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Cary, Audrey, and Me


I've been away from the blogging all weekend because I couldn't tear myself away from painting furniture and watching Cary Grant movies (marathon on Turner Classic Movies. Yes!) Okay, so that last part was really just an excuse to post a picture of Cary Grant (sigh), but I got such a nice response from everyone on the Michael Phelps pic, I figured it'd be worth it.

The real thing that kept me away was the painting of the furniture. I've had the same white wicker furniture in my bedroom since I was eight years old. I have found, since that time, that you can employ any number of window treatments, wall colors, and sheet sets to try to counteract the furniture, but it will always, always look like you should be holding a stuffed animal tea party. (And, let's face it, the last time I did that was at least three years ago, when Mr. Bunny's politics took a sharp leftward turn.)

Since I am--let's call it "thrifty"--I decided to paint the wicker. After all, why buy new furniture when you've not yet gotten two decades out of your old furniture? That would be silly. So, I laid down some painter's plastic in the living room, got out my brushes and went to work on turning my white wicker green.

Why brushes, you may ask? Silly Mary Katharine, you've been spending too much time daydreaming about Michael Phelps and not enough time thinking through your room makeover. Wrong. I had to go with brushes because the exact color of green I wanted was not available in a spray.

The result was that I spent hours priming and painting all my furniture, crawling up and under, willing paint into the nooks of furniture that is all crevice and no surface. In the process, I kept banging my head on the underside of my vanity, so my head looked like a piece of Fruit Stripe gum.

When I finished, "Charade" was on. I couldn't help but notice that Audrey Hepburn was running for her life from an entire gang of murderers and did it with matching gloves and pill box hat for every outfit. I looked at my paint-streaked legs and decided that Audrey would never have been brought so low by mere furniture-painting.

But then, I doubt Audrey Hepburn ever got a new bedroom suit and highlights for her hair for less than $30. Ha--"thrifty," I tell ya. I put on a pair of oversized sunglasses and called it even.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall and will not be hosting anymore stuffed animal tea parties. So, stop sending RSVPs, Jay and Paul!


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Comments (16)

"For 1,300 dollars they can... (Below threshold)

"For 1,300 dollars they can live in a house with three bathrooms and ROUGH IT."
- Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

"You're so thrifty, that was one of the first things I noticed about you. That, and your ass."
- Big Helium Dog

>I’ve had the same white wi... (Below threshold)

>I’ve had the same white wicker furniture in my bedroom since I was eight years old.

So it's still fairly new huh?

Young 'uns ;-)

Best movie ever - The Grass... (Below threshold)

Best movie ever - The Grass is Greener

No offense to Cary Grant (w... (Below threshold)

No offense to Cary Grant (who I thought was a scream in "Arsenic And Old Lace") or "The Grass Is Greener", which I've never seen, but the best movie ever made was "Casablanca."

I disagree fatmanH... (Below threshold)

I disagree fatman

Have you ever heard of The Boondock Saints?

talk about thought provoking

I saw "Charade" on T... (Below threshold)

I saw "Charade" on TCM this past weekend with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn - great, funny, entertaining movie. Had a great supporting cast of James Coburn, George Kennedy and a great role by Walter Matthau.

Henry:No, I've nev... (Below threshold)


No, I've never heard of The Boondock Saints. What is it ? Or should that be what are they?

You gotta see it fatman.</p... (Below threshold)

You gotta see it fatman.

arb, I'm loving the "thrift... (Below threshold)

arb, I'm loving the "thrifty" quote. And, Paul, I'll have you know that furniture is at least 10 years old. At least! :) Boondock Saints: good movie, but we should warn fatman it's not exactly in the Cary Grant genre. That reminds me I need to rewatch it.

> Paul, I'll have you know ... (Below threshold)

> Paul, I'll have you know that furniture is at least 10 years old. At least! :)

hmmm I'd make a comment but you already preempted me with that Bunny Tea Party and all.

Ok, having been born and ra... (Below threshold)

Ok, having been born and raised in El-Lay...my Cary story via my dad

Dad attended Los Angeles High School, which ended up as the filming site of the Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer...Cary Grant + a teen Shirley Temple.

Dad got to be an extra in the film and in the basketball game scene mom swears on really good prints we can see dad and his friend in letterman jackets just behind the basketball hoop.

Neat thing was one of my dad's best friends was the son of the casting director, so they got to hang with the cast and crew. Cary spotted the boys and asked them where to get a great burger for lunch, where upon he piled them all into his car, and with Cary driving and treating, they went to lunch. Just them. No entourage, no bouncers. Cary Grant and some local high school guys.

Times have changed haven't they?

10 years?!? It's h... (Below threshold)
Jack Rudd:

10 years?!? It's hardly broken in. This year I finally discarded a wicker hamper that my parents bought in 1960.

Oh I hear those wicker hamp... (Below threshold)

Oh I hear those wicker hampers are now worth 500$
(Just kidding)
Oh, and the Cary is great. It will never make your bombfire, for sure. (*,,,,*)

Mary Katharine:I c... (Below threshold)

Mary Katharine:

I consider myself warned.

Henry & bullwinkle:

I'll check it out, when (or if) I ever buy myself another television, VCR and/or DVD player.

Yea, Boondock saints is a l... (Below threshold)

Yea, Boondock saints is a little graphic on the violence a bit, but the subject matter requires it...

fatman, just get it in mpeg... (Below threshold)

fatman, just get it in mpeg4 (DIVX) format and watch it on your computer. That's what I'd do.






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