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Former Clinton Administration official agrees with Wizbang

Over the weekend, I described our illegal alien problem as an "invasion," and outlined why I thought that term was valid to use. I was pretty comfortable with my reasoning and beliefs, and still am.

It turns out that I wasn't the only one who thinks so. New Mexico's governor, Democrat Bill Richardson (Bill Clinton's UN Ambassador and Secretary of Energy), says the situation on his state's southern border that he's declared it an "emergency," specifically citing illegal immigration and the subsequent consequences.

I kinda wish I'd seen that story at the time I wrote my piece, because it would have given me an additional piece of evidence to back my case. But by not hearing about it until today gives me a chance to re-visit my initial piece -- and reaffirm it.

But one political aspect of this worries me. I think that illegal aliens could be the big issue in 2008. And it's starting to look like Democrats are realizing that first. And not only are they talking tough about it, they're actually doing something about it.


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Comments (20)

My hesitation about Richard... (Below threshold)

My hesitation about Richardson's plan (to construct a fence along New Mexico's southern border due to the invasion) is that Richardson intends:

-- to remove any existing barriers BEFORE he begins the construction.

I'd feel more conident if the plans included leaving whatever barriers currently exist in place and THEN constructs additional barricades/walls/fences...because otherwise the possibility exists (he's a politician and this is what they do, to be realistic, and that is they change their positions and often), the possibility exists to start the process (secure the federal dollars) and THEN say, OOPS, holdups, problems, have to rethink the plans, might not work as intended, gotta redesign, OOPS, maybe not a wall, maybe a few new roads, a ticket booth, OOPS, have to redesign...

Just leave existing, however flimsy, whatever in place while whatever not flimsy is being constrcuted. Just to be sure.

About the party differences, unfortunately, we have Bush Republicans who are hardwired to establish an open-borders policy with Latin countries (the focus from what I read is that they want "good workers" and the legalities of citizenship and/or immigration can always be tweaked however), and then there are the rest of us in the GOP who don't support that, who want enforcement of existing immigration laws, want secured borders and want all public dollars supporting illegal aliens to be eliminated, including: no anchor children status for citizenship and no amnesty, and most importantly, severe penalties to those who employ illegal aliens.

Tancredo from CO is among the latter sort of Republican and has a growing number of Republicans supporting him. He's also against CAFTA, which sets him apart from Bush Republicans, so to speak. I'm liking Tancredo more and more, the more that I hear from him.

Moreover, Tyson Chicken -- among the many large commercial organizations that relies on huge numbers of illegal aliens in their employ -- is one of the leading funders to the DNC (and friend/benefactor to the Clintons). The DNC has no special handle on this issue, is my point, other than their numbers are just as responsible for the problem of illegal aliens in our country as anyone else.

Unfortunately, the numbers of illegal aliens in our country has greatly increased since Bush took office, based upon the colloquial understanding by many cultures that they can, will and should illegally gain foothold due to no fear of reprimand. And so they do and have in ever increasing numbers since Bush took office.

Our recent elections haven't left many of us much choice at the voting booth, either. Republicans are divided on the issue of illegal aliens just as much as Democrats are, is my point.

How friggin' ironic is THAT... (Below threshold)

How friggin' ironic is THAT???

I'm happy to see the more realistic Dems tackling this situation. Even Hilary seems tougher on immigration than Dubya. But where does this leave the rest of their party? It's hard to imagine moonbats lining up behind anybody advocating realistic and tough border and employment policies.

More importantly, and more puzzling, is what's up with the administration???? What in the hell is this administration thinking? I briefly heard a blurb on FOX about Dubya's "immigration reform" --what is that? Does he actually have a rational plan for immigration? --one that protects the interests of the country and its citizens?

Gotta take some more vicodin now, which means I'll probably miss the broadcast. ZZZZzzzzzz.....

Ah, wrote mine before -s-'s... (Below threshold)

Ah, wrote mine before -s-'s post appeared. I think she answers some of my questions.

Another thing...Aspen, CO a... (Below threshold)

Another thing...Aspen, CO and similar predominantly (wealthy) Democrat enclaves have large numbers of illegal aliens employed in their construction and food service/tourist industries.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, among many other predominant Democrats, have homes in Aspen...the Aspen Institute, Brookings...they're all there.

They could remedy this problem and quickly by making it very uncomfortable to employ illegal aliens and improving vastly our border security.

"They" means anyone/all in U.S. government. They certainly have enough money to fund just about everything else and that they're now only getting around to "guest worker" concepts is ludicrous, given that that only bestows citizenship to illegal aliens inorder to make them no longer illegal. And provides further incentive to illegally immigrate (they can become citizens so go ahead and commit the illegal acts along the way, is the message there to many).

What I've decided is that the two parties are commonly dissuaded by large organizations (penalizing Wal Mart a few millions for employing illegal aliens does not seem to be much of a penalty when they have so many more millions) that the opinion of voters is now secondary.

Another thing: yesterday I read that Home Depot has arrived at some agreement with La Raza, of all organizations (it's a racist organization for Mexicans, byline is: "for the race...[and against all other races, to that effect]").

So, Home Depot is now among the large box stores commisserating with the illegal alien employ process. A lot of people wonder where their agreement is with Blacks, Asians and, oh yeah, us "white" people. Don't see any plans for those...

So, with Home Depot, Wal Mart, Tyson Chicken, Ford Motors and even our banking industry not only not being penalized for their agreements with illegal aliens, but incentivized to employ them...the old U.S. taxpayers get to fund all the housing, healthcare and educational costs (or a large portion of those) for those here illegally, and then stand by and watch while wages and conditions are sent downward by the illegal alien employees. Home Depot is just the latest to jump on that...

I've never shopped at Home Depot and only at Wal Mart while in CO (out of necessity, no other options for much of what Wal Mart sells in a certain area there), but I'm among the consumers in the U.S. who is no longer buying from ANY company that employs illegal aliens, and that includes the banking industry. Citizens of the legal kind, residents also, people are tired of this and withholding shopping dollars is the only way I know to make a point.

The democrats are pretendin... (Below threshold)

The democrats are pretending to be against illegal immigration to siphon off a few conservatives. Doesn't mean a thing and certainly won't last long.


I agree with Bullwinkle. </... (Below threshold)

I agree with Bullwinkle.

I'm working on an article regarding the New Mexico state of emergency declared by Bill Richardson -- who is planning a presidential run as another... ahem...moderate -- and have discovered it's all baloney.

I contacted my law enforcement sources down there and discovered Gov. Richardson sent 56 -- YES 56 -- National Guard troops to the Mexican border. Even that number is deceiving. In order to cover one post with one man (or woman) for 24/7 requires 4.5 guardsmen. So the BIG 56 soldier beef-up translates into about 12 soldiers covering about 180 miles of border at any one time, if you believe that amount of territory is the problem area as stated by Gov. Richardson.

I've seen states deploy more National Guard troops for snowstorms than Gov. Richardson deployed in his phony "state of emergency."

Also, Gov. Richardson signed legislation allowing illegal aliens: 1) access to a college tuition lottery that was supposed to help poor citizens pay for college; 2) access to driver licenses; 3) access to healthcare. He's also a proponent of amnesty and guest-worker programs that actually reward law breakers.

The man is a politician and like his pal Hillary Clinton he talks out of both sides of his mouth. His whole strategy is about getting positive press from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Wiz Bang Blog, while at the same time continuing the DNC mantra -- perhaps more gently -- that "Bush Sucks."

I'm taking a "wait-and-see" posture on Gov, Richardson's "state of emergency" before heaping praise upon him. We all know -- or should know -- Democrats always talk a good war.

By the way, Hillary Clinton... (Below threshold)

By the way, Hillary Clinton is another phony on the illegal alien issue. Read this article and see how she really feels about border security:


So what bullwinkle is sayin... (Below threshold)

So what bullwinkle is saying is that popular will of the people, which also doesn't conflict with the constitution, doesn't have a hope in hell of being observed by the government.

Essentially its time for a revolution.

No, what I'm saying is that... (Below threshold)

No, what I'm saying is that while a democrat is promising to do something that he has no intention of doing for the sake of getting some republicans to switch parties he's doing it with a wink at those on the left to make sure it's just another campaign promise that won't be fulfilled. If he meant a word of it he'd have called up a lot more national guardsmen. What I'm saying is trusting a democrat to do what he says against the will of his party is a big mistake. With a few exceptions, and it's damn few, you can be sure that they are lying.

Posted that before I was fi... (Below threshold)

Posted that before I was finished.
He's blowing smoke. Even if those national guradsmen detain the illegals there's no guarantee that the Border Patrol will treat them any differently than they do the ones arrested anywhere else by local authorities. Richardson is selling a bill of goods he can't deliver. Looks good on paper and the sound bites sure do sound sweet but it's going to amount to more of the same old BS in the long run. The solution will always be getting the Federal government to enforce the laws we have. Always has been. Does anyone here believe that a republican administration is suddenly going to start doing that for a democrat governor when they haven't done it for the republican governors on the border?

I want to do a Howard Dean ... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I want to do a Howard Dean scream every time I hear "Hillary is tough on illegal immigration". These are her phoney words to get elected. Probably words that will bite her. Since the illegal immigrant vote is the Democrat's most solid block.
I hope, and believe, Bush is playing smart poker politics with illegal immigration as he has done with other issues. If Bush had closed the borders and gotten tough on illegals even right after 9/11, the MSM would have had a field day. "Punishing the wrong people, just poor law abiding people trying to make a decent life for themselves and their family. Why not go after the real terrorists?" If you don't think they would do that, look at their "racial profiling innocent Muslims" theme.
But Bush is getting them where he wants them. When he does crack down on illegals and secures the borders, he has "Gee I was only doing what you asked". I, like most conservatives, want it to stop and stop yesterday. But none of us really appreciate the difficulty of the job of President. We can yell "Do the right thing no matter what the consequences." But he must be mindful at all times of the strength of his enemies.

Heard Gov. Richardson on th... (Below threshold)

Heard Gov. Richardson on the radio earlier tonite, and he was essentially calling for an amnesty program for those illegals already here in the US. He argued that we ought to provide some kind of classification status for those illegals in the US who are here for a period of time and have otherwise abided by the law (notwithstanding the fact that they are here illegally).

He also argued that he's really doing something to protect the borders with his national guard callup of what - 56 guards? That and 2 bucks gets me a ride on the subway. Poseur.

RE: lawhawk's post (August ... (Below threshold)

RE: lawhawk's post (August 16, 2005 09:16 PM)

Heard Gov. Richardson on the radio earlier tonite, and he was essentially calling for an amnesty program for those illegals already here in the US... Poseur.

Ugh. That is weak. Poseur indeed. Is he backtracking already? And after his peer in Arizona has declared an emergency of her own after following his lead? [see Napolitano Declares Emergency, OKs Funding for Border, Monday, August 15, 2005 - By Paul Davenport]

Well, at least they are talking about it. Heck, that used to be a third rail. Kinda' like Social Security reform. You know it's bad when such supposedly divisive topics enter the political conscience, openly, and the representatives start to test the limbs.

FWIW, I heard Richardson br... (Below threshold)

FWIW, I heard Richardson briefly on Imus this morning and he opposes the Minutemen.

One word - triangulation.</... (Below threshold)
Sue Dohnim:

One word - triangulation.

Three Dollar BillTha... (Below threshold)
Julius Geezer:

Three Dollar Bill
That is what Richardson is becoming known as, here in Albuquerque because he is so fake.
Claims to have reduced taxes, but has actually increased them by approx. 170 million thru the trick of raising "Fees", etc.
Wow! He is providing 1.75 million to solve the problem of illegals. Let's see, if one guard costs about 50,000 annually (with benefits included), that would provide about 35 additional guards - is the math correct? That amount would not include any high tech equipment, vehicles, fencing or anything else. This man must be really awsome to pull this off.
Lets see it for what it is worth, nothing but a publicity stunt for his Presidential campaign in 2006.
Remember his past statements: "if all an illegal has done is cross the border, then he hasn't done anything" (or something really close to that about two years ago).
He also offered sanctuary to any illegal that could make their way to Santa Fe, as well as promoting Drivers Licenses for all illegals. Why a reporter won't ask or confront him on these things is beyond the citizens of New Mexico.
The sad thing is, the right-wing (outside of New Mexico) is falling for it.

Richardson might have been ... (Below threshold)

Richardson might have been too smart by half.

The media usually tries to smear those who opposed illegal immigration. When they do that in the future, just point out that Richardson is opposed to illegal immigration as well, and he's not being called a racist.

It's also worth shooting down again this bit about the National Council of La Raza from a comment above. The slogan "to the race everything..." is not from the NCLR, it's from MEChA. MEChA and the NCLR are not the same.

The less extreme but more powerful NCLR is a Ford Foundation-sponsored far-left organization. And, their name means "National Council of the Race". That latter bit is probably the best way to show what they're about: simply translate their name. (Extra credit translation: "National Council of the Cosmic Race").

Again, I agree with bullwin... (Below threshold)

Again, I agree with bullwinkle and Jim, among others, after reading up far more than earlier today, first comments...

Seems Richardson has declared a very limited (something like 90 days or so) "emergency," and that the Governor of Arizona, also a Democrat -- who has also: refused to endorse a voter-passed referendumm to deny drivers' licesnse to illegal aliens, deny social services and more to them, Governor just refused to enforce it after voters opted to pass the legislation -- anyway, Arizona Governor, also a Democrat, also who has declared an emergency similar to Richardson's, it seems that they're creating pressure to both obtain additional federal funding and to perhaps encourage a "guest worker" legislation plan on the federal level, BECAUSE, these two individuals as governors of these two states have contributed royally by their very actions to the very problems they now say they have no control over (and thus, the basis for their emergencies).

I agree that the emergencies exist. I think I more than see the smokescreening underway by both these Democrat governors, however, who have done all that they can to create attractive incentives for ongoing illegal immigration and opposed even their own constituencies from stemming the incentives.

If they were serious about border security, they'd get the National Guard on the border, they'd build a security wall (whatever it takes) and they'd welcome citizen support to do so, much less honor the ballot opinions of their own citizens.

Bill Richardson was on O'Reilly the other day and his one point of emotional break was when he began saying that "Mexico is really, really UPSET with me..." and O'Reilly reminded him with the interruption, "your responsibility is to the citizens of your state, not to Mexico." Richardson seemed to sorta catch himself at that, realizing he'd been getting emotional, calmed down, smiled, fell silent...BUT, what it tells me is that Richardson's concerns are as to what MEXICO thinks of him, moreso than what U.S. citizens are undergoing, and right there in New Mexico, not Richardson's New Mexico, but New Mexico.

I'm going to unofficially q... (Below threshold)

I'm going to unofficially quote someone else, who made a very excellent comment about the heart of this issue:

"The action of Gov. Richardson's state of emergency may be good from a publicity standpoint, but in the long-term, no state has the resources of the Congress. The Congress and President should reread Section 8, Clause 15, of the Constitution of the United States, To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions. Does 700,000 illegal aliens moving into our country each year qualify as an invasion. I and many others believe it does."

I agree with that, too.

I am including a copy of an... (Below threshold)

I am including a copy of an email which I am sending to
every member of congress ,both senate and house;

to every member of the Alabama State House; to the
President and the Governor. I would wish everyone

could send them the same email.
Maybe when their mailbags are jammed full of the

same message for a few days they will take the hint and
realize just who matters and who holds the power

in this great country of ours.





Your Job is at Risk

Thank You for letting me voice my thoughts and for
letting me be a part of this movement.

Until later. Harlan






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