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Why I'm Boycotting Matt Drudge

Ok, let me start by saying I think (99% of all) organized boycotts are just dumb and more importantly ineffective. But having said that, there are some products I refuse to buy and websites I refuse to visit as my own little (free market) protest.

I'm not asking anyone to join me, but effective today, I'm boycotting Drudge. There are just too many damn popups. One or 2 is annoying enough but geeze I'm getting them 4 at a time. If I want that, I'll go to a porn site.

The bottom line: The annoyance of the popups is greater than the worth of the information I get from his site.

I'm a big believer in the free market. At some point if enough other people like me quit visiting then maybe he'll realized he's killing the golden goose. If people don't mind the popups then so be it.

I know I represent about .000000001% of Drudge's traffic... But that's how the free market works.

As for me, I'll go to Lucianne or something.

UPDATE: People keep telling me to run a popup blocker... Please read the extended version of this story... I covered that in the post but many missed it since it is in the extended version.

UPDATE 2: By golly it's a movement.

And another thing I don't get. I use either Safari or Foxfire, both of which block popups. Drudge and a few others are now running scripts to beat the popup blockers. Why? All that does is piss me off. It DOES NOT make me want to buy their product.

Obviously, from Drudge's chair, it is all about impressions... But do the advertisers really want their name attached to this method? Personally, when I see the name of big company on a popup I pretty much don't want to do business with them. If it is on a popup specifically set to override a blocker, it will be a cold day in hell before I give them any money. They might have crammed their ad in my face, but I don't have to pay them to do it again. Period.


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Comments (73)

I am with you on the hatred... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am with you on the hatred of pop ups, but I hate even more the kind that pops up, and you can't make go away until the idiotic ad has run its course.

For those reasons you might... (Below threshold)

For those reasons you might as well boycott the entire internet. Try this program, pop up stopper, http://panicware.com/product_psfree.html I use it and it has stopped at least 99% of popups. And it is free

ooo boy, I'm with ya on tha... (Below threshold)

ooo boy, I'm with ya on that one just me. But: Paul, I don't have any problems with most pop-ups due to a fairly good anti-pop-up-program.

Try the Maxthon browser, I'... (Below threshold)

Try the Maxthon browser, I've used it for a long time and it's builtin blocker works fime on Drudge and just about every other site I've ever been to. It's free, tabbed, and has never given me a bit of trouble. Best of all there aren't enough people using it yet for anyone to try to hack it.


This problem is easily defe... (Below threshold)

This problem is easily defeated using the
correct setting on common browsers.

Netscape 7.2 (and later) will block those pop ups.
I suspect many, if not most, other browsers
are capable of it, too.

I heard a rumor that the Ma... (Below threshold)

I heard a rumor that the Maxthon browser blocks popups on porn sites too. Of course I wouldn't know if that's true or not.

There are no pop-ups on Dru... (Below threshold)

There are no pop-ups on Drudge.


I assume y'all are still using sliderules.

<a href="http://www.proxomi... (Below threshold)


Out of the box or tweak it to death - best and most versatile filtering proxy you'll find. Techies can write their own rules, borrow others, or run it as it's set by default. Can be routed to run through other proxies too so nothing in your network path should be disturbed. I've been using it for years to filter. Lightweight, too.

No popups from anyone unless I allow them. Needless to say, I've not seen an ad from Drudge for years. I always wondered how he made money. :)

I think I will join you on ... (Below threshold)

I think I will join you on that boycott. I thought I just had my pop-up blocker set wrong when i started getting multiple ads at one time. The other thing I hate is if I have Drudge in a tab or another window and it refreshes, it shifts focus to that window/ tab and a new set of pop-ups appear.

PithHelmet will knock out a... (Below threshold)

PithHelmet will knock out almost anything in Safari. even those Flash ads that are the only way to get a pop-up on Drudge for Safari.

oh, and for you FireFox apologetics, I've gotten plenty of pop-unders from both Flash scripts and cleverly written php code.

A better question, why do p... (Below threshold)

A better question, why do pop-ups continue to exist? Does anyone know anyone who has ever bought anything based on a pop-up? Companies would stop paying for them if idiots weren't buying the crap they advertise.

If you use No-Script (a jav... (Below threshold)

If you use No-Script (a javascript blocking plugin for Firefox) you will get 0 popups from Drudge.


I believe some of the Drudg... (Below threshold)

I believe some of the Drudge ads use Flash to launch popups. I keep Flash disabled when I'm not specifically visiting a Flash site, and between that and Safari's pop up blocker, I haven't seen a Drudge pop up yet.

His pop ups have annoyed me... (Below threshold)

His pop ups have annoyed me for quite some time.

Most people I know shun Dru... (Below threshold)

Most people I know shun Drudge because he's almost always dishonest, often inaccurate, and occasionally a plagiarist.

His part in the swift boating of Ms. Sheehan is a perfect example.

But for you it's all about the pop-ups.

Odd set of priorities ya got there...

Funny... I just spent an ho... (Below threshold)

Funny... I just spent an hour sending e-mail to several advertisers using pop-ups on Drudge telling them that every pop-up I see from them will postpone my purchasing/using their services by a week. A couple of them have already lost my business well into the next century.

Tell the advertisers that they're pissing off those they're seeking to attract. I suspect that if they get enough of those messages they'll desist. Successful business does not generally follow stupidity.

Try replacing your hosts fi... (Below threshold)

Try replacing your hosts file with info contained here: http://www.everythingisnt.com/hosts.html -- even if you get a popup (which I rarely do anymore), the content becomes mostly blocked.

Most people I know shun ... (Below threshold)

Most people I know shun Drudge because he's almost always dishonest, often inaccurate, and occasionally a plagiarist.

Translation: Drudge posts news items that make me mad because they puncture holes in my little lefty cocoon. Therefore, I will make myself feel better by slandering him so I won't have to deal with the facts. This is what I learned at the feel of my masters James Carville and Paul Begala.

I get pop ups on Lucianne t... (Below threshold)

I get pop ups on Lucianne too, the kind my adware program has to remove.

Paul, I would have thought ... (Below threshold)

Paul, I would have thought that Mac browsers would have had good pop-up stopping capability. Since I live in the Windows world, I am unable to give you any advice, so all I can do is tell you that I use Mozilla (or IE on occasion) and between that and the pop-up blocker in Norton Internet Security 2003, my internet browsing is pretty much free of pop-ups, indcluding the drudgereport.com.

I didn't even know Drudge h... (Below threshold)

I didn't even know Drudge has popups - just use a good web browser like FireFox and you will never see any popups (or ads for that matter) again.


RE: Don Myers' post (August... (Below threshold)

RE: Don Myers' post (August 15, 2005 09:59 AM)

Most people I know shun Drudge because he's almost always dishonest, often inaccurate, and occasionally a plagiarist.

Um, the overwhelming majority (probably greater than 99.9%) of material on Drudge's site is links to stories produced by other media and not original content. If you are concerned about inaccurate, dishonest, and plagiarized material, blame the MSM since it's that material that typically headlines.

Amen, brother!We p... (Below threshold)

Amen, brother!

We posted on this a couple of weeks ago for the same reasons you list: http://moltenthought.blogspot.com/2005/08/down-with-drudge.html

I honestly hope this will ignite a wider war.

I think Matt Drudge is the father of the blogosphere, but the popup proliferation smacks of pure greed and distaste for one's audience.

I use the AdBlock extension... (Below threshold)

I use the AdBlock extension to Firefox. It blocks not just images and embedded banners but can also block flash animations and iframes. Drudge comes up clean for me. Adblock is free and works well with Firefox and Mozilla and doesn't require another process running in the background. Just look for it at any of the extension sites for Firefox...

Um to all who say Firefox b... (Below threshold)

Um to all who say Firefox blocks Drudge's popup...

It is abundantly clear that you neither go to Drudge nor read the extended version of this story. I run both Firefox and Safari. Drudge uses Flash pop up which today get around their blockers. Read the extended version of this story.


And Don Meyers said:

>Most people I know shun Drudge because he's almost always dishonest, often inaccurate, and occasionally a plagiarist.

Of course you and your pals feel that way. You're moonbats. see also


To those of you who told me how to extend the pop up ability of Firefox/Safari. Thanks, I appreciate... and if I were not such an odd duck, I'd take your advice. But....

I don't want to get into an arms race with Drudge. If he wants to cram ads down my throat, fine, I'll go elsewhere. No biggie.

Just use an RSS feed. That... (Below threshold)

Just use an RSS feed. That gets you the stories but not the popups.

Kurt, can you point me to a... (Below threshold)

Kurt, can you point me to an RSS feed for Drudge?

Paul and other Firefox user... (Below threshold)

Paul and other Firefox users,

You do not need any extensions or special pop-up blockers to stop the horrible flash pop-ups. There is a setting in Firefox to fix the problem.

Stopping pop-ups from plug-ins

As for the boycott against sites that use these tatics, I am right there with you Paul.

I've emailed Drudge about h... (Below threshold)

I've emailed Drudge about his pop-up ads.

I was infected with that hideous Aurora pop-up malware and I'm very suspicious that I got it from Drudge's site.

It's long overdue for some tough federal legislation on this problem. This isn't like junk mail you can sort in the garbage. This crap can ruin your computer.

I hate to say it, bu... (Below threshold)
Bill Cook:

I hate to say it, but somebody has to. My PC with Internet Explorer blocks the Drudge popups just fine.

Firefox + Adblock = WIN.</p... (Below threshold)
21st Century websurfer:

Firefox + Adblock = WIN.

You might as well be surfing via AOHell if you use anything else.


Icing on the cake?

With Adblock you can get rid of the stupid pics he, or any other website puts up too.

Bill Cook I have a complete... (Below threshold)

Bill Cook I have a completely up to date XP machine that just told me otherwise.

I use Firefox and still get... (Below threshold)

I use Firefox and still get pop up's from Drudge. I don't get them at any other sites. I've check my settings and they seem to be correct.

Penny said, "It's long over... (Below threshold)

Penny said, "It's long overdue for some tough federal legislation on this problem"

This is exactly what shouldn't be done. Why is that always the first thought of people - if something isn't working the way I think it should then we need to get the government to make them do it my way.

If you don't like the popups - then don't go to the web site. Just what Paul is doing.

But why in the hell would you invite or demand federal intervention for what amounts to a pretty piddly little issue?

This isn't a life altering, life threatening problem. Drudge can throw up thousands of pop ups and your life and my life will still go on - relatively unharmed.

So why such outrage that you would demand the government come in and regulate web site content in the form of ads?

My XP Box is kept Pop-up an... (Below threshold)
Der T. Werd:

My XP Box is kept Pop-up and Banner free for months with a well updated HOSTS file.


I wonder if a case can't al... (Below threshold)

I wonder if a case can't already be made that this is "unauthorized access." When users pick browsers FOR the ability to block popups, and explicitly enable the blocking (and/or add additional third-party applications or plug-ins) and the advertisers develop code specifically to get around those preventative measures and execute unauthorized code on the users' computers...

Well, put me on that jury and I know which way I vote.

Hmmmm.Get a softwa... (Below threshold)


Get a software firewall.

If you're on a commercial broadband line, such as DSL or cablemodem, then you **must** have a software firewall at the minimum.

Frankly I use Kerio, http://www.kerio.com, because it also includes popup blockers, javascript blockers and serves as a pretty good firewall. Frankly I think I posted this before on this very blog.

If you're getting popups or malicious adware, then use a combination of Mozilla Firefox + Kerio Personal Firewall. The Kerio firewall inspects each webpage for links to websites on the exclusion list and will modify the page automatically to block those links. The firewall also inspects the webpage for any troublesome javascript calls and eliminates those blocks of javascript codes completely.

You can also configure the firewall software to allow specific websites so their popups will work, if you really want them to. Or if you're really lazy, like I am, there's a hot-key to allow popups and/or you can disable popup-blocking by uncheckmarking "Disable popups".

Frankly I don't know why anyone wouldn't use a software firewall.

To download:

An important bit: "Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use. For corporate use please see the pricing and licensing policies section."

Frankly I prefer the paid version, but if you're not up for that, then try the free version.

But get a software firewall.

Well you may be running Fir... (Below threshold)

Well you may be running Fire-fox but you need the ad-block extension. With that and the addition of Wildcards you will never see another pop-up. I've been usning FF for over a year now, and I can't remember the last time I saw a pop-up. I don't see google-ads or blog-ads either. Nothing but Content, Baby.

Once you go FF with Adblock, you'll never go back. The key isn't to bitch about pop-ups etc...the key is to outsmart them with technology. Really your email and boycott thing is sooo last millenia.

I visit drudge many times a... (Below threshold)

I visit drudge many times a day and I can't remember getting any popups or ads using Firefox with adblock

adblock extension

adblock filters that i use

hmm.guess i'm the minority ... (Below threshold)

hmm.guess i'm the minority but i use IE and use the google pop up blocker...free and works great...occasional U of Phoenix gets by...thats it...

I use Safari and occasional... (Below threshold)

I use Safari and occasionally Firefox (who's plugins ROCK, btw. Especially the bugmenot one.) I don't have that many issues with Drudge's popups, although I did notice when one or two started to get through.

maybe Drudge is just targeting you, Paul. ;o)

So why such outrage that... (Below threshold)

So why such outrage that you would demand the government come in and regulate web site content in the form of ads?

The garden variety pop-ups I can content with. It's the malicious stuff like Aurora that infects registry keys and hides in files all over your computer requiring monumental wasted time to obliviate that I feel is criminal. It's trespassing on my property so to speak unlike harmless junk mail I can throw out at the door.

Thanks, kbiel! I applied t... (Below threshold)

Thanks, kbiel! I applied the fix you suggested and it works great. (In case anyone else is a computer-idiot like me, the locater bar that kbiel refers to is the address bar. Of course, after seeing the responses to last Tuesday's tech puzzle, I probably am the only one.)


>If you're on a commercial ... (Below threshold)

>If you're on a commercial broadband line, such as DSL or cablemodem, then you **must** have a software firewall at the minimum.

Complete and Utter Poppy-cock

I have (real) commercial lines to the Internet... 2 presently and I'm eyeing a third. I run multiple servers on them.

Every one of my machines sits on a public IP with no firewall. I've never had a problem. All you need is an operating system that isn't full of holes.

I use Macs and BSD machines. No Problem.

Somehow end users have bought into the notion that it is OK for the OS to be completely vulnerable and that we should use a Firewall to do the job of the OS.

Imagine if a car manufacture said, "We're putting in stronger bumpers because we can't get the brakes to work." You wouldn't buy that car would you?

RE: Paul's post (August 15,... (Below threshold)

RE: Paul's post (August 15, 2005 01:22 PM)

You're living dangerously. You'd be surprised at how many accesses hit your computers. Well, maybe not since you are running multiple servers. However, you know that no OS is perfect and those worms spread mighty fast. I hope you check your logs regularly.

Check them for what AD?... (Below threshold)

Check them for what AD?

Worms for the Mac?

Oh, lord, I agree with Paul... (Below threshold)

Oh, lord, I agree with Paul on something.

Perhaps I need to rethink my position... ;)

RE: Paul's query (August 15... (Below threshold)

RE: Paul's query (August 15, 2005 01:56 PM)

Hmm. Good question. I'm weak on Macs so my use of the term "worm" might be a bit too precise. Let's change that to "exploit".

There are several good security sites but one which offers a pretty good consolidation is Internet Security Systems. Try this search on ISS for Mac and you'll see a pretty nice list of them, many of which deal with Apache. I don't know how you are running your servers so, depending on your software that is serving, you may be more or less vulnerable. There may be a Mac OS worm in there somewhere but I didn't want to read through that many entries.

A good site for security auditing is http://www.insecure.org/. If you have the authority to perform scans, then some of those tools in their repository could be useful in testing your sites/nodes for vulnerabilities.

If you're using Firefox, ad... (Below threshold)

If you're using Firefox, add this extension. It lets you allow javascript and plugins on a domain by domain basis. I could never solve the persistent, Drudge-style popups until I got it.

I haven't been to Drudge's ... (Below threshold)

I haven't been to Drudge's site since late March when one of his pop-ups downloaded a virus onto my work computer and destroyed the c drive.

Drudge pissed me off when I... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Drudge pissed me off when I noticed that his page regularly refreshes itself without any prompting or changes -- presumably boosting his hit counters. Since then, I got no use for the fedora-wearing git.


RE: Jay Tea's post August 1... (Below threshold)

RE: Jay Tea's post August 15, 2005 02:36 PM

Drudge pissed me off when I noticed that his page regularly refreshes itself without any prompting or changes...

Proxomitron covers that too. ;) And it can be run with any browser. As a proxy, it sits between the browser application and the network I/O, so it can edit/filter any code that the browser renders.

Hmmm."I use Macs a... (Below threshold)


"I use Macs and BSD machines. No Problem."

Why then are there many commerical anti-virus programs for the Mac and linux?

In effect what you're relying on, in part, is security through obscurity. The vast majority of computers run Windows, and so the vast majority of viruses are oriented at Windows computers because spending a lot of time to hammer 1% of all computer users, vs 94%+, is a relative waste of time.

*shrug* hey. It's your ass.

The pop ups are annoying as... (Below threshold)

The pop ups are annoying as hell. But funny how nobody seems to care that he hotlinks pretty much every image on his site. Considering the post here a little while back about Kos's hotlinking situation, I am surprised nobody noticed.

Sigh- Ed I don't r... (Below threshold)


Ed I don't run linux.

Since you apparently don't even know enough to know the difference between BSD and Linux, I rather suspect that I can safely ignore any of your advice.

Aaron where have you been? ... (Below threshold)

Aaron where have you been? It's been discussed for years. How else did you know it?

Thanks Mantis! I use proxo... (Below threshold)

Thanks Mantis! I use proxomitron with firefox and it works fine, but I have to disable proxomitron sometimes to get other sites. Your extension solved the issue for me (at drudge at least)

Paul - Well consider me beh... (Below threshold)

Paul - Well consider me behind the curve on that one then. To be honest, I learned by right clicking and viewing the pics properties. Another tell-tale sign is that they usually look crappy since he resizes then in the code rather than actaully resizing the file.

Thank you for letting me kn... (Below threshold)

Thank you for letting me know that it just wasn't me. I wasn't expecting Firefox to fail quite so early (silly me.)

Here's to the hope that the Firefox folks nip this in the bud.

I hate to disillusion you, ... (Below threshold)

I hate to disillusion you, but Lucianne has pop-ups, too. I hope you like U of Phoenix.

That said, once you kill the first one, they're gone. Until you reboot. Doesn't matter, though, pop-ups and spyware are work of the devil.

Hope Drudge gets the message although I don't hang out there much. I like the company here and at LGF much better!

One site that I visit on a ... (Below threshold)

One site that I visit on a regular basis was running scripts to beat the popup blockers. So, I had tried a different approach. I contacted 25 companies who listed on the site and advised them that the popup ads were interfering with the ability to view their information. I also advised them that as long as this site ran the popups, I would no longer use that site and thus not see their listings. In addition, I would post on a number of web sites a suggestion that the site be boycotted as long as they ran popups. I reminded these companies that they were paying for listings that were overridden by the popups.

Approximately 3 days later, ALL popup ads had been removed from the site, and to this day, I have not seen another.

kbiel already beat me to it... (Below threshold)

kbiel already beat me to it, but the about:config solution for Firefox works beautifully.

That said, I avoid Drudge's site, as well, but for a different reason: From this web designer's viewpoint, the site sucks.

RE: TheEnigma's idea (Augus... (Below threshold)

RE: TheEnigma's idea (August 15, 2005 07:18 PM)

The power of persuasion... kudos. That blocking of content argument is pretty compelling.

Pop-ups don't really bother... (Below threshold)

Pop-ups don't really bother me all that much, as long as it's within reasonable limits.

Spyware, on the other hand, drives me nuts. It seems half of the pop-ups at Drudge's site go to spyware "security" or "Windows Tools" sites.

I think a boycott isn't good enough. We need to drag Matt naked into the street, paint him blue, burn his fedora, TP his home, and leave him tied - upside down - from a lamppost with a warning that next time we'll get unpleasant.

Obviously, what with "64 co... (Below threshold)

Obviously, what with "64 comments" already published, this thread, I'm late...BUT, I use Norton Professional (includes a popup/advertising blocker, among other tools and utilities) and have never seen so much as one popup on DRUDGE, or anywhere else on the internet.

I even have to allow sites such as the BBC -- by unique, site-specific, settings -- to allow popups such that I can even view an image at a larger size, Norton is so effective. Without that setting (a per-site setting as to what types of popups to allow, because my default for all sites is to allow none), Norton completely prevents all popups, all sites, globally (if that's what's selected, as I have done).

I tried other popup blockers and found them bypassed by many sites, including DRUDGE, and was equally peeved about it. Now that I use Norton Professional, I have nearly forgotten the problem even exists.

I agree that DRUDGE should rethink his site advertising methods...no one, and I do mean, NO ONE, likes popups (nor popunders).

That's why I stopped hittin... (Below threshold)

That's why I stopped hitting drudgereport a long time ago. Get clue, all other blogs have no pop-ups.

Just add Drudge to your res... (Below threshold)

Just add Drudge to your restricted sites list and the pop ups go away. If a site is listed in the restricted sites list, it won't execute anything except display the basic HTML, as long as your restricted sites has everything clamped down for options (java, animation, sound, etc etc etc).

He doesn't have an official... (Below threshold)

He doesn't have an official RSS feed, but here's a bootleg one that works quite nicely:


If Drudge doesn't like it, he can kiss my... I used to think highly of Drudge, but not anymore. The pop ups are atrocious. I've send more than one email to him suggesting he put his ads intermixed with the text headlines, in text, but clearly marking them as ads. The advertisers would get a LOT better exposure and he wouldn't piss off everyone coming to the site. Duh!

All well. RSS!

[email protected] Paul<... (Below threshold)


@ Paul

"Ed I don't run linux.

Since you apparently don't even know enough to know the difference between BSD and Linux, I rather suspect that I can safely ignore any of your advice."

Actually I do, but I really didn't read your post. Multi-tasking is ok for some people, evidently not me.

*shrug* like I wrote before, it's your ass not mine. As long as you're happy with what you've got, then go for it.

Probably the reason why Dru... (Below threshold)

Probably the reason why Drudge Report is able to pop-up ads even if you have a pop-up blocker on is that the ads are being launched using Flash...yep, the same Flash used in web animations.

Fortunately, there's a way to eliminate this as demonstrated on this site.

Hey try this website. It's ... (Below threshold)

Hey try this website. It's www.dilby.com, it's a non bias news site I stumbled upon. I know there are many Drudge Clones and many come and go, but I've been visiting The Dilby Site or the Dilby News Monitor for about 3 months and it stays current and occassionally it breaks stories.


Get Zone Alarm and PestPatr... (Below threshold)

Get Zone Alarm and PestPatrol! Drudge is one of my favorite websites and I don't even know what the word popup means with these 2 programs. I vist any website and I never get popups. I've been popup-free since December 2004, when I got those programs. Nothing can replace them.

Count me in. Joining the bo... (Below threshold)

Count me in. Joining the boycott and thanks to Dan Sherman I am publishing my own, spyware free Drudge archives on my blog, at the bottem, where he belongs =)






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