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The Perpetual Fifteen Minutes

What the...

Iraq War Vigil

The vigils are just beginning? What the heck have we been hearing about for the last couple of weeks then?

And why is this even news? Israelis are being forced out of their homes in Gaza and the Palestinians are promising that Jerusalem is next, but the attention of our media is focused on a handful of smelly hippies with candles down in Texas?

Why, its almost as though the Sheehan protest were a coordinated assault on the Bush administration organized by the anti-war left and amplified (to the exclusion of almost everything else) by the mainstream media.

By Rob Port of Say Anything.


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Comments (16)

Is there some unwritten law... (Below threshold)

Is there some unwritten law of protesting that you must look like a disheveled street person? You would think that people could move past the "dirty hippy" uniform that is so prevelant at these "protests". But I guess what makes it so "chic" is to glob onto the glory days of the babyboomer generation in a desperate attempt to garner some form of legitimacy. So if you don't look the part (scummy and unkempt) no onw will think you have the street cred that you oh-so deserve when holding your Bush=Hitler sign.

"Begins" what? What they al... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

"Begins" what? What they already began 3 years ago? Empowering the enemy to greater and bolder acts of violence against our troops? Like this:


Or this:


Cindy's 'bringing the troops home now' all right. In bodybags.

Way to go, Cindy. Way to go.

My second theory is that th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

My second theory is that they're referring to the "solidarity with Cindy" vigils specifically, not just anti-war protests in general.

My first theory is that they're just assholes.

I'm leaning towards the first one.


Is there some unwritten ... (Below threshold)

Is there some unwritten law of protesting that you must look like a disheveled street person?

They're providing an ecological niche for human skin parasites.

Her 15 minutes needed to be... (Below threshold)

Her 15 minutes needed to be up about 16 minutes ago.

I think the MSM realizes th... (Below threshold)

I think the MSM realizes that it can be a full on assult. Vigils and vacations.

Bush isn't taking a vacation like the rest of us do. His "vacation" would include basically everything he would do while in Washington.

Not much time for just kicking back.

I spoke to a retired army g... (Below threshold)

I spoke to a retired army general yesterday about this women. He said that her loss is profound she is doing a great in juustice to all the other sons who are being killed and have died in this war. He said "off mark"" I agree with him.
While her loss is profound, her son was NOT DRAFTED as the retired general was ( he started as a private) he chose what he chose to fight and possibly DIE for this country. Nothing is for free in this world.
While the general said he didn't agree with the methods of WHY we went to war He ( we both agreed on this point) that we NEED TO FINNISH IT. Or it will haunt our children and our children's children.
President Bush should meet with her and get it out of the media.

I don't know about the TV m... (Below threshold)

I don't know about the TV media (don't watch it), but the NYTimes had the Gaza pullout as their top story yesterday, and again today. Maybe you watch too much CNN.

By that same token, I guess... (Below threshold)

By that same token, I guess I'd better call my employer and tell them I've been on vacation for the last 4 years.

You know, that pesky telecommuting job I manage to do during the day sure does get in the way of all the stuff around the house I could be doing otherwise.

Truth be told, I get more work done at home than I do in the office. I don't have a water cooler, so there's nothing to distract me.

you know, I think the hippi... (Below threshold)

you know, I think the hippies love the arabs and palestineans because they have so much in common. Both don't shave (albeit for different reasons?). I think the hippies believe that muslims are hippies of the eastern world.

DJ:You're either a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:


You're either a genius of subtlty or an accidental humorist:

"I don't have a water cooler, so there's nothing to distract me."

Like, say, Wizbang?

I love it! Thanks for the chuckle!

We can get rid of all these... (Below threshold)

We can get rid of all these liberal protests and vigils simply by making candles illegal.

yea, we should have a SAVE ... (Below threshold)

yea, we should have a SAVE THE WAX campaign. No more statues of hollywood elite anyway.

<a href="http://www.suzyric... (Below threshold)

This isn't my work, just found it on a forum...

Seems appropriate right about now.

I know it's fun to comment ... (Below threshold)

I know it's fun to comment on these blogs but would it be too much to ask that comments with links employ a few simple html tags? Certainly when the owners provide the tools for it, it should be easy.

and most importantly
Links (url)

If you're considerate enough to learn here's a link.

HTML tag references

Isn't this the same guy as ... (Below threshold)
mr fox:

Isn't this the same guy as the one two topics below? The caption should read: "Candlelight vigil by Sunshine Vander moves Bush to tears and to the brink of surrender."






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