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Invasion USA?

A while ago, a commenter (and frequent PITA) challenged me on my use of the term "invasion" to describe our illegal alien problem. That got me thinking -- that's a pretty charged term; was it really fair for me to use it?

"Invasion" conjures images of armies of enemy soldiers marching in and taking control, rounding up and/or killing anyone who challenges them, raising their flag, forcing us to adapt to their ways, and in general the sort of thing we saw in the horrible movie "Red Dawn."

But the chances of a classic military invasion of the US pretty much disappeared after 1945. At that point we became a superpower, with the only real threat to us the Soviet Union. And since they fell apart, we have remained the only superpower -- some say "hyperpower" -- and the thought of any nation or group of nations invading us by force and occupying us is laughable.

But that's "Old School" thinking. War is the ultimate Darwinian construct, constantly evolving and adapting to changing times. Flagrant, blatant military power is becoming passe', and the new battlefield is social and economic.

So, with that in mind, does our current illegal alien crisis constitute an invasion? I think it does.

Do we have large groups of foreign nationals crossing the border without permission or documention? Yes.

Do we have portions of the country essentially "occupied" by those who speak a foreign language, to the point where that language has supplanted English for all official business? Yes.

Do we have portions of the country that have, in essence, declared federal laws null and void within their boundaries and chosen to side with the invaders? Yes.

Do we have invaders illegally getting wealth and sending it home, much like the pillaging Vikings? Yes -- just drive through any inner city (I've done this in Manchester, NH and Lawrence, MA) and see how many storefronts offer to send money to any country in Latin America.) And since the collapse of the telegram business, money transfers has become Western Union's bread and butter.

Do the invaders proudly hoist the flags of their native lands? Yes -- again, do the drive-through and count the non-American flags waving proudly from cars.

Do the invaders commit acts of violence against Americans? Yes. Not only do we have the case of Raul Garcia-Gomez, an illegal alien who killed Police Officer Donald Young and fled to Mexico. He's been arrested, but the latest I heard is that he might not be extradited because he might face the death penalty.

But one mustn't use a single example to prove a point. How about MS-13 (Mara Salvatrucha 13), the gang of illegal aliens from Central America? They're rapidly supplanting the Crips, Bloods, and Latin Kings for the reputation as "most dangerous gang."

Is there a nation or nations that are openly threatening us? No. But let's take a look at Mexico. They publish and give away books showing the best ways to illegally enter the United States. They give out "Matricula Consular" IDs to virtually anyone for the asking, conveniently overlooking that the only people who would need such an ID are illegal aliens -- legal immigrants already have some form of ID issued by the United States government.

Do they pose a threat to average Americans? I think they do. In addition to the economic havoc they wreak (hospitals along the southern border are forcing to close down from unpaid bills treating illegal aliens, in order to work they have to commit identity fraud and/or identity theft, they drive down the average salaries of workers, and so on), let's look at one detail: Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps millions (it's impossible to make a truly accurate count) of people enter the United States illegally every day. Could the same techniques that bring people across the borders also be used to bring in drugs? Terrorists? Weapons? Yes, yes, and yes -- and all have been done, and will continue to be done. And, I fear, sooner or later, some really, really big weapon (yes, I'm talking about a WMD here) will make it into the country.

Lord knows there are enough people who've threatened to do so. They have the motive and opportunity -- the only thing they're lacking is the means, and sooner or later they'll get their hands on one and give it a try.

It's a war, folks. Just because the invaders don't wear scary uniforms and no nation or nations is announcing "we will bury you" doesn't make it any less of a threat.


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Comments (20)

It sure is a war. And today... (Below threshold)

It sure is a war. And today's column by "conservative" David Brooks in the New York Times shows just how far we immigration restrictionists have to go to avoid the fate suggested in "The Camp of the Saints" by Jean Raspail (1973).

I consider what Mexico is d... (Below threshold)

I consider what Mexico is doing to be government-sponsored colonization.

And we, like the Indians we displaced, are more than happy to offer maize and peacepipes for the time being, in the form of cheap jobs, labor pickup sites, immigration shelters, etc.

Colonization is the correct... (Below threshold)

Colonization is the correct way to view what is going on.

I have to disagree. Invasi... (Below threshold)

I have to disagree. Invasion has the connotation of violent forced entry into a country by an organized army with some overarching purpose such as Iraq invading Kuwait. I hardly think the concept of invasion in the military sense doesn't exist anymore, so it's unfair to use the intended emotion-evoking meaning of the word "invasion" to describe mainly unorganized foreign nationals coming into our country, possibly committing crimes along the way such as identity theft. Other uses of the term "invasion", such as "the cancer invaded my kidneys causing them to fail", has the connotation of a devastating effect. Just not the same as the way you're using it.

These people have no intention of overthrowing the government or claiming large portions of American soil, they just want to work and send money back home. Not at all the same thing, Jay, my darling. I used to work in restaurants. Lots of illegals. By no means are these folks the same as an army of people wanting to kill us or take over our country in the traditional sense of the term.

You might be able to get away with more circumscribed use of the term "invasion" such as "illegals have invaded our healthcare system in city X" if illegals have caused a collapse of the healthcare system in a certain area like a cancer might cause a kidney to fail.

Jay Tea, seems to be posin... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Jay Tea, seems to be posing the same solution to illegal immigration that he rationalised away on on July 24, in his incendiary and as subsequently been proven, completely inaccurate "If it walks, talks, and quacks like a duck during duck season, it's gonna get shot.(cont.)..
And let's look at those facts:

1) It was the day after the second bombing.

2) The man was wearing a heavy jacket on a hot summer day.

3) The man jumped the turnstiles, violating the law.

4) The man ran from police.

5) The man ran towards a crowded subway car.

...His death was his responsibility entirely."

Now the real version and not the police version, as Jay Tea so willingly accepted. From today's 'The Observer,' "The questions are mounting. Initial claims that de Menezes was targeted because he was wearing a bulky coat, refused to stop when challenged and then vaulted the ticket barriers have all turned out to be false. He was wearing a denim jacket, used a standard Oyster electronic card to get into the station and simply walked towards the platform unchallenged.
It has also been suggested that officers did not identify themselves properly before shooting de Menezes seven times in the head."..

It's a war, folks. Just because the invaders don't wear scary uniforms and no nation or nations is announcing "we will bury you" doesn't make it any less of a threat...

Escalating the rhetoric serves to escalate the threat to our liberties carried out by legal armed public authorities (never very keen to be truthful or responsible) on both sides of the Atlantic. Which threat is the greater to our freedom?

Take every word you wrote, ... (Below threshold)
Fred Z:

Take every word you wrote, switch 'Mexican' for 'German', assume 'we' means 'we Romans' and 'here' means 'the Roman Empire'. The similarities are eerie.

The Germans 'invaded' from time to time, but mostly not. They just came, and came, and came. The Germans themselves call it a "Volkerwanderung", a peoples migration. Will the Latino mass migration be stoppable? Not when every housewife with a Latino gardener or maid, every businessman with a Latino laborer conspires against stopping it.

Was the result good or bad? Would Rome have decayed earlier but for the influx of new blood, new ideas? Is Spanglish the new Italian? Will the USA be better or worse once it amalgamates the Holy American Empire of the States and Provinces? Better, if you do it right, but why are you sniveling about Mexico when you should be planning its takeover?

Expand or die, first Mexico then Canada. 54-40 or bust.

There is a group organized ... (Below threshold)
thomas D:

There is a group organized to return the american southwest to the mexican people
operating in southern California today.

BULLSHIT. Matricula Consula... (Below threshold)

BULLSHIT. Matricula Consular cards are held by many Mexicans, including three sitting in my living room right now. Not a single one of them has even been to the US, they use the cards the only place where they are legally accepted, at the border when they reeneter Mexico from shopping in the US, Belize and Guatemala. Some places may accept them as valid ID in the US but they are not required to. It hardly helps the case of an illegal alien to flash a card that proves he's a citizen of Mexico to a border patrolman. Illegals may use them as ID in the states but nobody in the states if forced to accept it. It's true that consulates issue the cards in offices in the US, every Mexican consulate issues them no matter what country they are in. Just like every American embassy will issue a replacement passport for an American citizen. I agree that illegal immigrants are a big problem and something needs to be done, but adopting the left's tactic of making false claims to support your viewpoint is wrong and does nothing more than distract from the cause of the problem, the US government's failure to enforce the law. In case you didn't know Matricula Consular have been around for more than 100 years, passports sometimes take years t be processed down here and Mexico also has a problem with illegals so they do a better job of checking IDs at the border than the US does.

Bullwinkle, I do not doubt ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Bullwinkle, I do not doubt your word. But my own research (skimpy, I'll admit) pretty much backs up what I said: the Matricula Consular cards are almost exclusively used by illegal aliens within the US.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

To the best of my determination, they do have their legitimate users (and it sounds like you're among three of them), but they are far more often abused than used properly. And may I ask if your guests have alternate, US-issued or -authenticated forms of ID? Ones that can be used for any purpose that the Matricula Consular card is currently good for, beyond re-entering Mexico?

The argument against accepting the MC cards is that anyone here legally has such already-recognized form of ID, be it a passport, visa, or driver's license -- the only people who would need to resort to using an MC card in the US are those lacking the above -- i.e., illegal aliens.

I'm trying not to be snide here, bullwinkle. I am genuinely curious. Your comment provoked me to do my own digging, and it sounds like you have a couple of great sources at your disposal.


None of the three have pass... (Below threshold)

None of the three have passports, and none of them have any reason to have any US ID in any form, we are nearly as far from the US as you can be in Mexico. Like I said, passports can take years to be processed down here, and it's nearly impossible to get one without a MC card. It's intended purpose is more of a temporary passport while the real one is beong processed. Nearly every Mexican down here shops in the Zona Libre in Belize and in Guatemala. Without 2 valid IDs it's nearly impossible to get back across the border into Mexico. If you don't have a passport that leaves a voter registration card and a MC. Only one of the 3 that were here a few minutes ago ever had a birth certificate. That's about average down here. Cars are still rare, driver's licenses are even rarer. And those who don't have a birth certificate need an MC to get a voter ID card. Like I pointed out, handing a border patrolman a MC is like signing a confession, it's proof that you aren't a US citizen, you're a Mexican citizen. It's useless for what some people are claiming it's being used for. A lot more will be done to fix the problem when people start focusing on the problem, it is and always has been the policies of the US government. Nothing Mexico can do short of issuing counterfiet papers saying the bearer is a US citizen will beat out effectively enforced immigration laws on the North side of the Rio Grande. As long as the US remains free and has better living conditions than most places people will want to go there. Where you're at I'd be surprized if you could swing a cat without hitting a Cannuck illegal, you just don't notice them as much, unless they try use the word "about" in a sentence.

bullwinkle, they're getting... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

bullwinkle, they're getting wise to the "aboot" trick. And don't even bring up the "eh" detector -- that stopped working years ago. I find dropping the word "kerfuffle" into a sentence still works -- if you're not Canadian, you tend to give me a funny look.

No, it's Latin American illegal aliens that are the big problem up here in New England. A Massachusetts Immigrant Advocate is on record as publicly stating that about 70% of all Brazilians in Massachusetts are there illegally. A while ago a Brazilian girl crossed the border and within two weeks ran down a cop while driving a car. And a couple of months ago a guy was busted flying illegal aliens from the Southwest to Massachusetts on his own plane -- and he was an illegal alien, too.

Yeah, it's mainly Massachusetts, but we're getting their overflow. Witness the New Hampshire police chiefs who were arresting illegal aliens under our "criminal trespass" statute -- until a judge tossed that one out. All from Latin America.

But thanks for the MC info. The big problem with them up here is that they are being used to get bank accounts. That means they get a Taxpayer ID number. Which they can then parlay into a driver's license, and that's just the thing they need for everything else. And the MC cards are ridiculously easy to obtain up here in the US, and almost as easy to fake -- which hasn't stopped the Mexican government from pushing HARD to get them recognized as valid forms of ID in the US.


The problem isn't the card ... (Below threshold)

The problem isn't the card or the government that issues them, it's the governments, both state and federal that are allowing them to be used as a valid form of ID. No matter how hard Mexico pushes for their acceptance they can't write US laws any more that US can write Mexican laws. I'm sure you noticed that none of those Brazilians are using Mexican MCs, the problem exists with an MC being involved, even without a Mexican being involved. Even if Mexico was capable of writing US laws the problem would still be with our government, in my opinion even moreso. And if it was that still wouldn't explain all those Brazilians.

Should have said "the probl... (Below threshold)

Should have said "the problem exists without an MC being involved, even without a Mexican being involved."
Hard to type English and speak Spanish at the same time, at least for me.

"Invasion" is a perfectly a... (Below threshold)

"Invasion" is a perfectly appropriate term. When I think of invasions, I see cancer cells invading and taking over an organ, while simultaneously coursing the blood stream and lymphatic system searching for other sites to conquer.

This is precisely what is happening to our Southern Califorornia cities, and neighborhoods across America.

If you are inclined to call me a xenophobe, you're way off base. I simply don't have time to fully explain my perceptions of the issue.

bullwinkle and Jay Tea: I ... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle and Jay Tea: I do know that the recently publicized issue of American banks offering home mortgages to illegal aliens with only so much as a utility bill and/or a MC is a big problem for many of us Americans.

Someone was just discussing this issue elsewhere (not the issue of words, as in "invasion or no invasion") but as to identification, voting, mortgages by U.S. banks to illegal aliens on only so much as a "a phone call from a pastor," for heaven's sake, but the point is is that IN the U.S., the MC is used as a gateway form of identification upon which other access is made more secure.

But, as per what bullwinkle says, yes, it's governments at fault but it's mostly the U.S. refusal to seriously enforce immigration legislation and to secure our borders. The issue as to the huge numbers of illegal aliens from Brzail in Massachussetts -- similar to huge numbers of illegal Russians in New York, illegal Mexicans in CA (and nationwide, it's now apparent) -- is mostly due to pathways, traffic routes. Once a hundred are anywhere, more are sponsored, assisted, transported and easier. But it's a case of our own poor enforcement of basic access and residency ("our" as in the U.S.) to repair and remedy. If it's ever going to occur is anyone's guess at this rate.

But, I agree with Jay Tea's choice of words as to the use of "invasion," because, yes, it is. The U.S. could be penalizing employers of illegal immigrants with some effectiveness, but we aren't and instead, we're told we need to rename secondary economies and those who create them, "guest workers."

No one's fooled by that except those who employ illegal aliens. What we need in the U.S. is an end to the avoidance language and effective border security (ports and borders of all kinds) and penalties effective to such a degree that employing illegal aliens (by anyone) would no longer be worth the risk of doing so. Send people to jail (not that we will, or even should but for example) for two years for failing to verify employee documentation and resident/citizen status would bring about an end to the practice pretty quickly.

lonesome loon...Castro cert... (Below threshold)

lonesome loon...Castro certainly did that. Vicente Fox has no basis for advising the U.S. on much of anything, what with the shape of his own country. And yet the culture attempts to recreate here the very conditions that ruined Mexico.

Feisty: "These people have ... (Below threshold)

Feisty: "These people have no intention of overthrowing the government or claiming large portions of American soil, they just want to work and send money back home."

The term invasion is precise, accurate, non-euphemistic, and appropriate in this context. Everyone knows that this invasion is not of the military variety so you can drop that strawman now. Invasion is also, "A large-scale onset of something injurious or harmful, such as a disease", and "An intrusion or encroachment". Either is appropriate and the latter is inarguably accurate, while depending on where you live, the latter is accurate as well.

Many, even most, illegal aliens are not bad and don't commit crimes beyond their initial choice to break the law of the land and enter the country illegally. Unfortunately, many illegal aliens do not stop breaking laws after entering illegally. California will spend over $700M dollars just this year to incarcerate illegal aliens that have committed violent crimes. That amount is just the state and does not include the amounts spent by cities and counties for apprehension, jailing, and other processing including medical services. The total is probably over $1.2B.

Illegal aliens, like everyone else, come in all flavors. Your blanket statement that "they just want to work and send money back home." is simplistic and wrong. The reality is that many don't. Many come here to have babies, sometimes pejoratively called 'anchor babies' because they can 'anchor' whole families here via our screwed up immigration laws. Many come for the health care. Others come to commit criminal acts.These in particular are quite nasty, as they tend to move fluidly back and forth across the border as appropriate to escape prosecution or commit other crimes. Sanctuary laws are a boon to this group of illegal aliens helping to keep them out of jails and on our streets when they aren't south of the border to escape the 'heat' from their latest criminal act. Over 90% of felony warrants in LA county are for illegal aliens. Few will ever be caught.

As to the ulterior motives of some supporters of illegal immigration: "Activist Charles Trujillo, a professor at the University of New Mexico, predicts that a new Hispanic nation will be formed within this century, encompassing much of the American Southwest and part of northern Mexico. He says U.S. states have the right to secede under our original Articles of Confederation, and this will occur in the future when several Southwest states have Hispanic majorities." The call it Aztlan. Poke around you'll see it come up - a lot.

The Hispanic student activist group MECHa (a Spanish acronym for Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan) claims that Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and southern Colorado were stolen by the U.S. and should be returned to the people of Mexico, under the name "Nation of Aztlan." The new mayor of LA, Tony Villar (aka Antonio Villargairoza) , and the speaker of the California state assembly, Fabian Nunez were both members of MECHa in college. I believe Nunez was president of UCLA's MECHa faction. Both men have refused to repudiate MECHa's goal of establishing Aztlan. Nunez tries to minimize the matter: "College students sometimes have ideas not so consistent with reality,” he says of MEChA’s manifesto. “But their lives would not improve if California reverted to Mexico.”

Though not covered much in the good ol' MSM, our southern border areas in many cases are made dangerous and disheveled by the illegal crossing activity. I suggest you go visit a border area used for illegal crossings. You'll see that many of those areas resemble war zones. New Mexico this week declared states of emergency in four counties due to the effects illegal border crossings. "The declaration says the region "has been devastated by the ravages and terror of human smuggling, drug smuggling, kidnapping, murder, destruction of property and the death of livestock... [It] is in an extreme state of disrepair and is inadequately funded or safeguarded to protect the lives and property of New Mexican citizens." Did you catch that? "terror", "Murder", "protect the lives". People are dieing due to illegal immigration - both the illegals and American citizens.

Invasion is exactly the right word to describe the situation. It is a slow but powerful demographic and cultural invasion. You can bet your ass that if Americans were illegally crossing the border to Mexico by the millions (not that we'd want to) and altering the fabric of that soverign nation the way illegals are altering ours, the same hapless Americans supporting the illegal invasion of our country now would be taking to the streets in red-faced righteous snits about how we ugly Americans were 'not respecting the culture of the Mexican peoples!', 'taking money and resources that belong to a soverign people!', and 'destroying not only their culture but the very way of life that they've been working hard at creating for so long!', and in effect, invading Mexico. And they would be exactly right - the hypocrites.

The fact is that the American demographic is being illegally and immorally altered as I write this. No one disputes that fact. The 'browing' of America is it called. Texas just became 52% hispanic - but without illegal immigration, that would not have happened. Quite a few other states are heading towards Hispanic majorities as well. And it is ok with some Americans that all this is happening. But it is most certainly not ok with the majority of Americans. And I believe the next presidential election will hinge on border control and illegal immigration. If not, well, its revolution time...

I believe California is up ... (Below threshold)

I believe California is up there as well

Red Dawn was a great movie.... (Below threshold)
j. blair:

Red Dawn was a great movie. It was the last time my favorite movie couple (Patrick Swayze and Jenifer Gray) appeared together..

So there!

You could also think of it ... (Below threshold)

You could also think of it as a form of colonization, for that matter: groups of people living on the land, not assimilating with the extant culture of the land and sending resources--in this case, dolares back to the home land.






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