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Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following picture:

Rock on : One-day-old baby Tomas listens to music as a part of an experimental program that uses musical therapy to stimulate communication, adaptation and ease the stress after birth at the first private hospital in eastern Slovakia. (AFP/Joe Klamar)

Winners will be announced Sunday.

Update: Comments closed, winners announced here.


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Comments (77)

Enough Mick Jagger already ... (Below threshold)

Enough Mick Jagger already !!!!!!

Never too young for "talk r... (Below threshold)

Never too young for "talk radio."

"This is Cindy Sheehan, liv... (Below threshold)

"This is Cindy Sheehan, live from Crawfrod Texas. Back to you Wolf in the CNN Studio."

"Yep, tapes of John Kerry's... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"Yep, tapes of John Kerry's speeches, knocks 'em right out everytime."

Air America rolls out its "... (Below threshold)

Air America rolls out its "payback in kind" plan to reimburse the boys and girls of the Bronx.

Hey Franken-return our mone... (Below threshold)

Hey Franken-return our money NOW!

"After weeks of listening f... (Below threshold)

"After weeks of listening for Air America's apology Michelle Malkin was found to have regressed to the maximum mental age of the station's listeners. Dr's say the syndrome, known as Maximum Air America Mental Age Limit (MAAMAL) can be reversed by conservative blogging which is known to activate the logic centers of the brain. She is expected to recover in a day or two."

A young child at the Gloria... (Below threshold)

A young child at the Gloria Wise Day Care Center enjoys "Listener Appreciation Day" on Air America Radio.


Christina Aguilera again? T... (Below threshold)

Christina Aguilera again? This is torture!

Baby listening and singing ... (Below threshold)

Baby listening and singing along..."...I-ahhhh haf become. Comfwrtbly numb."

Not even oversized headphon... (Below threshold)

Not even oversized headphones will help you hear Baby Beethoven.

Howard Dean realized too la... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean realized too late that using his Iowa Caucus speech to teach Howard Dean Jr. the States of the Union was in fact a bad idea.

Air America doubles its aud... (Below threshold)

Air America doubles its audience.

"This sure beats dancing wi... (Below threshold)

"This sure beats dancing with Ally McBeal."

We now know how Dean acquir... (Below threshold)

We now know how Dean acquired the voices in his head.

Pennywit makes his argument... (Below threshold)

Pennywit makes his argument for the nanny state, again, and again....

"<a href="http://imdb.com/t... (Below threshold)
In and exclusive ESPN inter... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

In and exclusive ESPN interview, Terrell Owens gives his typical crybaby response, after being sent home for a week by Andy Reid.

That baby is probably singi... (Below threshold)
Zsa Zsa:

That baby is probably singing to Whitney Houston and most likely sounds alot like her too!...

1) Jamie Gorelick realized ... (Below threshold)

1) Jamie Gorelick realized that she pooped her pants on hearing that the pajamabloggers were on the case.

2) Hi, I'm Al Franken and I'm taking calls at 1-800-Air-Enrn

3) Hey Al! Say hello to my little friend!

Aw crap. Laurence posted already. I should have given up before posting. Do we really stand a chance?

The danger of combining fet... (Below threshold)

The danger of combining fetal dna and an ipod.

I, I’m a simple person, ... (Below threshold)

I, I’m a simple person, you know
I have very small desires in life
Titties ’n beer, you know...

Yeah, tell it, Frank!

No! Stop! That's so embar... (Below threshold)

No! Stop! That's so embarrassing! Mommy, stop!

-Celine Dion's baby

New York Times programming ... (Below threshold)

New York Times programming a "future editor"

"There is no Air America Scandal"
"There is no 911 Commission Scandal"
"The definition of "is", is.......

I'm still wet behind the ea... (Below threshold)

I'm still wet behind the ears and this isn't helping any! This must be a Democrat's idea.

Oh God!!!!! Do I have liste... (Below threshold)

Oh God!!!!! Do I have listen to Britany Spears again?

Mick Jagger: "Damn it Rich... (Below threshold)

Mick Jagger: "Damn it Richards, do you have to overdose on EVERY drug. I told you that HGH was some powerful shit!!"

Sound from baby: Bwwwwfffff... (Below threshold)

Sound from baby: Bwwwwffffft. Baby: "Now there's a movement that beats this Beethoven stuff everytime."

(Jay, does that qualify as a fart joke?)

(Sung to Limp Bizkit's "Noo... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

(Sung to Limp Bizkit's "Nookie"):

"I did it all for the boobies! Yeah, the boobies!
So you can take that cookie, and stick it in some milk, yeah!
I did it all for the boobies! Yeah, the boobies!"

Whittney Houston recording ... (Below threshold)

Whittney Houston recording her new single.

Air America discovers a mea... (Below threshold)

Air America discovers a means to attract listeners by focusing on the "unable to remove the headphones" demographic.

Ooo-OOO-oooohhhh, baby, ... (Below threshold)

Ooo-OOO-oooohhhh, baby, baby...

NARAL is stunned again when... (Below threshold)

NARAL is stunned again when the test audience for their second anti-Roberts ad reacts with screams and projectile vomiting...

I thought these things were... (Below threshold)

I thought these things were supposed to come equipped with nipples.

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: ... (Below threshold)

SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: excessive exposure to Air America can cause hair loss, tooth loss, skin rash and cranial shrinkage.

1) "Mammaries may be be ... (Below threshold)

1) "Mammaries may be be beautiful, and yet..."

2) “I have to listen because my mother could not have an abortion.” -- Paraphrasing US Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-Calif) at Pro-Abortion Rally Sunday, April 25

3) Venemous Kate before coming up with the Fang Fund idea.

Jagger, Mick - reincarnatio... (Below threshold)

Jagger, Mick - reincarnation "Better drugs for the second coming!"


"Jea did you fart in my earphones?"


"Just singing in the rai...cut - cut! I just farted. From the top again, 1, 2, 3, Just singing.."

The Liberals have finally f... (Below threshold)

The Liberals have finally found their answer to Rush Limbaugh, Baby Bill will be on the air starting 2025, look out Rush.

Al Franken: "Do you see tha... (Below threshold)

Al Franken: "Do you see that, he's LISTENING! He's listening, dagnabbit! Can we count that... we can count that, right?... Don't tell me no, I'm telling you, call the investors, right now. You tell them. We. Have. A. Listener!"

Frederekia was the fisrt su... (Below threshold)

Frederekia was the fisrt super model to succesfully reach her original birth weight and intelligence.

Howard Dean goes on a liste... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean goes on a listening tour.

Guantanamo torture video re... (Below threshold)

Guantanamo torture video reveals terrorists are forced to listen to country-western music.

Alien abduction photos reve... (Below threshold)

Alien abduction photos reveal that rap music was introduced by interplanetary thugs.

Yes sir, that's my baby.... (Below threshold)

Yes sir, that's my baby... No sir, I don't mean maybe...

Air Enron's last lis... (Below threshold)

Air Enron's last listener decides to call it quits...

Air America Radio introduce... (Below threshold)

Air America Radio introduces their newest broadcaster, who's entire 3-hour program consists of nothing but non-stop crying. Surprisingly, Air America's listeners don't notice any difference between this and Al Franken's and Randi Rhodes' shows.

Another satisfied customer ... (Below threshold)

Another satisfied customer of the Bose Acoustic Canceling headphones.

Knowing the stiff competion... (Below threshold)

Knowing the stiff competion of the popular reality series "American Idol", the parents of baby Thomas, decided that in order to win, Thomas needed a head start to become the 26th American Idol.

(Author's note: Not entierly certain which American Idol it'll be when baby Thomas competes, so I guessed.)

Now Mom changes the music f... (Below threshold)

Now Mom changes the music from Britiany Spears to Barbara Streisand. Can things get any worse?

Hey Mom, it’s time for the ... (Below threshold)

Hey Mom, it’s time for the Mark Levin Show

Franklin Schools, 18 months... (Below threshold)
Big E:

Franklin Schools, 18 months, enjoys one of the miriad fringe benefits of his new status as Michael Jackson's boyfriend as he listens to a track from Michael's upcoming new childrens album "Bedtime with Jacko".

You'd cry to, upon discover... (Below threshold)

You'd cry to, upon discovering that that annoying Britany Spears music wasn't just the womb's Muzak.

Everytime I go to submit an... (Below threshold)

Everytime I go to submit an idea, the best are already taken. Where did you find such freaks! :)

At this moment, somewhere i... (Below threshold)

At this moment, somewhere in the world, Tom Cruise's next wife was just born and is being indoctrinated into Scientology...

"I want an IPod!"... (Below threshold)

"I want an IPod!"

After 17 consecutive hours ... (Below threshold)

After 17 consecutive hours of "Hit Me Baby, One More Time," the infant Timmy only wished that he could hit her again.

Baby Tomas gives an unbiase... (Below threshold)

Baby Tomas gives an unbiased review of The Rolling Stones new single, Sweet Neo-con.

"lulu"... (Below threshold)


Ronco introduces it's new o... (Below threshold)

Ronco introduces it's new one handed "Baby Hauler".

"Keep on-a rockin' me... (Below threshold)

"Keep on-a rockin' me baaaaby..."

Forceps delivery gone bad!<... (Below threshold)

Forceps delivery gone bad!

Oh, Angelina!... (Below threshold)

Oh, Angelina!

"Jeremiah was a bullf... (Below threshold)

"Jeremiah was a bullfwog;

he was a good fwiend of mine!"

"Oh wow! The Stones' NeoCon... (Below threshold)

"Oh wow! The Stones' NeoCon song! Sing it, Gramps!"

"This is Howard Dean to gro... (Below threshold)

"This is Howard Dean to ground control"
"I need some new ideas"
"And I'm floating farther leftward EVERYDAYAY"

"Baby Boses"... (Below threshold)

"Baby Boses"

COME ON FEEL THE NOISE! GIR... (Below threshold)


"You would most certainly b... (Below threshold)

"You would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others — that had no concern for human beings."

Screw Mozart. I want Al Gr... (Below threshold)

Screw Mozart. I want Al Green!

"You're listening to Rash S... (Below threshold)

"You're listening to Rash Slackjaw on WAHH, and now we go live Bob our 'man on the floor' to find out just what's under the couch. Bob..Bob tell us what's under the couch"

Bob:"A cheeto, Rash, an old cheeto, it WAS delicious."

With the mass exodus of rec... (Below threshold)

With the mass exodus of receptive constituents for the Democratic agenda, newborns from desperate liberals are fed doses of DNC talking points and motivational speeches subliminally. Baby Couric, seen here, mimics a Howard Dean classic.

Baby got back!... (Below threshold)

Baby got back!

1) If it's too loud, you'r... (Below threshold)

1) If it's too loud, you're too old...

2) Don't you cry tonight / I still love you, baby

Madonna makes litle babies ... (Below threshold)

Madonna makes litle babies cry

Al Franken dons the headset... (Below threshold)

Al Franken dons the headset once again to plead his victimhood in the Air Enron scandal...

Damn I'm hungry.Wh... (Below threshold)

Damn I'm hungry.

Where's an equipment malfunction when you need one?

Lulled by the calming effec... (Below threshold)

Lulled by the calming effect of the ticking clocks in Pink Floyd's song Time, the proprieters of "Baby, Music, Genius, Nursery" were unprepared for what followed.






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