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Twisting Words To An Anti-War Agenda

Here's the headline and first paragraph from a Reuters article about recent comments made Lance Armstrong:

Lance Armstrong says U.S. should focus on cancer war

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Seven-time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong on Sunday said the United States, which is embroiled in a costly war in Iraq, should focus more effort on a war facing many Americans -- the one against cancer.

Wow. The way this article puts it Lance seems to be calling for a diversion of funds away from the war in Iraq and to cancer research. But is that really what he's saying?

Not at all, as it turns out:

"I'm not saying that spending on wars and terrorism is a bad thing," Armstrong said in an interview on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos."

Yet despite the fact that Armstrong states, directly, that he doesn't have a problem with the money being spent in the war on terrorism Reuters still draws another comparison between that kind of spending and spending on cancer research later in the article:

The National Cancer Institute received $4.8 billion in fiscal 2005, and although it requested more for 2006, its funding is expected to be unchanged.

The U.S. government has spent about $300 billion since late 2001 fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. About two-thirds of that was for Iraq.

Don't tell me the media doesn't have a political agenda.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (14)

Reuters took a calculated r... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

Reuters took a calculated risk. They figured that none of the fifteen people that still watch "This Week With George Stephy" would contradict their report.

Media outlets like Reuters ... (Below threshold)

Media outlets like Reuters will look in any direction for a score - The recent tsunami proved this, where every media source that I could stand to look to became some sort of morbid scorecard.

What's with faux journalism - not only do they caveat the report within the first sentence of a story about cancer - oh, and incidentally Lance Armstrong talking about cancer, but they send a shameless link to yahoo...


...with the word 'Iraq'. Where in the hell is the link to LanceArmstrong.com or livestrong.org? Bastards.

Armstrong may just cure cancer yet. God bless him.

Good shot Rob - right between the eyes.

I mean, he's going to ride ... (Below threshold)

I mean, he's going to ride with Bush on the ranch soon. Yet they try to parlay it into something it's not.

After just reading that Dav... (Below threshold)

After just reading that David Duke is endorsing Ms. Sheehan, Ted Kennedy and J. Kerry have, too, and Maxine Waters is down there in the gully with the Sheehan...I am willing to believe that there's an outright push by National Socialists to...oh, wait, I forgot Al Jazeera who is also now endorsing Sheehan, and so the terrorists' circle is complete. Reuters is just doing what they're indoctrinated to do, from the look o' things here.

When did telling the truth ... (Below threshold)

When did telling the truth become having a political agenda. Perhaps you have figures showing that the NCI received some amount other than $4.8 billion in fiscal 2005? Perhaps you somehow know that we have not spent $300 billion (or more) on the "war on terror"?

Unless you can legitimately dispute those numbers, perhaps you can explain how reporting them displays a political agenda?

Len..."reporting them" (sta... (Below threshold)

Len..."reporting them" (stats as to cost of Iraq War) out of context, for purposes of supporting a negative, is psychologically manipulative.

I know this is going to sou... (Below threshold)

I know this is going to sound horrible, but when did it become the government's job to fund cancer research? Not that I have a problem with it per se, but when people start whining that $4.8 BILLION is not enough money from the government, something is amiss.

Don't organizations like the NCI and ACS pull in money through charities, fundraisers, and private donations? Seems to me like the government is just one source of income. If these organizations have a problem with their budget, maybe they need to speak to the American people and ASK for donations instead of forcing it from the government.

Actually, as it turns out, ... (Below threshold)

Actually, as it turns out, Lance Armstrong is strongly opposed to the war in Iraq. I {ahem} wrote about it a while back.

He's actually more than a little liberal.

This is a non-issue and it'... (Below threshold)

This is a non-issue and it's stupid anyone's even discussing it. Armstrong's quote "I'm not saying that spending on wars and terrorism is a bad thing" was the third sentence in the article -- Reuters didn't exactly bury that comment. When reporting on large numbers, such as $4.8B given towards the NCI, it is standard to provide other numbers for context -- and the cost of the war in Iraq would make sense, given Armstrong himself brought up "spending on wars an terrorism".

There are plenty of cases of journalistic bias out there, but sorry, this is not one of them.

Second sentence from Reuter... (Below threshold)

Second sentence from Reuters article:

Although the United States declared war on cancer in 1971, Armstrong said in some ways, the country was losing that war.

Well, when one uses rhetoric like that, you can expect a bit of hyperbole and bias. A war? Really? When did Congress vote on this declaration? Have there been any other treaties along the way? Do we have an armistice against smallpox? Is the skirmish against colds still raging? How's that truce with pneumonia?

War... pfft.

As perfect as this would be... (Below threshold)

As perfect as this would be as an example of left-wing media bias, I really think that the article was attributing the Iraq war dig to Lance, who is anti-war. Just because the direct quote isn't in the article doesn't mean that he didn't say it. Sometimes you have to paraphrase when you write articles or your article just looks like a transcript of someone's speech.

And this, my friends, has been the first and last episode of "Mark defends Reuters." It's been real.

I really think that the ... (Below threshold)

I really think that the article was attributing the Iraq war dig to Lance, who is anti-war. Just because the direct quote isn't in the article doesn't mean that he didn't say it.

It must be nice actually knowing Lance Armstrong since you refer to him as Lance - right? If so I'll consider you his spokesperson instead of just another jackass like Jewels, whose website apparently can't even handle a Wizbanging.

Nice "The page cannot be displayed" Jewels, you pubesack. None of you anti-war shitheads cared when he won his 6th - did you, or are any of you willing to talk about how you "wrote about it a while back"?

This bullshit about trying to turn a popular figure into some sort of political fodder is beyond disgraceful - hey, all of these pricks danced during the Wellstone funeral, why not?

SilverBubble,The N... (Below threshold)


The National Cancer Institute is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), a government agency that's part of Health and Human Services. The reason they get government funding is that they're a part of the US government.

uh, snowballs (giggle, snor... (Below threshold)

uh, snowballs (giggle, snort) what does Armstrong's 6th (or better yet, his 7th-) win have to do with whether or not he is for or against the Iraq war?

And just because you clicked on the link to my site in the middle of the night when I was moving servers, doesn't mean that I'm anti-war, or a liberal, you nitwit.

Since you seem to enjoy making an ass out of yourself, and can't bring yourself to fire the synapses needed to do a simple google search, let me help you out.

John Kerry endorses Lance. (Yes, I called him LANCE!)

LANCE calls himself left of center

Of course, I did write about this over a month ago. Of course, I always thought that was a good thing, not evidence of some bizarre liberal plot...






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