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Paul Derangement Syndrome

I really know how George Bush feels. All I have to do is make a simple post and some loony-tune will go apoplectic over it and say the goofiest things. McGehee dubbed it Paul Derangement Syndrome and I think he's right.

One of the goofier victims of PDS is Steve over at Deinonychus antirrhopus.

After I explained that 250mpg hybrids were a myth, he goes out of his way to take a smack at me.

And we also see that Paul is lacking in the reading comprehension department,
One day we'll have 250mpg cars and it will be thanks to the tireless efforts of people like Professor Davis and Ron Gremban, but as for today, it is no less mythical than the 500mpg carburetors.

No Paul, you see those 500 MPG carburetors...they never existed. The 250 MPG experimental hybrids...they do exist. They are currently expensive and the technology is in its infancy, but they do exist. Big difference.

Mr. Reading Comprehension must have missed part of the original article.

Davis engineering professor Andy Frank built a plug-in hybrid from the ground up in 1972 and has since built seven others, one of which gets up to 250 mpg.

No, Mr. Reading Comprehension THEY don't exist. 1 exists that gets "up to" 250mpg. (and that one took about 1.5 million to create) And you can't really call them "expensive" because you can't buy them today.

You have no clue what you are talking about.

Here's a clue Steve... If you're going to attack someone's reading comprehension skills... You might want to get some yourself.

Update: The derangement continues. Steve still insists on believing the myth and no amount of facts or evidence will stand in his way. It really shows his lack of critical thinking skills. The story was obviously bogus but it fits his perception of reality -or the reality he wishes for- and so he accepts it. Anyone with any critical thinking skills can see the story was obviously flawed, but Steve just clings to the fairy tale. Isn't this the guy who bashes people for religious beliefs? Irony is lost on the dumb.


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Comments (17)

...and the one thing they d... (Below threshold)

...and the one thing they don't come close to mentioning with those "250" cars is that they're really electric cars with big battery packs with a hybrid drive train so you can still drive when the batteries wear down.

Then, of course, nobody seems to mention the amount of actual electric power these things take when charging. One of the stories said it cost a quarter or so to charge thse things up, but there's no way in hell you can get more than a little bit of range out of 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity (batteries don't charge at 100% efficiency, and AC is running about 9 cents a kWh on the average, nowadays).

The extended-range battery packs we've been hearing about take up for 50 kWh, incidentally, and should cost about $4.50 a shot to recharge. More efficient than gasoline power, overall, but it's not a free lunch by any means.

There are a few other syndr... (Below threshold)

There are a few other syndromes particular to Wizbang, I dare say -- and to my disappointment (something like that, anyway).

Let's see:

-- there's the "Stop Posting on Wizbang," syndrome ("SPOW"), identifiable when someone types, "why don't you stop posting here" on Wizbang -- a syndrome when/if it's written by anyone other than Paul, Jay Tea, Kevin or guest bloggers at present;

-- there's the "KOS overrun" syndrome ("KOSO"), which is detectable when/if any thread on Wizbang makes for discussion any thread (or comments) on KOS and KOS various participants appear on Wizbang to attempt to accomplish the "overrun" of site personality, and then loiter while spreding the "why don't you stop posting here" syndrome ("SPOW") while they do;

-- there's the "these are not multiple I.D.s" syndrome ("PSCYHO"), not necessarily unique to Wizbang but persistent in Wizbang comments sections inorder to expose others to the previous two syndromes ("SPOW" and "KOSO") -- "PSYCHO," as a pre-existing condition, makes SPOW and KOSO possible, and PSYCHO ensures that SPOW and KOSO will increase in contagion opportunities; and,

-- there's the "what's your point" syndrome ("WYP"), which emerges when the "PD" syndrome is not yet full blown, but already present even if not yet displaying symptoms, and produces the same effects: the acting like an arse while unsuccessfully pointing out that someone else is the arse.

Jay Tea could probably provide more information about as yet other unidentified and/or excluded syndromes, what with his keen North Woods' ability to perceive ethical dilemmas.

>Jay Tea could probably pro... (Below threshold)

>Jay Tea could probably provide more information about as yet other unidentified and/or excluded syndromes

Jay does get more loons than me but I go for the quality loons. He will just accept any 'ol loon. I have higher standards. ;-P

LOL -S-! Wonderfully stated... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

LOL -S-! Wonderfully stated.

The experimental car gets "... (Below threshold)

The experimental car gets "up to" 250mpg because it is primarily uses power stored in batteries, which are given power from an electricity outlet. Let's drain the batteries completely and THEN see how many miles it gets per gallon. I'm guessing that it's nowhere near 250.

This type of reporting is s... (Below threshold)

This type of reporting is shameful. Heck, an electric car gets more than 250 mpg. But it consumes as much or more energy than most cars on the road today. Transportation costs of electricity are horrendous.

LOL -S-! Wonderfully sta... (Below threshold)

LOL -S-! Wonderfully stated.

I'll second that - I'm crying - that's some funny schwit...

Paul, sometimes quantity ha... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, sometimes quantity has a quality all its own. But I do get jealous some times. We've been here for almost a year and a half, and I STILL haven't gotten my first hate mail -- let alone a feud anything like the ones you've been in.


Thankyew...I edited out par... (Below threshold)

Thankyew...I edited out parts just to keep it minty fresh, but I AM now observing KOSO and PSYCHO breaking out on another thread at this very moment.

Dude, I get hate mail that ... (Below threshold)

Dude, I get hate mail that would make your eyes peel back.. Some of it not even aimed at anything I wrote...

I had one guy send me hate mail about something in some Russian province I wrote about. Heck, not only did he have the wrong blogger but after searching for like 20 minutes he had the whole damn blog wrong.

I just attract the goofballs. I gotta say I love the people who accuse me of not reading then get busted not reading themselves. Steve (today's goofball) pummeled me one time for pushing Intelligent Design. I wrote him back and asked him for even one time I have MENTIONED Intelligent Design much less endorsed it. Steve reads what he wants to see.

I've been beat up for backing Intelligent Design probably 5-6 times but until this comment, I don't think I've even used the term on Wizbang. Certainly I've never backed it. People are nutty.

Not to mention the Kerry fans.... One guy swore to me he was in Cambodia with Kerry (no joke). I struck up a conversation with him and he later he said something that tipped his age to be about 23. BUSTED.

I really should start publishing them.

Jay- Since you've been miss... (Below threshold)

Jay- Since you've been missing the fun, I'll share:

I got this YESTERDAY- Not last week, not last month, not last year.

OMG! Get a freakin' life, if they were pics of Clinton you'd be laughing. But since these titles seem to fit the actual content of the pic. you have to go crying like a big conservative wussy. If you love this moron Bush so much and you believe in "peace through superior fire power" why isn't you coward butt in Iraq? Oh and on MCcain, funny how vet groups can lie about him in the primaries and he's no good now he's good enough to run for President??? Don't get it, Swift boat vets lied about Kerry.

WTF? It took me about 15 seconds to figure out what he was talking about and at least he sent it to the right blogger. Do you remember this story?

So I mailed him back.

Not only are you a loser but you are a loser who is about a year behind the times.


His reply was priceless....


At this point I knew I had a live one.... I told him I was going to post his mail and he said:


Question #1 Why do all the moonbats type in all caps?

Question #2 Why do all moonbats threaten to call their lawyers?

I must admit, I was annoyed at this point:

Look you ignorant twit, you keep mailing me.

Typical stupid liberal. You mail me and tell ME to leave YOU alone. THEN you threaten legal action. Typical stupid liberal.

They he babbled at length, there might be a hidden gem in here, I didn't even read it.

all i want is it all to stop before it becomes something we both may regret. That's all. This name calling is immature especially over beliefs that are guaranteed to us by our constitution, i just feel i happen to support the whole constitution and am extremely upset with this so-called president walking all over it. If this guy was a democrat I would be equally upset with what he has done and also not done. There were better choices than Bush and no one who voted for can admit it. McCain was one but vet groups lied about him, i lost all respect for republicans when that happened (Hanoy Hilton), shoot I used to belong to the NRA, with the price of gas and utilities it just seems so stupid to vote a guy in office over "gay marriage". That issue doesn't even affect me. He can't even tell us why we went to Iraq. Intelligence told him there were no WMD. So don't get offended when people who don't go along with the cheerleading of Rush Limbaugh take exception to George W. Forcing!
religion on people is also wrong, I am a Christian and I do not want any religion being forced on anyone, what if you are taking a job in an area where it is predominately Muslim or Buddhist and you children attend public school? You in a free country can't say we can only say the Lords Prayer. This is why the Constitution exists, and now more than ever the press is being fed news and stories by this administration, I don't care who is in office I want objectionable, investigative reporting, I hate having to look for news on the BBC or international news to find out what's really going on with the Downing Street Memos, Guantanamo Bay, and over in Iraq. Our news reports had to sue to show flag draped coffins returning from Iraq. It is wrong LIBERAL or CONSERVATIVE if you believe in the greatness of this country as a free country you have to admit it is wrong. We need a party that really cares about the middle class........ Sadly there isn't one!

Moonbats? I got a ton of um.

Isn't this the guy... (Below threshold)
Isn't this the guy who bashes people for religious beliefs?

Really? I'd like to see a quote, link, etc.

To echo MarkJ from above, t... (Below threshold)

To echo MarkJ from above, the '250 MPG' hybrid pulls a large amount of it's energy from it's electric power batteries. The power stored in the batteries and consumed isn't reflected in this '250 MPG' number. So, using this line of reasoning, removing the combustion engine would vastly improve the fuel efficiency to infinite MPG. Of course, there's no need to do this. A more effecient method already exist.... my bicycle uses neither petrol nor electricity!

I'm Not sure but this'moonb... (Below threshold)

I'm Not sure but this'moonbat' sounds British Two indicators 1)His refrence to the British media and Downing memo (Although know here too most people would not have pointed that out unless they were "Exposed" to a better degree) 2)And this is most telling-His use of the word Fascist that is so old school UK.One more:The actual "Quality" of the post

..Just in case someone is n... (Below threshold)

..Just in case someone is not sure ..http://www.nra.org.uk/ and i totally admit i could be very wrong

I'm confused. How many mil... (Below threshold)

I'm confused. How many miles per gallon does a fully electric car get? How relevant a measure is MPG when you have to plug the car into a wall-socket to get 250 of them?

As I said over at Steve's, this appears to be simply an incomplete conversion to a fully-electric automobile.

Moonbats ARE always threate... (Below threshold)

Moonbats ARE always threatening to call their lawyers . . . must be a tough way to make a living, being a moonbat's lawyer . . . phone never stops ringing, but it's always for free advice or filing nuisance suits, and they never have the money for a retainer . . .

Anyone who had a car that gets 250 mph, or even a feasible design for one which could be built affordably, would be far too busy counting his money to bother promoting his invention through the media.

If it's really a better mousetrap, the world will find YOU.






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