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From the halls of Montezuma to the slums of Lawrence, MA

I've often lambasted Lawrence, Massachusetts. I've described it as "the armpit of Massachusetts" and discussed its various scandals and shortcomings. But one time I did say something nice about it -- when I praised it as the home town of Marine Reservist Sgt. Daniel Cotnoir, chosen last year as Marine Of The Year.


Sgt. Cotnoir has come home, and is having a bit of trouble adapting to civilian life. He lives near a night club in Lawrence. A loud night club in Lawrence. A night club so loud, he's complained to the police several times.

But early Saturday morning, the cops didn't show up quickly enough. Someone in the crowd apparently threw a bottle at Cotnoir, standing in his second floor window. It shattered, wounding him In retaliation, he fired off a shotgun -- wounding two in the crowd.

Man, it looks like no matter who you are Lawrence will eventually drag you down.

(Further coverage here and here)

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hahoops... (Below threshold)



Another case of dove season... (Below threshold)

Another case of dove season preparation gone wrong?

I would expect better marks... (Below threshold)

I would expect better marksmanship from a Marine.

It was a shotgun though, Da... (Below threshold)

It was a shotgun though, Dave. He may not have been used to using one.

This Marine did exactly wha... (Below threshold)

This Marine did exactly what he should have done, except for the wounding part. If you wound some nut, go out. put the gun to his head and make it a sure kill. Self defense is still allowed in parts of the country, just in those parts that haven't been disarmed by the left wing communist.

And what, exactly, was a 15... (Below threshold)
Master Shake:

And what, exactly, was a 15-year-old doing outside a nightclub at 2:50 a.m.?

What a kick in the pants. ... (Below threshold)

What a kick in the pants. Risks his life only to lose a part of it to some jerks.

Looks like it's a majority ... (Below threshold)

Looks like it's a majority in favor of Cotnoir. Includes me.

I have heard that oops befo... (Below threshold)

I have heard that oops before. "Oops there were no weapons of mass destruction."

Now you know why Massachusetts tried to take away their guns.

John...oops, Massuchesetts ... (Below threshold)

John...oops, Massuchesetts was just bombed by Bin Laden.

I'd rather apply an oopes to a returning soldier's self defensive actions than to a national emergency such as terrorist attacks on the U.S. would create. In which case, however, it'll be a very, very good thing that people in Massachusetts still have their guns, along with the rest of the country.

Going off on this tangent, ... (Below threshold)

Going off on this tangent, however, the Left cannot get.it. that Iraq under Saddam Hussein was involved in funding terrorism, and training terrorists, and that included the behaviors by Al Queada. I heard Charley Rangel on television recently -- actually, several occasions recently -- going on and on foolishly that "Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11..." as I also hear that from most on the Left.

I guess just saying it makes it so -- and Rangel was among those Democrats who gushed over Castro's visit to New York recently -- but the sad and awful truth is that some people align with a forceful socialism if not miltant dictatorships and some people don't. Saddam's Iraq was a murdering, monstrous political and financial machine set to kill and refusing to recognize his influence -- politically and financially -- upon many others is a perilous error. Or else it's commisseration with terrorism, the enemy itself.

And, the "oops" factor in intelligence (distorted in present tense but still discussable) was not key or unique to the Bush Administration, nor a "conservative" deed but one from bipartisan politicos, and among the Intelligence community, also Democrats and libersals. Just look at the disasterous misguidance under Clinton, by comparison, the many American servicepersons who lost their lives because Clinton refused their defense (Kosovo), inorder to preserve liberal enthusiasms -- very creepy decision process, there. Not to mention being aware of Atta's very face and identity and presence prior to 9/11 and doing nothing to intervene.

But, back to Iraq and those WMD: can you specifically prove that they did NOT exist? No, you can't. It's almost certainly so that we are still discovering the extent of what Saddam Hussein did and did not have, but waiting for him to PROVE the possession of WMD would have been most certainly a fatal error.

you know, Iraq may have no ... (Below threshold)

you know, Iraq may have no horizontal connection with what happened on sept 11, 2001, but it sure as hell had a vertical connection. Think about it, they may not have been directly related, but the ROOT CAUSE of each situation sure as hell were directly related. Namely, a messed up situation in the middle east gave certain middle eastern "leaders" a scapegoat for all of their problems: The United States of America, and its allies.

Have any of you ever read Sean Hannity's Book Deliver us from evil? It is an excellent read. I don't like how he bible-thumps @ the beginning because it is hard to take arguments like that seriously, but then he gets into the good stuff later on. He analyzes the history of our bad relations in the middle east back to President Jimmy Carter, who messed up the relations with Iran, and from then on, we've had islamic fundamentalist terrorists goin nuts against Americans.






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