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First Gaza, then New Mexico?

With the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza continuing, I've been watching the Palestinian reaction. They're not proclaiming it a great step towards peace, towards an end to decades of hostility and war and terror. No, they're declaring victory, saying that they've defeated the Zionists and are reclaiming their homeland. They say this is but the first step, before they next take back the West Bank, then Jerusalem, then finally all of Palestine -- which means the end of Israel, with all the Jews killed or "driven into the sea."

This put me in mind of a similar situation, in the US Southwest. We have a determined group of people who want to "reclaim" their lands for their own ethnic group, reasserting their own dominance and taking it back from the government "occupiers." Whether they call themselves "La Raza" or "MEChA" or "Free Aztlan," their stated goals are much like the Palestinians.

And as we see Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Fatah and the rest all rejoice in their great victory, and we see the United States and the rest of the world applaud the same thing, can those groups I mentioned above help but be encouraged? Perhaps to even follow the Palestinians' example and escalate to violence?

I hope not. God, I hope not. But as they say, nothing succeeds like success.


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Comments (12)

What about Hawaii and their... (Below threshold)

What about Hawaii and their attempt at ethnic secession and possible future total secession?

At UT, we had a Texas Indep... (Below threshold)

At UT, we had a Texas Independence Day event each year in March, and one time the Mecha people came and ate the cake we served, then forced themselves to vomit it all over the remaining cake. Some splattered on me, as well.

Hawaii leaving the union is... (Below threshold)

Hawaii leaving the union is the only way Daniel Inouye would ever leave office. Heck, the Hawaiins tried to send a dead woman two Congresses ago, right? Mincke?

Re: Hawaii seceding from th... (Below threshold)

Re: Hawaii seceding from the Union

Good riddance to bad rubbish. And it'll mean three fewer sure fire blue state electoral votes.

As for Texas, we had better find a conservative candidate who understands the concept of *closed* borders.

There's a new Mexico... (Below threshold)

There's a new Mexico? I hope it's nicer than the old one.

Well, recently in Carlsbad,... (Below threshold)

Well, recently in Carlsbad, CA, when a few people affiliated with the Minutemen Project had a scheduled (and lawfully assembled) speaking engagement, there were some people among the "protestors" who were wearing Palestinian headscarves.

About Hawaii, this latest b... (Below threshold)

About Hawaii, this latest by Senator Akaka convinces me he's flipped. Or, rather, more likely, just now showing his true colors.

There are something like under ONE HUNDRED individuals who can claim "Hawaiian blood" in anything over one or two percent lineage.

This is racial, racist action in the U.S. Senate of the most vile kind. I can barely believe anyone would even begin to take Akaka's "legislation" seriously, but it's almost certainly the promise of corruption with gambling, no taxes and all that free stuff courtesy of U.S. taxpayers that has some piling on.

Hey now, don't forget about... (Below threshold)

Hey now, don't forget about us Native Americans. You all occupy our land. I'll omit the fact that we might still be hunter gatherers if you hadn't. Without a written history or the capability to write and probably not capable of producing metal (or much else), extrapolate from there.

NtvAmrcn, don't forget also... (Below threshold)

NtvAmrcn, don't forget also, still traveling about on foot -- no horses -- and having dogs (or the women) pull your belongings along as you go.

If them injuns're allowed t... (Below threshold)

If them injuns're allowed to build and run enough casinos, hell, they'll just buy back all of their old land at any price!!!

I've been covering the Aztl... (Below threshold) Lonesome... it's not about ... (Below threshold)

Lonesome... it's not about spineless Israel... it's about perfidious US State Department.

For Bible believers, it may be that the US's border problems are just the start of Divine retribution, measure for measure.






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