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A Little Deeper

Have you ever wondered if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more complicated than it appears on the surface? Take a look at this Washington Post Outlook piece, written by Aluf Benn. It seems that in Wadi Ara, which many in Israel wish to trade back to the Palestinians in exchange for land elsewhere, a number of resident Palestinians would rather be Israeli citizens.

Read the whole thing.

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So, apparently, the Palesti... (Below threshold)

So, apparently, the Palestinians don't want to live under a despotic Arab regime. Gee, I wonder why?

While I can't claim to be a... (Below threshold)

While I can't claim to be an expert, I honestly feel that this kind of situation, where Arabs and/or Muslims live in places like Israel, enjoy the benefits of a well-run country and get along well with the rest of society, will be the start of harmony.

What's withdrawing going to do? Pretty much just isolate everyone. It's where the cultures meet and respect builds, where opportunities exist, that lead to contentment and peace.

Let's hope that's what happens eventually. As for what happens next, I'm not so sure...

I find it amazing and repre... (Below threshold)

I find it amazing and reprehensible how the so-called "Palestinians" get a pass on their apartheid policies. Most Americans do not know that the Palestinians require a 100 percent "purification" of the land from Israeli presence - unlike Israel, which is accepting of Arabs within their borders.






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