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What Are You Lookin' At, Sweetie?


I know I'm gonna catch heck (that's right, heck) for this in this boys' club, but I had to post it. It's so Wizbang, only it's for da ladies. Thanks to AP for the photo of Michael Phelps, who is doing an, err, exhibition in Hong Kong. I trust you will all forgive me.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and is really proud she got through this post without using any puns. Almost? Oh, come on, that counts.


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Comments (25)

I remember a guy on my high... (Below threshold)

I remember a guy on my high school swim team that wore regular swim trunks. Streamlining be damned--he wasn't wearing a Speedo!

Try not to have too much fu... (Below threshold)

Try not to have too much fun, MK.

I swam competitively growing up. Until about 15, then the speedo was just a little too ... clingy?

I'll try not to, Giacomo, l... (Below threshold)

I'll try not to, Giacomo, lest I ruin my rep in anti-Speedo conservative crowds.

This dood is seriously hot!... (Below threshold)

This dood is seriously hot! Check out those legs! Thanks for posting this for the ladies. But remember some of us men are enjoing it too :)

hhhmmmm children...mkay...M... (Below threshold)

hhhmmmm children...mkay...Michael is pitching a tent right now...mkay..

OMG, FINALLY! A picture fo... (Below threshold)

OMG, FINALLY! A picture for US, as opposed to the usual T&A over here! You need to sneak in and post them more often, Mary Katharine! muahahahahahaha!

Heck is for people who don'... (Below threshold)

Heck is for people who don't believe in Gosh.

Mmmm, I'll have an order of... (Below threshold)

Mmmm, I'll have an order of Phelps with a side dish of... well, nevermind.

Thanks, MK!

Thank goodness for this gue... (Below threshold)

Thank goodness for this guest-blogging gig you've got here. Hopefully you can get this out of your system. :-) Townhall definately has a no-speedo rule.

Since this thread is bringi... (Below threshold)

Since this thread is bringing out the ladies of Wizbang, thanks to MK, could you all please come over to the next "room" and help me in the latest thread to ween Paul off his beloved trolls? :)

Thanks for the heads-up, Ga... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the heads-up, Garthwaite. I was pretty sure that was the policy, but there was nothing in the employee handbook.

I don't think I welcomed yo... (Below threshold)

I don't think I welcomed you back yet MK. Welcome back, good reading you here again. One observation on that pic, he's not from Texas unless that water is cold.

You go girl... :)A... (Below threshold)

You go girl... :)

Although I might send you something a little more... scenic.

*running away*

Hey, blame this on Beth.

He's got a hat on.... (Below threshold)

He's got a hat on.

Yikes, reminds me of that h... (Below threshold)

Yikes, reminds me of that hilarious scene in Meet the Parents where the poor schmuck gets stuck wearing the speedos. And ahem, speedos are a cultural joke which is why that movie scene and this photo are funny. Chicks don't actually dig them, or do they? Yuk. Bogart in speedos? I need a drink.

Yowzah! I'll take an... (Below threshold)

I'll take an 8 x 10 and a couple of wallet sized prints.

This picture was snapped at... (Below threshold)

This picture was snapped at the exact time that that the girl on the right wishes it hadn't, while she thought she was just trying to get a quick peek, she now realized how he's able to steer so efficiently.

She seems to have be frozen in ... ...'[mad-lib anything here]'.

The other two seem to be moving along quickly, probably giggling...

MK,Thanks! :-)<br ... (Below threshold)


Thanks! :-)

This is the start of a seri... (Below threshold)

This is the start of a series, right?

I think it is payback time.

McCain chicks dig speedos o... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

McCain chicks dig speedos on guys like Phelps, it is when chubby old guys wear them that we all go Ewwwwwww.

caption contest??!... (Below threshold)

caption contest??!

McCain, it is rare that wom... (Below threshold)

McCain, it is rare that women love a man in a Speedo because it is exceedingly rare that a man looks like Michael Phelps does in one. Rare, indeed. Amateurs probably shouldn't try this at home. Just backing up Just Me on that.

Ah, many thanks MK!!!... (Below threshold)

Ah, many thanks MK!!!

I've always enjoyed swim meets and love to see swimmers (some of the best physiques of any sport) and divers in speedos.

Hey, I used to have this poster!!

Maybe we should have a Wizb... (Below threshold)

Maybe we should have a Wizbang Speedo contest!

I do actually train for triathalons, but can't begin to think that I can compare with Mr. Phelps in that picture. I'm 42, but, don't think I look too terrible.

I suggest that we all send in pictures of us in Speedos starting with Jay Tea.

Then Kevin.

Then Paul.

And then Mary Katharine in her finest bathing attire.


Let's give the left something to aim for, we're supposed to be a bunch of stuffy fuddy duddies.

Though in the truest sense of being a gentleman.

Ladies first.

/thread killing post off

No flockin way :-)... (Below threshold)

No flockin way :-)






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