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Woman Wants Town To Pay Her Legal Fees

Sixty-five thousand dollars. All over a lousy prayer. And that's probably not counting the money spent by the city in lawyers, votes, hearings and general bureaucracy. Never mind that the money could have, I don't know, bought new text books for the town's kids or...gasp...been given back to the citizens to spend on something other than silly lawsuits.

According to the article, one town leader said the area's citizens "would be happy" to help pay the legal fees as they were, for the most part, in favor of the battle.

People baffle me.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (9)

Just another crazy way peop... (Below threshold)

Just another crazy way people "handle" money!!!! I see it all the time!!

What part is baffling? The... (Below threshold)

What part is baffling? The wiccan's demand for the money or the town's willingness to pay it?

Maybe you should make the "think of the children" appeal to the one person who started the whole thing.

This enmity towards Jesus Christ is really tiresome, I have no sympathy for the more common objections as they invariably are posed by those with little to no regard for Him.

They could just get one of ... (Below threshold)

They could just get one of those loans you don't have to pay back from the local Boys & Girls club.

I heard that the town's leg... (Below threshold)

I heard that the town's legal fees were about $19,000 (wonder why they were so much less?)

It's all so ridiculous. Everything can be solved by a lawsuit. What happened to just working things out?

What happened to just wo... (Below threshold)

What happened to just working things out?

It went the way of "not taking offense over [email protected]$$ $#!t."

I am constantly being offen... (Below threshold)
Lew Clark:

I am constantly being offended by the actions of Federal, State and local government. I figure I'm owed 30 to 40 million so far based on my pain and suffering. Any good lawyers out there willing to take my case on a contingency basis?

Unless I'm misreading what ... (Below threshold)

Unless I'm misreading what you're saying you think the people approved of the suit, what I got from reading it they were in favor of fighting the suit. Maybe there should have been a compromise, allow the wiccan priestess to dance around a tree outside and chant something while scarificing a chicken before every meeting, a town that size probably doesn't have much in the way of live comedy performances anyway.

Lest there be no misunderst... (Below threshold)

Lest there be no misunderstanding, a plaintiff who is successful in a civli rights or constitutional rights case is statutorily entitled to have his attorneys fees paid by the defendant government entity -- it's what keeps the ACLU in business. To the extent they are a litigation factory and are shrewd about the way they pick and choose their lawsuits, they can run their operation like a profit-making law firm.

"like a profit making law f... (Below threshold)

"like a profit making law firm???"


They are soooo about profit making...






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