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I'm Hosting The Cotillion

That's right, they let me past the velvet rope on that site, too. Helping me host this week are the lovelies, Not a Desperate Housewife, A Mom and Her Blog, and Girl on the Right.

Mosey on over and check out the rest of the gals. Those who were here yesterday will notice the continuation of my Cary-Grant-movie fixation.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and reminds you that it takes at least five or six Cary Grant-related posts to qualify as an unhealthy obsession.


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Comments (5)

Thanks for the link here MK... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the link here MK.

ACK!!! How unfair! The rest... (Below threshold)

ACK!!! How unfair! The rest of us in the Cotillion don't get mentioned on WIZBANG!!!

I wanna host with MARY Katharine next time!



I hate to throw water on Ma... (Below threshold)

I hate to throw water on Mary Katherine's crush on Cary Grant, but didn't he make a scurrilous anti-Robert Bork commercial in the 80s where he just got up there and recited lies told to him by Teddy Kennedy? I've never quite forgiven him for that...

Oh no, don't tell me that a... (Below threshold)

Oh no, don't tell me that about Cary! I wouldn't doubt it, but I'm just going to go on pretending I'm ignorant of it.

May I be the first to say... (Below threshold)

May I be the first to say:

Stacy, of "Not a Desperate Housewife" is one stunning non-desperate housewife..


Good night, sweet housewife....






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