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The bare facts

During my recent research at a local Place Of Adult Entertainment, I noticed a certain odd sociological phenomenon.

Such places were traditionally called "gentleman's clubs," and for a reason. The customers were men, the entertainers were women. It was a clear divide.

But during my scholarly visits, I noted that the demographics had shifted significantly in the last few years. I would say that the female clientele of this particular POAE was at least 10% female.

Including one who was about six months pregnant.

I don't quite know what to make of this development. On the one hand, as any red-blooded, heterosexual male, I embrace this. (As the old saying goes, men believe that whatever two (or more) women want to do with each other is just fine, as long as there's at least one man there to watch.) On the other hand, there's the lingering fear that if too many women discover what we men have known for thousands of years (that women are truly wonderful and awe-inspiring creatures, while we men are somewhat less pleasing aethetically), us guys could end up going the way of the dodo and the passenger pigeon.

Then again, this could have been a simple statistical aberration, a fluke of some sort. Maybe one of the entertainers asked her friends to come and give her some (ahem) moral support. Maybe it was a sorority initiation stunt.

I think this might bear further study. If anyone would like to subsidize further research, there's this wonderful thing called PayPal...

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that's ok, I've been resear... (Below threshold)

that's ok, I've been researching this phenomenon myself

I have seen (er, heard of--... (Below threshold)

I have seen (er, heard of--really?) an entire bachelorette party of about half a dozen girls at one of these places. And the bachelorette (the one with the mini-veil) was getting a table dance.

I've heard of this but ne... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I've heard of this but never whitnessed it. Two things, 1) clubs such as those usually let women in free 2) maybe the women want to keep an eye on their man???......or maybe the guy wants to keep a woman on his woman......

Eh, who cares. It's a good trend.

Strippers take PayPa... (Below threshold)

Strippers take PayPal now? I'd heard of people sliding their credit cards down her... oh, I see: We give you PayPal and you withdraw $1 bills.

I've heard that strippers o... (Below threshold)

I've heard that strippers object to the idea of dollar coins replacing dollar bills. It would be a practical problem for them, I guess......

What if the coins were magnetic?

Let's get the terminology s... (Below threshold)

Let's get the terminology straight, it's not a "gentleman's club", that's not quite right. It's sexism to say it is given the ever increasing patronage from women. Titty bar seems to work well but lacks the polish of gentleman's club and isn't exactly something that passes unnoticed in polite conversation. Topless bar doesn't seem right either, with all the silicone I hear you're likely to encounter the dancers have more than enough top to go around. Let's call them something that's a little more PC and envelopes the whole concept, dancing-big hooters-entertainment for a varied clientele in todays world of diverse life styles, they should be referred to as collectively and individually as The Breast Ballet. Non-threatening, non-sexist, PC, artsy, anyone should be proud to attend! Think how much better it would sound to say you're a season ticket holder to the shortened version, "The Ballet", rather than admitting you're in the titty bar 3 nights a week.

Well, if you fellas don't m... (Below threshold)

Well, if you fellas don't mind, I'll give you my straight, married woman's take on the phenomenon.

I used to do business with one of these "POAE"s. I'm talking real business, guys! Anyway, it was a rather surreal experience sitting there, attempting to have a serious, professional meeting with the Manager, while mostly naked women were on stage, walking around the club or taking my drink order. However, it soon became no big deal.

Now, I realize that most of you men who visit Wizbang are conservative and I imagine, if you'll pardon my assumption, that your wives are of a similar bent. But, trust me here, guys... if you can convince her to go to a POAE with you (not your favorite one, of course), you're likely to be pleasantly surprised.

Jay, you pig! ;-)... (Below threshold)

Jay, you pig! ;-)

Joe, and others...... (Below threshold)

Joe, and others...

What do strippers do in Canada? I was there recently, although it was the Yukon Territories, and we didn't see any POAE's.

The smallest bill they have up north is a five-spot. They have one and two dollar coins (loonies and toonies).


THis is not a new phenomeno... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

THis is not a new phenomenon. For years, I have seen, I mean, heard about women going to these places. In fact, one group of women I know always picked one of these establishments as a place to go when we, I mean they, went out. I think they liked looking at hot nekkid chicks and they liked the effect it had on their husbands/boyfirends, if you know what I mean.

Only 10% of the females are... (Below threshold)
Just John:

Only 10% of the females are female?

bullwinkle,We alre... (Below threshold)


We already call it that in SE Michigan. The best clubs are across the border in Canada -- for a variety of reasons.

There are even limos that will shuttle you over the border to the "Windsor Ballet".

I love french Canadian accents...

Hah, good catch justjohn he... (Below threshold)

Hah, good catch justjohn he should have just deleted the first female and said "the clientele of this particular POAE was at least 10% female"


"the female clientele of this particular POAE was 10% of the total"

clientele of this partic... (Below threshold)

clientele of this particular POAE was at least 10% female

Oh, you were at one of THOSE clubs. Didn't know that about you ;-)

No guys...> I woul... (Below threshold)

No guys...

> I would say that the female clientele of this particular POAE was at least 10% female.

and what exactly was the other 90%?

Jay's been hanging out with the Shemales again.

Paul, I haven't hung around... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Paul, I haven't hung around with a she-male since that last Wizbang Editor's Meeting.

And I really don't think that pink taffetta does you justice.


(You make one lousy typo, and you never hear the end of it. "I shot an error into the air. It fell to earth EVERYWHERE.")

It wasn't a lousy typo Jay ... (Below threshold)
Joe Patent Guy:

It wasn't a lousy typo Jay -- it was a pretty good one!

That was a good typo. And t... (Below threshold)

That was a good typo. And the kind of thing that would make a "Bushisms" kind of book, becoming blown way out of proportion for all eternity.

"Jay Teaisms"

Incidentally, I have a certain image of New Hampshire T&A bars. And it's not great.

Went to one of those POAE's... (Below threshold)

Went to one of those POAE's a while back(the term I picked up from a friend is 'nookie bar'), and it wasn't unusual to see anywhere from 2 to 5 women come in at once. And tip the dancers and get, if anything, more attention than guys got.

"Such places were tradition... (Below threshold)

"Such places were traditionally called "gentleman's clubs," and for a reason. The customers were men, the entertainers were women. It was a clear divide."

Ah, No. I'm afraid you show your still tender years by such an observation. Such places were traditionally called "Go-Go Bars." The phrase "Gentlemen's Club" was developed in the last decade or so to try and give a veneer of sophisticated respectability to what are, in fact, low class dives. A "Go-Go" Bar usually becomes a "Gentlemen's Club" in connection with an "upgrade" to the physical facilities but for one reason only: to justify a disproportionately steep escalation in price for the same old (inevitably timeless) service. Whenever you see the words "Gentlemen's Club" outside think false pretension (like the pathethic old Playboy Clubs) and hold on to your wallet.

BTW, I always consider women customers who cruise into these places as pathetic wannabe freaks for the sex industry, even more deluded than the male clientele. I think, "Gee girls, you're in the wrong venue. Do a Google search on 'Chipendales' wouldja and leave us regular guys to our fantasies and illusions." Think "Miss America" by David Byrne.

BTW, too, we haven't heard much about the entertainer who you thought worked for Big Stodgy Company (or whatever) in real life. What did you do?

Whatever it was, young man, remember another old song that's appropo: "Lookin' For Love In All The Wrong Places."

Redhand, I posted an update... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Redhand, I posted an update to that piece. Remarkable similarity, definitively not the same person. Could be related, but NOT the same.


Oops, I missed the update. ... (Below threshold)

Oops, I missed the update. Now my curiosity is satisfied too.

Much like the first comment... (Below threshold)

Much like the first comment here, I've been conducting this "research" for a few years, and I feel it will be many more before I have a reasonable conclusion on this matter. That's me for you, all work for the good of mankind!

if you can convince her ... (Below threshold)

if you can convince her to go to a POAE with you (not your favorite one, of course), you're likely to be pleasantly surprised.

I did take my wife one time, with two other couples, and I was very pleasantly surprised. She had a blast. Two of the girls in our party ended up on stage dancing (in their undies -- of course I tipped them both generously).

Sadly, my own research ende... (Below threshold)

Sadly, my own research ended when I came to the regrettable conclusion that the entertainers aren't actually attracted to me. They JUST WANTED MY MONEY.

My heart was broken.

What's worse, they weren't ... (Below threshold)

What's worse, they weren't even telling me their real name. Not even when they gave me a name other than their stage name.

The shame.

I think the females get mor... (Below threshold)

I think the females get more attention because the dancers know it entertains the guys even more. They're no fools. Why do you think many girls, when drunk, act out lesbian-ish tendencies (college girls, anyway)? They do that because they know it drives guys wild, and they're all a bunch of (rooster)-teasers.

hey im doing a study on the... (Below threshold)

hey im doing a study on the heterosexual males consumption of sexual leisure pursiuts ie 'the gentlemans club'. it would be great if you had any views on the subject of why men go to these clubs? what satisfaction you get out of it? and how do you feel that about the changes in the consumption sexual leisure activities?






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