: having sex with a kid is okay because the kid really likes it. I'm sure in ten or twenty years he'll be telling himself that as he sits in his car outside the playground, waiting for his date.

Baggi hit the nail on the h... (Below threshold)

Baggi hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, like or not, we do live in a world where double standards exists and in a case like this, its highly unlikely that an attractive woman such as this would "rape" an UNWILLING 13 yr old boy with raging hormones whose friends all think the same thing about her and who is probably bursting with excitement that he was singled out amongst the others. Put the shoe on the other foot and you most likely have a man who is the classic pedophile who, even though the girl may be "willing", has some suggestive influence to put himself in a situation where she will succumb to his desires.

Bottom line: At 13, I would have nailed her too!

What if she were a man, ... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

What if she were a man, and the 13-year-old were a GIRL?

This is exactly where it is going to lead. This and men having sex with 13 year old (and younger) boys.

Check list:

1. Damage the family structure and parental authority enough for a generation of women to have no respect for themselves and their bodies. DONE.

2. These women proceed to do unspeakable things, and since they are merely women, men (a generation of whom have also had their self-respect destroyed) do not recognize and in fact revel in the women's perversity. DONE.

3. As time goes on, the lack of stigma for the perversity culminates in its acceptance and eventual legalization. IN PROGRESS.

4. The men, to whom nature has given predatory instincts anyway, proceed to indulge in similar and even worse perversities, no longer restrained by internal morals or external law enforcement. COMING SOON.

Perhaps the problem is the ... (Below threshold)

Perhaps the problem is the word "rape," which many, including me, associate with forcing, often violently, an unwillingb victim. It is a crime of violence, not passion.

The crime this woman committed was seduction and betrayal of trust. It is disgusting for many reasons, but frankly, even as a mother of a 13 year olf boy, I cannot equate with the horror of actual rape, such as the child's being tied up and abused.

Even if the victim in these circumstances were a girl and the criminal a man, I still would not consider it "rape" in the sense I have defined. I teach junior & senior high English, and I have seen 13 year old girls who have all the sexuality of a 21 year old (and I do blame the parents for not exercising more control over their children's choice of clothes & activities that make them so precocious). Again, the real crime is that an adult in a position of trust and authority betrayed that.

Ms. Rogers has rightly lost her teacher license forever and will be identified as a sex offender forever. Regardless of the jail time served, I believe she is adequately punished.

Kevin: "What were you think... (Below threshold)

Kevin: "What were you thinking?"

Pamela: "I can't believe this kid is 13, he's hung like a 15 year old!"

She can go under house arre... (Below threshold)

She can go under house arrest at my house.

Women just shouldn't... (Below threshold)

Women just shouldn't expect men to be fair and reasonable about this case. It's anatomically impossible. Men have two drivers and one driver's seat and it ain't our brain at the steering wheel when we look at this girl's picture.

We all had a teacher in her... (Below threshold)

We all had a teacher in her realm on the smokiness scale in middle school, and we all drooled at the sight of her. We all would dream of....

Just damn.

The people who are taking a... (Below threshold)

The people who are taking about double standards and boys are not like girls are forgetting something. Even if the boy enjoyed it, or even wanted it, he now has a warped sense of what is and is not an appropriate relationship.

Do you really believe he can now have a non-sexual relationship with a girl his own age? My daughter is 11 and I can tell you for a fact that I would not want her going out with this boy.


I can see it from both side... (Below threshold)

I can see it from both sides of the spectrum:

At 13, I wouldn't have turned that down either. The woman is F.I.N.E. and it would've been bragging rights (because a 13 yr old doesn't know what love is yet, he only knows lust).

But now at almost 35 and a parent of three, I can see the other side. If this had happened to my son, I would be upset because I try to teach my kids that sex should be an exclusive thing for two people that are married and truly in love. Even if secretly inside I'm saying, "damn son. You lucky sonofabitch," I would have to do the right thing to teach him right from wrong.

Finally, if this had happened to my daughter, I would blow the man's nuts off with a shotgun, so yes...there is a double standard. At the same time, I would also have to take some of the blame for poor parenting. Kids learn right from wrong from their parents, and they ARE watching!

Another thing: this ... (Below threshold)

Another thing: this girl (and she really is just a girl) is probably the way she is because some man took advantage of her when she was 13. She may never have received attention from a man in her life that wasn't tyring to "bag" her. We should arrest all those men that treated her that way and set her free.

Hmm....Interesting... (Below threshold)


Interesting reactions here, especially the slippery slope argument used.

People! Open your eyes and mind for a moment. Do you really think this is a new phenomenon? Do you really think this has not been happening since before recorded time?

One of the major differences in now and when we were younger is, how much easier it is to spread this type of news to the ends of the earth. When we were younger, the only news you ever heard on the TV or Radio, were major headline stories. This type of small town occurence was relegated to the local newspaper or radio station and rarely made it past that boundary. So this is nothing new, just easier to hear about.

Does that make it right? No, but saying this is contributing to the decline in the morals of the nation is just speaking with blinders on.

Parental responsibility, or the lack there of, is what contributes to the decline in morals, responsibility, compassion, and respect. If more parents were held responsible for the actions of their children, along with the children, this society would benefit greatly. If more parents actually took an interest in what their children were doing, spent time with their children, spoke with their teachers, spoke with their children's friends, and spoke to their children, things would be different.

Instead, many parents treat their children with kid gloves and take a hands off approach to raising them, that is a mistake. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a child dropped off for soccer practice/band practice/whatever, and then the parent drives off leaving the responsibility for the child to the coach/teacher/someone else. What do you expect when this type of thing happens? The coach/teacher/someone is not allowed to discipline the unruly child, so this behavior is tacitly approved, "as long as I am not around, do what you like."

Is the teacher to blame for this? Yes! Did she get off lightly? Yes! Would this be the case if it were a male teacher? No! Is that wrong? Yes! The law should be blind and applied the same for both. Will that ever happen? When pigs sprout wings and fly!

What are your children doing right now? Do you really know?

Even if the boy enjoyed ... (Below threshold)

Even if the boy enjoyed it, or even wanted it, he now has a warped sense of what is and is not an appropriate relationship.

Oh? You mean his folks don't have cable TV?

It just foes to show that f... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

It just foes to show that for women the courts still have a double standard. A man charged with almost 30 dounts of rape and pleabargained down to 4 would have got 5 years, not 0.74. Is it yet time for all of us to be treated equally?

I think the reason that it ... (Below threshold)

I think the reason that it is mostly women who find this so offensive is that they were never 13 year old boys. Right or wrong and regardless of who their parents are there isn't a heterosexual 13 year old male on this planet who wouldn't have jumped at the chance to have sex with this woman. Deep down every man posting here is jealous. Women have no idea what simpletons we really are.

Bon jour PE teacher.<... (Below threshold)

Bon jour PE teacher.

I'd run a mile for her any day.


Does the media blackout inc... (Below threshold)

Does the media blackout include photo spreads?

DavidB wrote:... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

DavidB wrote:
Interesting reactions here, especially the slippery slope argument used.

Yes, because its valid, especially when it is announced.

People! Open your eyes and mind for a moment. Do you really think this is a new phenomenon? Do you really think this has not been happening since before recorded time?

You sure are smart one. Perversity has been going on a long time? Imagine that. That certainly invalidates everything I wrote.

Oh wait, no it doesn't.

It was wrong before and it is wrong now. It just seems strange to me that we're hearing a lot more about this particular perversity - fairly attractive grown women "seducing" barely pubescent boys. Why? Because it titillates males for some reason (see posts above and no doubt below,) which detracts from its heinous nature and gradually eases us as a society into acceptance of "adult-child" sexual relations.

The next thing you know, psychologists will be telling us that "adult-child" sex can be a healthy, wonderful experience for both partners. Oh wait, they already did that eight years ago.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Anything that can be classified as a slippery slope must be a fallacy, because some webpage says so. Damn historical precedent and evidence and all that other stupid stuff.

Does that make it right? No, but saying this is contributing to the decline in the morals of the nation is just speaking with blinders on.

This phenomenon is not a first cause of a first effect, it is an effect of an earlier cause, which will then be an additional cause for other effects. A cascade.

The first cause was an overall degradation of the family and parenthood, as my #1 checkpoint stated. Dysfunctional families and parents have always existed, to be sure, and this is why, as you have stated, these perversities (among other things) have always existed. But these dysfunctions were never supposed to be acceptable. Now, with the proliferation of things like easy marriage and divorce, single parents, and the like, the dysfunctional has practically become the normal.

To accept this is not blindness; on the contrary, to deny this is blindness.

Parental responsibility, or the lack there of, is what contributes to the decline in morals, responsibility, compassion, and respect. If more parents were held responsible for the actions of their children, along with the children, this society would benefit greatly. If more parents actually took an interest in what their children were doing, spent time with their children, spoke with their teachers, spoke with their children's friends, and spoke to their children, things would be different.

Bingo. You know this, and yet you try to argue with the checklist I posted earlier.

Is the teacher to blame for this? Yes! Did she get off lightly? Yes! Would this be the case if it were a male teacher? No! Is that wrong? Yes! The law should be blind and applied the same for both. Will that ever happen? When pigs sprout wings and fly!

So let's not excuse this woman's behavior, and let's not accept this kind of behavior from anyone else. Let's draw a line. A nice, black, thick line. Not only in our external law, but in our internal morality as well. Let us not snicker and say "oo boy she sure is hot i wish i was 13 again," blah blah blah. Let us recognize this for what it is - a perversion.

What are your children doing right now? Do you really know?

Yes. Yes I do. Do you? Or do you even have children?

Any 13 year old male would ... (Below threshold)

Any 13 year old male would not say no to getting a lesson from her... besides, she kinda looks like Traci Lords, doesn't she?

That 13-year old is da Pimp... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

That 13-year old is da Pimp of the Playground now.

I jest. This is so wrong, and there's no justification for it.

He he he . . . .I ... (Below threshold)

He he he . . . .

I took a little longer then anticipated, but you certainly are predictable . . .

Check list:

1. Damage the family structure and parental authority enough for a generation of women to have no respect for themselves and their bodies. DONE.

The view that women have of themselves and their bodies has been fluctuating from poor to down right terrible for generations, plural there Sue. It is not a recent phenom either, just look back at all the crap women have put themselves through to "attract" the male of the species. Does that come from a healthy view of ones self? NOT! It's been that way for ages, so begins your slippery slope.

2. These women proceed to do unspeakable things, and since they are merely women, men (a generation of whom have also had their self-respect destroyed) do not recognize and in fact revel in the women's perversity. DONE.

Again, this has been happening for ages! Ages! Not a recent occurence and thus your slope becomes even more slippery. Your statement regarding men is just a little to general to be supportable. Especially when you consider that more women are in control of news sources today then ever before. So who may be the more perverse?

Damn historical precedent and evidence and all that other stupid stuff.

Except historical precedence has not been established, and you have not provided any evidence to the contrary.

3. As time goes on, the lack of stigma for the perversity culminates in its acceptance and eventual legalization. IN PROGRESS.

And I can point to laws that have been passed to the contrary. Legal age for marriage, legal age for drinking, age of consent and all of that juat made your slope a wall. Not much sticking to it either.

4. The men, to whom nature has given predatory instincts anyway, proceed to indulge in similar and even worse perversities, no longer restrained by internal morals or external law enforcement. COMING SOON.

Predation is not a trait unique to the male of this, and many, species.

Bingo. You know this, and yet you try to argue with the checklist I posted earlier.

Yes, because my statement had nothing to do with your 4 points. The basic morals come from the parents. You say damage to the family structure, yet I have experienced divorced families that are better adjusted then many of the "Nuclear Families" I have experienced. It boils down to how the children are raised and what they are taught by their family, be it a divorced family or a married family. Is it easier in a married family, yes, if the parents are paying attention, but I have seen otherwise, neglectful parents and parents that would rather appease then discipline.

Yes. Yes I do. Do you? Or do you even have children?

Yes, Sue, I do have children. 5 to be exact that range in ages from 22 to 12, boys and girls. I know where the young ones are and what the adult ones are doing, not every moment of the day. I do stay in touch with all of them and we talk on a regular basis. Thanks for asking.

You have here an adult who ... (Below threshold)

You have here an adult who predated sexually upon a minor. Minors do a lot of things that they think are worthwhile -- driving fast, irresponsibly, careening off cliffs on skis/boards, without proper gear (or any gear), use drugs, drink and drink too much, eat a poor diet, eat candy without reason, etc. -- and always have, at least as to irresponsible, unaware often, behaviors.

The point of adult-to-child relationships is to provide both protection and careful example as to instruct how to live after childhood. Anyone who intstructs in violations of that trust is not admirable, even when/if they're wealthy, "beautiful," or any other material greatness compared to lesser adults in any of those realms.

Had this female been (1.) unattractive and/or (2.) a male and behaved similarly, she'd have been in jail right now and should be. As this woman should be also.

This is a situation of smart lawyering but incompetent ethics. The males on this thread making fun of the situation sorta prove the point here, as to some people not thinking this serious issue through beyond the surface.

This woman is obviously a disturbed individual and suggesting she be slept with -- even easily -- by any minor just because she's pleasing to look at is terrible.

Definitely a double standar... (Below threshold)

Definitely a double standard operating here, which is why it's nation-wide news. She's certainly extremely photogenic, which helps to fill a slot in the 24 hour news cycle. Apparently she's been barred from giving interviews or writing a book, so she can't do a Traci Lords afterwards(Now how is THAT legal-"Son of Sam" may be the precedent.)
I can see how any heterosexual 13-115 year old guy would love to have some 'special' coaching from her-yet the law says there's a minimimum age for legally being able to consent to such sessions!!!

So what I've learned thus f... (Below threshold)

So what I've learned thus far through this site is that Conservatives , by and large, okay devient behavior as long as "she is hot". I'm thinking that there are some "hot" 13 and 14 years old girls out there. Some of these "hotties" may be your own little girl. You don't know she's a hottie. She's your little princess. You'd better wise up and quit the jokes. Men shouldn't have a duel system of justice any more so than Blacks should. Some smart lawyer is going to shove it down our collective throats as we guffaw. And the victim may be "Princess"!

She's hot and you can't rap... (Below threshold)
Bob Jones:

She's hot and you can't rape the willing. Is there a double standard? You betcha. If my 13 year old son tagged that, I'd be proud of him, but as someone else posted, the tables reversed and a male PE teacher did that to my 14 year old daughter? He'd better be looking for cover.

Anyway, she's hot. Where were all these hot teachers when I was a kid? Sheesh.

And here's to you, Ms. Roge... (Below threshold)

And here's to you, Ms. Rogers.

Stating the obvious: Damn s... (Below threshold)

Stating the obvious: Damn she's hot! Sigh...

Bikini photos of Ms. Rogers... (Below threshold)

Bikini photos of Ms. Rogers are all over the web. So I think what we have here is a woman who, emotionally, is still a child. I'll bet her early life was filled with crappy male role models. She probably discovered not too long after she hit puberty that she could use her body to get the male attention she craved. Naturally she became a teacher because that profession allows her to hang out with kids who are the same age emotionally.

In addition to the jail time, I think she should be barred from the teaching profession for life.

Bikini photos of Ms. Ro... (Below threshold)
Another Guy:

Bikini photos of Ms. Rogers are all over the web.

Sure, OregonNuse. You got links to back that up?

All those who are saying th... (Below threshold)

All those who are saying that, well, it doesn't matter because the boy was obviously a willing participant; but that if it were a male teacher and the 13-year-old girl (or, in some cases, "my daughter") wanted to it would be wrong - Are the 13-year-old girl's wants and desires any less valid than the 13-year-old boy's? And if so, why?

Bikini photos of Ms. Rog... (Below threshold)

Bikini photos of Ms. Rogers are all over the web.

Sure, OregonNuse. You got links to back that up?

just do a search for her name on google and click the images tab. she's done bikini modeling for several mags.

Ms. Rogers does have... (Below threshold)

Ms. Rogers does have that childlike, pouty, Traci Lords "I've-been-in-way-too-many-porn-flicks" sleaze look. I must say it's not very appealing.

Bob Jones: it's not about ... (Below threshold)

Bob Jones: it's not about morphology but about psychology and personality development.

Your rationalizations about this issue implies that males of any age (including children) are mere pieces of meat without personalities, feelings, development issues. Minor males are also eager to climb ropes and drink themselves into stupors, but it doesn't make it reasonable behavior, nor behavior that won't harm them in their development or later in life because of behavioral damage/defects.

To be blunt here, male sexual arousal in a minor is not the objective in a responsible adult-minor relationship. It is also not much of a challenge to induce that in male minors.

I just noticed the woman's ... (Below threshold)

I just noticed the woman's HAND SIGNAL in that photograph...don't know if anyone else noticed that but it should have been a concern to the judge.

Does the media blackout ... (Below threshold)

Does the media blackout include photo spreads?

Nine months from now we will find out.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

But, I'll still have to look.

What she did was wrong, but in our goofy society she's going to make a million bucks -- and date Brad Pitt when he's done with Angelina and her adopted children.

You bet there's a double st... (Below threshold)
John S.:

You bet there's a double standard. 10 years ago they wouldn't have even filed charges.

For Christ sakes, this warp... (Below threshold)

For Christ sakes, this warped this 13 year olds sense of what a "proper realtionship" is?
Like anyone had "proper relationships" at 13! My friends and I would screw any female that was willing, were we warped? Sure! Almost all 13 year old males are warped. Most men don't learn about "proper relationships" till much later, after their hormones have subsided a bit. Some of you women need to take your blinders off and and see that men are very differant than females. There is a double standard and no matter what the courts decide, that double standard will always exist. It is biological and it is testosterone, an extremely powerful narcotic.

DAMN!!!! i wish i had a tea... (Below threshold)

DAMN!!!! i wish i had a teacher like that, then again compliments to the 13 yr old, wonder what trick he pulled to get her into bed, a bit sad that her life is probabely ruined now. She is a bomb!!

This is completely insane to accuse her and put her in prison, prison is for criminals not for a hero, she should be honoured for giving a young bloke the time of his life.

Typically american hypocritism. How much would it cost to bail her out? :)

Man the double standard! <b... (Below threshold)

Man the double standard!
truth is the little dude is a P I M P
and all of the females hate that Mrs. Rogers is getting some sweet sweet from Superboy while they are at home on their ass watching desperate housewives. Give the bitch a break!!!

thats just the way the world works

Let's face it boys. If a ga... (Below threshold)

Let's face it boys. If a gal like this came after you you would think that she fell out of the sky.

I don't know any of us that would have minded. :)

If it were a man doing this........well, you know the saying: 15 will get you 30!!

If 13 is so young, how come... (Below threshold)

If 13 is so young, how come God (or nature, depending on your belief) made them go into puberty? If sexuality before age 18 (or 21, if you're in Tennessee) is a sin (and rape), why did God or nature make us that way?

I am sorry to tell all of t... (Below threshold)

I am sorry to tell all of the modern feminists, but no you cannot rape either a man or a boy. Look for your power and glory elswhere.

The woman is a slut, not fully matured, but not a rapist.

What you cannot acept is that this is a case of surrender when noone is at the gate.

What the teatcher has done ... (Below threshold)

What the teatcher has done was wrong, but not because of her age, or because she forced the boy into anything. She was her teatcher and she couldn't have done it. She was in a position of trust. I have a son of 13. If his personal trainner(hot or not) did this to him, I would fire the girl, but still wouldn't consider it a crime. She would have betrayed my trust, but I cannot consider a crime to make someone happy.
It is also important to note that sex are not drugs or alcohol - it is something healthy that we must practice to perpetuate human kind. (of course you can became addicted to it, but it is beside the point - you can become addicted to chocolate!).

Awww. I want one.... (Below threshold)
Robert Shaw:

Awww. I want one.

Well, I'm one of the few wo... (Below threshold)

Well, I'm one of the few women who don't consider Pamela Rogers a rapist. You cannot rape a boy, period! (just a question of anatomy) Who says boys cannot fall in love or can't have feelings at that age? And parents, wake up, they ARE already having sex at 14, even if you don't notice it or don't want to accept it, so what's the big deal if they do it with someone older? How can anyone judge anyone without having walked in their shoes anyway, it makes me so mad every time. The real crime in this story is what has been done to these two people by the press, they and their families have been harrassed and dragged in the dirt by journalists. If nobody had found out, the boy would have had a nice memory of it and that's it - instead, it's now a trauma. My husband had his first time at 14 with someone twice his age, it was a real relationship for 2 years and she broke up because she wanted to give him a chance to meet a younger girl. They're still friends, he's still fond of the memory and not damaged in any way!! (Sorry if there are mistakes, I'm writing to you from Germany so English is not my first language)

I'm a man and I had a simil... (Below threshold)

I'm a man and I had a similar experience when I was 14. My 19 yr old female next door neighbor (not quite as attractive as Ms. Rogers, but I thought she was great) introduced me to sex. It was great at the time and my memories of it now are great too. I was a horny teenager after that, but frankly I was a horny teenager before that too. There is NO WAY she should be charged for it...we flirted a lot and one day she gifted me with her body. It was respectful, consentual, and quite nice. It made me feel like the man my body was telling me I was. I don't think I got warped by it...I always thought of it as a special experience.

Don't get me wrong...I don't think adults should go around screwing kids in general. I think it can often be harmful. My point is that in certain circumstances it can be harmless and I'm not sure we should send these folks off to the gallows pole.

This 13 year old guy is so ... (Below threshold)

This 13 year old guy is so lucky

I was 13,14,15 once....and ... (Below threshold)

I was 13,14,15 once....and seduced by women in their 20's, 30's and 40's,...I had a paper route ( yeah I know, that sounds so cliche') at that age I was already 6 feet tall, built like a locomotive with a sex drive to match....trust me....I was never "molested" or "raped" or "prematurely sexualized" by these wonderful housewives. And the sexual expereinces were the most wonderful I have ever had pretty much. I have nothing but positive fond memories when I reflect back on those days so long ago.... not trauma and dark negative psychological residuals that all the pop psycologists swear you'll end up with. What morons.
Thats the perceptive angle from wich I personaly acertain these female sex cases .......so you know....its hard for me to feel threatened in any capacity by their hype and hysteria in the media. I'm simply not burdened with the obvious vulnerabilities of the general public. I see everyones reactions to these female teacher male student cases as humerous and rediculous but maybe, just maybe I need to have more respect for the feelings of others.....not everyone can be me right? Cocky, obnoxious, strong, fearless to a fault, adventurous, free thinker, I have to learn to respect those who are insecure, weak and narrow minded. I'll work on it.
.....as far as the authority figure thing is concerned..... as a child and early teen I had female teachers totaly mind rape me in a non sexual fashion that DID traumatize me to the point of suicide practicaly....a few times....but no one noticed, or cared, or put them in jail over it....why?....because it was non sexual. So therefore I guess it was more ok for a teacher to mind rape a student like I was by several of my psychotic elementary school teachers. But when sex enters the picture....oh hell.....Katie bar the door....everyones colloquial insecurities come into play and suddenly....its now wrong for a female teacher to "abuse" her position of authority, and all hell breaks loose when she exhibits sexual interest in a young stud who, incedentaly, totaly eats it up like freakin' candy. Hey.....if our society is going to protect kids....then go all the way with it for gods sake.....don't just focus in on what offends you most.....and let the rest just slide....see my point here?....the irony is so thick you could choke godzilla....The ONLY reason that these female teacher male student sex cases are getting such hype and attention is because of our male dominated societies fascination with the mysterious, unpredictable nature of female sexuality. If our society was really interested in protecting its young instead of sending them off to the latest war and having them slaughtered on the battlefield , we'd do it..... and we'd do it right....but as a general rule....we are failing miserably.
So as far as these female sex scandal cases are concerned I got three words of advice for everyone to consider.....GET OVER IT.

this woman is SICK, that is... (Below threshold)

this woman is SICK, that is all it is..it has NOTHING to do with being sexualy deprived by her husband or b-f, she has no right to mess with a 13 year old kid, it is not a laughing or joking matter, she deserves to put away for a VERY long time, she has SICK phycological issues that MUST be dealt with
I pray for the victom and his family, and yes I pray for Pamela as well

She's an attractive, tall, ... (Below threshold)

She's an attractive, tall, blonde female. Everyone knows that she can't be held accountable for her actions. She bangs who she wants to bang. She calls back who she wants to call back. She bangs 2, 3 & 4 times who she wants to bang 2, 3 & 4 times. And so it goes.

Get the picture?

DAMN! SHES HOT! I JUST WANN... (Below threshold)


Wow...it beats Rosey Palm a... (Below threshold)
Roger Dodger:

Wow...it beats Rosey Palm and her four sisters pounding the old one-eyed venom spitting copperhead.

In an interview, a government legal correspondent mentioned felt sorry this had to happen... Well the way I look at it, I feel sorry too. I feel sorry for those other 13 year old boys that were standing in line for their turn and they didn't get it. Oh well back to the hand me down playboy...

Roger dodger over and out.

I think she's hot and I wis... (Below threshold)

I think she's hot and I wish there were more teachers like her when I was in school.

I really think that you'... (Below threshold)

I really think that you're all having the wrong debate...

It obvious that if it were a male teacher and a 13 year old girl, we'd be calling to have the teached sent to the gallows. But I think the real issue is that she's so hot. If she were ugly we'd all be saying we should lock her up as well... and Baggi wouldn't be bragging to his friends at work.

The reason we're supporting the double-standard in this case is that we're all hoping to see her pop up in the porn biz somewhere down the line like all sexually repressed Catholic girls (which is where she'll be let's face it) so we can all get a good look at this nasty little sicko.

my prediction... here's the 1-to-3 year plan:
She's in Penthouse within a year of getting out of jail (if she goes back) and then it's gonzo shortly thereafter.

write it down!

I Wiss She Would Do That To... (Below threshold)

I Wiss She Would Do That To Me She Should Be Sent To Two HArd YEars At My Place

Its a shame but in our soci... (Below threshold)

Its a shame but in our society we do have differences (male and female) This is no ones fault but our owns. Until we take responsibility of healing then we will always have so many "problematic people" in our society.

Why is sex continuosly exploited, when people are hurt in so many other ways. As posted before i remember things my teachers did that made me want to stop learning, when i lose self worth, and even kill myself...yet no one cared but then when someone has sex then the "problem" needs to be dealt with and everyone has to know so everyone can cast there judgement. Why not work with ourselves then our relationships so we can see real progress in our world.

The boy probably will be going through some things that we may look at as challenging but I know he will be ok in the end if he simply chooses so. If we really want to look into things and into history if you recall Louis and clark well Clark married Sacagewae (sp) and she was only 13 hes was more then twice her age and does our history books call him a rapist? We create these realities and really to me i find them histerical. We create these bad things and these bad people this is no ones fault but our owns. We can continue to put people away and kill by the death sentence until no one is left but the fact of the matter is that the problem not lay within the other person it resides in ourselves.

I think this is a perfect opportunity to loook at people and figure out how each of us could play a role in healing of course through love. Is there anything you can do to prevent what you call wrong? And if so can you do it with Love? If you can i would stop worrying about everyone else and first deal with ourselves so we may show what is almost invisible to our eyes...that in which is called unconditional love. Love heals all!

I don't see what the big de... (Below threshold)

I don't see what the big deal is...you can't rape the willing and I'm sure that 13 year old was willing...

Excellent points Luce....yo... (Below threshold)

Excellent points Luce....you to Mike.
....anyone interested in the reasons these women go after the young, forbidden sexual partners they are going after like this? I've completed and posted a research thesis at this link...check it out I worked hard to dig up this information and get these answers.

go to moonagewebdrea... (Below threshold)

go to

Some of you need to touch u... (Below threshold)

Some of you need to touch up on your criminal law. There is a difference between rape and statutory rape. Pam Rogers plead guilty to statutory rape.

Look at the word, statutory rape. The term statutory refers to the statute (obviously) that legislature enacted as a matter of public policy to protect precisely children, such as this 13 year old. The law acknowledges there is a difference between being held down and raped and not having the proper level of maturity to make a very adult decision. Unfortunately our society has glorified sex as if it was God's toy to all human beings. For some idiotic reason, we continuously hold up the notion of casual sex, that is, Yes, I said is, contrary to our own inherent moral law. Yes, you need not re-read what I just said. Casual sex, is indeed immoral. I digress...

The law has noted the difference between rape and statutory rape but has made the distinction not because the latter is any less serious, only the effects are not as immediate, or noticeable. Any 13 year old boy who begins having sexual relations at such an early age is destined to treat sex much less seriously in addition to treating women with much less respect. These idea's instilled at an early age are the types of understandings that can drive a child to repeat the acts he remembers from an early age, at a later age. In other words, it is more likely this 13 year old boy will either rape or molest a girl of a younger age when he is older.

Re: "We can continue to put... (Below threshold)

Re: "We can continue to put people away and kill by the death sentence until no one is left but the fact of the matter is that the problem not lay within the other person it resides in ourselves." - Luce

Hate to break it to you, but there are on average 60 deaths per year due to the death penalty...really not very significant.

Don't mistake me, I'm all for the death penalty...if you can find a sane person that committed a crime that would fall within the requirements.

Problem: You won't. Anyone crazy enough to commit such a crime is undoubtedly insane.

Get off your high horse wow... (Below threshold)

Get off your high horse wowzer....you don't impress me with your self-righteousness. So can it. Your just kissing the legal authorities ass....you never probed any deeper than that on the issue here..neither did the self-absorbed self serving corrupt godfathers in washington when they passed this silted law......but I will....hey someone's got to have the pragmatic intelligence to step up to the plate....might-as-well-be me. So listen up.
Interesting comment there Wowzer I'll admit, but it sounded more like it was coming from silicone based artificial intelligence than carbon based reasoning....we americans are a little more colloquial ( that means victorian era anal retentive when it comes to sex, in case your wondering ) than most parts of the world, the only thing american society baisicaly knows what to do with sexuality is either sell it....or suppress it....when we are not busy exploiting it for money....we are busy condemning the very fabric of it. Americans in general understand human sexuality very little, female sexuality least of all, and are very conflicted and confused....and through the media we have sent those messages not only to everyone in general, but to our more impressionable youth as well. As a result we have moral kayoss...and a screwed up value system and proirity list.
We say we are protecting our youth when we brutaly destroy and prosecute women like Pamela Rogers Turner....yet at the same time we allow and encourage a multi-billion dollar porn indusrty here that gets no resistance from the legal system, to proliferate and continue its ease of availability to any child that can press a computer key. I think that it might have something to do with the fact that women are alot easier to kick and bulley around than a billion dollar industry that can fight back and lobby our congress into the ground like the tobacco and pharmacutical industries do. So lone, rather harmless, otherwise innocent women are used as scapegoats instead. I'm not agreeing with what these female teachers do its a little over the top no matter how you slice it....but by the same token picking on and brutalizing these women instead of getting to the core of the problem doesn't impress me either. If our legal system would go after porn with the same aggression,media frenzy and consistency, we'd banish it inside a year. And send the porn industy leaders running for the sewers and dark shadows from where they came, scared shitless. Our government has more than enough power and resources to do that. But then again....they could shut down alot of harmful industries and interests as well couldn't they.
If I had a 13 year old son, who like me was very developed at that age, I'd rather he be exposed to the embrace of a woman in his early manhood instead of the dark specter of pornography and the debilitating sexual habits and perceptions of women that would result and follow. Porn has nothing to do with real human sexual expereinces and dynamics, its actualy a poor sick portrayal of human sexuality and blatant disregard and disrespect of women and their needs. And I'd feel much more comfortable catching him in the arms of a beautiful intelligent woman than mind-fucked by pornographic influences.
But no....we americans continue on our path of ignorance and stupidity of human sexuality and relationships....a 13 year old girl in our warped society qualifies to be a mother, we train people how to flip hamburgers more than we train individuals in sexuality, or how to be husbands and wives, to learn this stuff in this country one must put forth extraordinary initiative and efforts...for we teach none of this stuff in our educational institutions, and what token pittance we do teach, so called sex education, is of such a clinical, robotic, of no practical or applicable value in its nature that it does more to add to the kayoss and confusion that aready exists here than to clear matters up.
So you see ....in a society like ours its no small wonder we have such strange laws governing our sexuality, .....we encourage our youth to have sex freely with one another...hey guess what....its legal....we parade little Britney Spears around on stage at 14 practicaly naked and festering hardcore sexual overtones....hmmm....what was our youth and society in general supposed to do with that little message? I never heard one person complain about that perverted overt exploitation of her back then....everyone thought it was "cute"....really now....well what happened to our obsession to protect our youth there? When there is money to be made or it doesn't threaten our colloquial based insecure warped overcompensentory opinions then I guess that makes it ok.
Sex between female's over 20 and males in the young manhood of their teens is pretty intense stuff.....like crack cocaine.... I would know..... I've expreinced it(both actualy)....its been deemed by our society as taboo....a forbidden pleasure.....and for good reason. A young man of 13 having sex with a woman vs having sex with another girl of 13 is a totaly different expereince and matter. A 13 year old boy having sex with a 13 year old girl is nowhere as intense or strangely exquisite when compared to sex with a woman.....strictly no contest. When your a teenaged boy, sex with a woman is like a drug. And just like a drug, the heightened first time expereince of sex beyond what is normal can sometimes mess with a young man's mind in a negative way should he not have the emotional constitution to deal with such a sudden intense, provocative pleasurable expereince. Most young men in their teens however are not that vulnerable sexualy, And they eat it up like candy, I damn sure wasn't (vulnerable) and I did (eat it like candy)....but then again some are of weaker constitution, and to be sexualized that early would not serve them well mentaly and emotionaly....and thats reason enough to take the moral high ground....even if its just to protect the weaker few. And, like wowzer here, I have to cast my vote in favor of protecting the potentialy weak.
Besides, these activities between women and younger men are having wierd repercussions, have you noticed?...I mean now females over 20 are no longer to be trusted by anyone with teenage boys...its bizzare...but now a reality....it used to be that men were the stinkers who couldn't reliably control their biological urges....now women have been thrown into the same negative reputational cess-pool....oh I'm sure women are just thrilled with that. Thats just another societal pressure they gotta' deal with now.
And teachers....wow....as if they aren't overworked and underpaid enough, now they have to deal with this added burden and carry it....not good....not fair to them. Hell they are some of the most important people in our society and are not paid a fraction of what they are worth or deal with and this is how we thank them....more scandals....more precautions and restrictions against them. Making an impossible job even more so. Its stuff like this that caved the powerful Roman empire of old in. And ours is not far behind if we don't make some changes.
Now the reason why such huge nuclear social reactions are occuring over this case with Pamela and her sexual choices, activities and obsessions with her young lover are multi-faceted. Number one is that everyone is fascinated with why such attractive women .....who incedentaly.....can have any man over 20 they want with no effort....insist on sexual persuit of young men not even old enough to drive yet despite the dangers and obstacals. Its amazing the drive, intiative and desire they display, a display of sexual passion and "damn the torpedoes" that very few men over 20 ever get the honor of enjoying and expereincing from women of her attractiveness. So why?....what is the amazing attraction going on here? Well....that is what everyone would like to know....hence the astronomical attention that the media is giving this subject matter and these female teacher male student sex cases and scandals. If one can explain to our ignorant male dominated society the unpredictable nature of female sexuality in clear concise terms...you'd be an overnight billionare.
I'm not going to make that attempt here....lest I go broke...LOL !!!!.....maybe wowzer can give it a shot....but me...I plead ignorance.
I have been studying Pamela and her other prototypes for some time...and have written a thesis on it...if you'd like to check it out and comment feel free...I've dug up some interesting answers as to why they "do it". And what most women think and feel about the matter....the reality of whats on most modern women's mind's sexualy these days is astonoshing....truly. As you'll see from my expose'.
Wowzer....I'd like you to read it as well. I need someone of your intelligence to give me input on it. Anyone else is welcome as well. Here is the link:
You'll find my Email on the link as well....but feel free to comment in the blog instead. Thanks

that's the best piece of ta... (Below threshold)
vee dub:

that's the best piece of tail he'll ever see... it's sad that it's all downhill from here...

holy damn she is soo hot!!!... (Below threshold)

holy damn she is soo hot!!!i wish i could be the victim!!!...hahhahaha nah just kidding.

I would have said "yes" if ... (Below threshold)

I would have said "yes" if I was in the kid´s place....free willing sex with that teacher.

If my son was taggin that a... (Below threshold)
M M:

If my son was taggin that ass at 15 i'd high five him... =)

I want Pamela Rogger adress... (Below threshold)

I want Pamela Rogger adress.

Wow, this kid had sex with ... (Below threshold)

Wow, this kid had sex with this hot teacher like 8 times. Most fathers would hug there son for such an acompleshment. It's crap that it's rape. The guy bangs the girl, and he was on her in 2 seconds I bet. We all had teachers like that and we all would have bangged the hell outta them and would have done it again to. You can't rape someone 8 times without them not reporting it. Ohhh he wanted it and he enjoyed it.

oh my bad 13-15 times... (Below threshold)

oh my bad 13-15 times

Well Im pretty sure if I wo... (Below threshold)

Well Im pretty sure if I would of had a few teachers like this at my school, I might of stayed there more often.This lady is sooo fucking sexy,I would of boned the shit out of her when I was 13 as well!!!The word " RAPE " is not appropriate in this case,cuz im sure the kid knew whut he was doing,Can I trade him spots?Id love to tap that sweet sexy ass of hers!!!Id bang the hell out fo her like 13 or 14 times a day man!!If I was her ex husband I would of treated her ALOT better so she would of never divorced me, he must of not been able to perform very well in the sack!!!!But at any rate the lady is SUPER SEXY,and ID BANG THE HELL OUT OF HER!! She also deserves to be let free.And whuts the big deal with her using the internet?

Man Im 15 i wished i had th... (Below threshold)

Man Im 15 i wished i had that teacher! man i guess she is just crazy messing with a 13 year old i believe she is just wack in the head that lucky kid had his chance

honestly, every parent shou... (Below threshold)

honestly, every parent should know that their 13 year old kid knws what sex is, and how to f**k someone, so all of you parents just get over it, the 13 year old boy would have run away from the teacher only if he was gay or immature

I think she is hot... (Below threshold)
jon deer:

I think she is hot

red4der basically got it ri... (Below threshold)

red4der basically got it right. I'm 21 now. Back when i was 13, I'd bag a girl so hot like this any time of the day. Afterward, I'd probably go and brag about it to buddies of mine. But if I were smart,.. i'd keep it a secret for it to last longer.

Of course, if sexes were reversed, the sh!t would really fly. I'd personally castrate anyone having sex with, say, my 13 yr old daughter.

that 13 yrs old kids was a... (Below threshold)

that 13 yrs old kids was a dumb ass for telling everyone hehehehehe damn if that was me i keep hitting that shit until i was in collage

Let's face it, she's hot an... (Below threshold)

Let's face it, she's hot and it was consensual. Everyone's playing up the whole "if she was a man and the 13-year old was a girl" scenario but young girls are JUST AS HORNY as guys, if not more so. It really depends on the individual. I don't see why society chooses to ignore this little fact. For example we had a really hot blonde male well-built math teacher at our school and more than half of the girls I knew were constantly vocalizing how much they wanted to screw him. Hell even I wanted to screw him. Admittedly the age group was around fifteen but they were still Females. Also judging whether he was emotionally mature enough to have sex is arbitrary at best. I know twenty year olds who aren't emotionally mature enough to have sex and I know fourteen year olds who are. The real problem is that she was a teacher therefore she had some power over him and that could have lead to something that wasn't consensual. Just like a boss shouldn't enter a relationship with an employee because the opportunity for manipulation is easy to take advantage of. No I don't think she should be allowed to teach anymore but I also wouldn't put her in prison for sixteen years, besides it's way better for him to lose it to some hot teacher than to some nameless girl he ended up in bed with while he was plastered.

Let's just summarise:... (Below threshold)

Let's just summarise:

That teacher at the top is hot.

Any of us blokes here would have railed her, if she was up for it.

Sex with teachers FTW.






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