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It's Now or Never


I missed the anniversary of Elvis's death yesterday, but I couldn't resist posting this. (Forgive me if this is one of those things that made the e-mail rounds long ago and I just missed it.)

This is a Post-It mosaic of the King. It's in the conference room at a communications firm in the great state of North Carolina. Two employees of Capstrat thought putting a little creativity onto the wall of their conference room would boost brainstorming in room. Since this particular work of art went up on the Web, the firm has gotten tons of publicity and e-mail from around the world:

Italy loves the artsy grandeur. Argentina just loves Elvis. Reporters in Korea and England want to do articles on the quirkiness. And best I can tell, the Germans believe we wasted perfectly good office supplies. Unfortunately, I can’t read German that well.

Here's how they did it. The good news is it sounds like anyone can give it a try, though it sounds a bit complicated. I don't know if I'd tackle a whole wall first time out. Here's a flickr gallery of the wall. So, did it work for this company?
We created this for our own inspiration. As it turns out, this simple exercise is inspiring people all over and suggestions are flooding in for our next mosaic tribute. In the running: Johnny Cash and Che Guevara. We’ll keep you posted.

Yikes, I wonder if we can do an e-mail campaign for Johnny Cash.

GOP Vixen also has thoughts on the passing of the King. And, I took the Wizbang Wayback Machine to August 16, 2004 and came up with "Shop Like Elvis." I think I'll use Peapod, and then I won't even have to leave my couch. That will be so very King-like.

Mary Katharine blogs at Townhall, and actually owns a pair of blue suede shoes.


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Comments (5)

Hmm, shop like Elvis...... (Below threshold)

Hmm, shop like Elvis...

"Are you lonesome tonight,
is your kitchen a sight
Is your wardrobe all rundown and bare
Is your lipstick all smeared,
are your stockings not sheer
Do they make your legs show all your hair

Do the tears on your pillow roll down as you turn
Do they short out the blanket and make the sheets burn
Is your heart filled with pain, will you come back again
Shop at Macy's and love me tonight."

- Top Secret

arb, you're speaking my lan... (Below threshold)

arb, you're speaking my language. I love that movie!

Ah, so *you're* the other p... (Below threshold)

Ah, so *you're* the other person who saw it. :-}

Now, if only I were a few decades younger...

Johnny Cash or Che Guevera?... (Below threshold)

Johnny Cash or Che Guevera? Jimmeny frikkin' christmas. I now need to go wash my hands for typing those two names in the same sentence.

Even in the Middle East, El... (Below threshold)

Even in the Middle East, Elvis still enthralls the faithful!






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